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MTN Most Recent Jobs for Senior Analyst, Business Continuity Management

Job Title: Senior Analyst, Business Continuity Management

Job description

1. Manage and develop Risk Assessment (RA), Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Business Recovery Plans (BRP) for all MTNN business processes.  Provide as-required follow-up support to ensure timely and quality completion of RA, BIA and BRPs.  Understand the practical and strategic role of implemented BCM tools and integrate into them into the processes used to develop RA, BIA and BRPs.

2. Assess, develop and deliver needed training on BCM methodology, programs and tools. Also responsible for ongoing maintenance /updates of curriculum, as well as creation and maintenance of supporting materials.  Periodically perform an assessment of organizational training needs and propose training recommendations to BCM lead.

3. Develop, plan and coordinate all details regarding the periodic execution of business continuity exercises.  This involves direct dealing with the business process owners and recovery team members.  Specific activities include developing exercise scenarios, facilitating the sessions, documenting exercise results and conducting after-action-reviews and preparing exercise management summary report for MTNN leadership.  Manage process to ensure all post-exercise BRP changes are properly incorporated into plans and performing quality audits / reviews to determine plan completeness.

4. Oversee and manage BCM tools.  Develop and maintain required end-user support materials.  Ensure quality of master and meta data in all systems. Responsible for reviewing and setting controls in place over electronic access to data, business process information and plans.

5. Evaluate BCM program and identify improvement opportunities.  Develop and present business proposals to BCM Lead to articulate opportunity, benefits and risks to organization, as well as provide and implement options and plans.

6. Manage and leverage BCM’s relationship with its key suppliers in order to obtain maximum legitimate utility for MTNN, including day-to-day communications and project management.  This includes supporting the BCM Lead in contract negotiations.

7. Oversee and coordinate all technical activities, the activities of BCM team and ensure all transaction and administrative documentation is recorded and available for business use.

8. Coach and train BCM personnel to ensure understanding of the objectives and goals of the department, awareness of set targets/requirements and increase product knowledge, as well as identify developmental opportunities for team members.

9. Draft Board Audit Committee reports to be reviewed by BCM lead.

Job condition

• Standard MTN office conditions

• Extended work hours

Experience & Training 


• Minimum of 4 years BCM experience in a reputable organisation with strong IT knowledge.

• Experience in Telecommunications Business Process Analysis.

• 1 -2 years in a supervisory role


• Business Risk Management

• Information Technology

• Telecommunications Business Processes

Minimum qualification


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