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Employment Opportunities at Cola Company Lagos

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands. Led by Coca-Cola, the world’s most
valuable brand, our Company’s portfolio features 15 billion dollar brands including Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply, Georgia and Del Valle. Globally, we are the No. 1 provider of sparkling beverages, ready-to-drink coffees, and juices and juice drinks. Through the world’s largest beverage distribution system, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy our beverages at a rate of 1.7 billion servings a day. With an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities, our Company is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, support active, healthy living, create a safe, inclusive work environment for our associates, and enhance the economic development of the communities where we operate. Together with our bottling partners, we rank among the world’s top 10 private employers with more than 700,000 system employees. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter at

Job Title: Franchise Customer Manager – Nigeria
The Coca-Cola Company – Lagos


The Franchise Customer Manager will be responsible for driving the Customer and Commercial agenda in Nigeria. This role reports operationally to the Franchise General Manager, and functionally to the Customer Strategy Manager. It has one direct report.

Leading the customer agenda as follows:

    Managing the Franchise key accounts , Future Consumption & Immediate Consumption, as may be defined from the Business Unit.
        Developing the Annual Business Plan based on the guidelines from BU and reflecting local needs and opportunities to deliver the core Key Business Indicators
        Driving solid alignment with the Bottling partners, and ensure timely execution and evaluation of the key activities
        Support the negotiations, led by the Bottling partners,of the annual commercial agreement ( pricing terms & conditions) for the key customers
        Steward routines with the Customers and Bottling partners at national level as defined by the customer Team in the Business Unit (BU)
        Managing the relationship with the key customers in country level within the Franchise Operations territory
        Sharing best practices with Customers and the Bottling partners
        Participating actively in the Customer and Commercial Leadership routines

Overseeing the commercial Agenda as follows:

    Develop and lead the commercial strategy for Nigeria Franchise in line with Vision 2020 to maximize profitability anchored on Occasions, Brands, Packs, Pricing and Channels.
    Support System Commercial Capability building efforts which is a critical element for delivering our 2020 vision with special focus on Route to Market and Market execution continuous development
    Develop processes and tracking routines that provides direction and support for Bottlers to accelerate value creation for the System
    Drive the commercial agenda, through the system’s implementation of Right Execution Daily (RED), Route to Market (RTM) including Distributor Operating Standards and Assesment (DOSA) as well as Revenue Generation Management (RGM)
    Demonstrate commercial subject matter expertise and institute cross-system projects by developing productive networks with the Center, TCCC Groups’, Bottlers to create long term strategic value and competitive advantage for the franchise and ultimately, the BU.
    Lead the development and implementation of scalable processes by the Bottling system to manage, measure and continuously improve segmented outlet execution in order for differentiation and value generation in the market to achieve Business Unit goals.
    Ensure this strategy takes into account Business Unit and Bottler stakeholders through a systematic process of alignment and inspiring system passion for the co-created strategic direction. Ensure that a value-based dialogue permeates the organization thereby moving away from short term volume based outlook to long-term business growth.


1. Develop strategic plans to deliver the core customer Key Business Indicators (KBI) (volume, revenue, SOVI, incidence, Operating Income, Out of Stock reduction and order accuracy) and shift the dialogue with the customers towards value creation in the Franchise Operations (FO) level – 20%

    Develop and implement the annual Joint Business Plan (JBP) for the customers of his/her responsibility in FO, aligned with the customer’s global or regional strategies as well as the Company’s strategic corridors.
    Defines and manages the DME per customer in local level allocation for the key customers.
    Works closely with the customer team in BU and with the Shopper Marketing Manager (SMM) to develop shopper driven customer plans (annual activity calendar, develop the look of success based on consumer and shopper insights)
    Drives revenue growth in the customers in national level through OBPPC (Occasion Brand Price Pack Channel) by working closely with the SSM and the Customer Development Manager

2. Drive robust Alignment with the Bottling partner and with key customers at country level – 20%

Works closely with the Customer Strategy Manager to ensure alignment with Bottling partners and the key customer teams, in FO/country level

    Leads jointly with the customer strategy manager the routines with the Bottling partners in FO level
    Set up and steward all the processes with the customers ( JBP process, joint reviews, joint score card development, customer mapping, Top 2 Top meetings )
    Works closely with Capabilities development Manager to ensure the right capabilities are in place in national level
    Works closely with the SC Manager to ensure delivery of all the KBI’s with regards SC

3. Drive the annual negotiations with the priority customers – 10%

    Defines jointly with the Nigeria Finance Manager and the Customer Strategy Manager the optimum trade mixes for the annual negotiations for the key customers and provides value-building solutions to local operations.
    Steward the local negotiations for top key customers, connecting local idiosyncrasies with regional frameworks , jointly and fully aligned with the Bottling partners

4. Tracks performance and Builds Capabilities – 10%

    Work closely with the data analytics manager to develop the joint customer scorecards and share results with local operations and customers.
    Work closely with the data analytics managers to analyze and interpret customer sales data and evaluate the key activities of the plan for input in business reviews and planning sessions
    Analyze the ROI on DME investments of all initiatives implemented with key customers.
    Work closely with the customer team in the BU and with the C&CL Capabilities Manger to ensure the implementation of the capabilities plan for Nigeria ( System and Customers)

5. Commercial Excellence – 10%

    Track key performance indicators at a detailed level for customer-clusters(channel), brand, pack, price, region, account and outlet-level, and develops action plans to improve performance
    Lead the development of a segmented picture of success by channel and ensure execution through the bottling system. This POS should be sold in to bottler ownerships at the highest level and then be tailor made for every geography as it is rolled out.
    Fully develop a rollout plan by country and bottler ownership for RED in order to pilot and scale segmented execution principles. Develop a capability building curriculum that will assist bottler staff with the heightened demands that the RED process requires. Align the sales force remuneration systems with bottler management teams in order to ensure that correct behavior is driven at an outlet execution level.

6. Drive the OBBPC agenda – 10%

    Develops System O-BPP-C architecture which is differentiated by customer-cluster (channel) taking the following into account.
            Opportunity and revenue maps by country derived from a CBL study.
            The current and future brand portfolio and individual brand footprints as they relate to consumer need states identified in the CBL.
            Pack roles from both a KO system point of view as well as a consumer point of view specifically as it relates to elasticity versus competitors and pricing rules of engagement. From pack role research provide input into the annual price increase through price demand curves by pack using brand Coca-Cola to normalize the data.
    Thorough understanding of the competitive landscape by country and bottler to drive pricing competitiveness by brand and pack.
    Be responsible for the interrogation of the CBL data to segment consumers into natural clusters that represent the entire population of every country in the Business Unit. Align the use of these consumer clusters with consumer marketing department in order to maximize communication strategies.

7. Strategy Development to drive profitable growth/occasions – 10%

    Lead the development of the Commercial strategy for the territories within the Franchise
    Develop strategy and programs to increase consumption in profitable consumption occasions with particular emphasis on Future Consumption (FC).
    Develop and implement a Future/Immediate Consumption package strategy that drives clear FC growth. This strategy should take into account new pack innovation and its impact on production capability, capacity, Capex requirements and ROFC/IC.
    Develop and execute operational elements of agreed brand / price / pack / channel plans
    Jointly with FU, drives implementation, piloting initiatives with Bottlers
    Follows-through on implementation of agreed plans

8. Development, Opportunity Identification, Revenue Maps and System profitability – 10%

    Ensure that a value-based dialogue permeates the organization thereby moving away from short term volume based outlook.
    Revenue Growth Management Capability: Exists for the Systems to sustainability accelerate capabilities to optimize System profit growth, driving revenues while growing share of value, share of volume and securing a fundamental competitive advantage.
    Use opportunity maps to integrate customer-cluster (channel), shopper purchase behavior, and competitive analysis into consumer understanding, and develops revenue map to prioritize the opportunities.
    Ensure sales force are clearly incentivized to drive profitability by partnering with the bottler to drive Salesforce programs that lead to System profitability
    Ensure sales force are clearly incentivized to drive profitability by partnering with the bottler to drive Salesforce programs that lead to System profitability
    Ensure sales force are clearly incentivized to drive profitability by partnering with the bottler to drive Salesforce programs that lead to System profitability

Best Practice Sharing:

    Leveraging best practices and developing new thinking
    Import commercial best practices from Group and Corporate that are applicable to the franchise and implementing the same with Bottling partners
    Effectively engage relevant stakeholders to put into action best practice


TCCC Brands/Products – TCCC Full Beverage Portfolio
TCCC Product Launches Annually – As per BP
Customer Relevance (Sales in converted US Dollars) – Focus will be behind the following customers in Nigeria (Shoprite, Spar, Domminos Pizza, Mr Biggs, Chicken Republic,Hilton, Intercontinental)
Countries (# of counties doing business) – Nigeria

Management Role:

Operating Budget – TBC . Customer DME , traveling, customer meetings , best practice meetings etc.
OPEX USD influenced – As a above
Countries, BU(s), and/or Group Responsibility – FO responsibility affecting all the countries that the key customers have business
Suppliers – None
Productivity – The creation of this capability will generate incremental revenue through volume increase due to shopper driven activation


    Will interact with Coca-Cola, bottlers and Customer senior management, mainly at BU and national levels.
    Will be required to proactively build and maintain relationships with appropriate senior level customer management.
    Will be required to interact with, persuade and influence Coca-Cola System and Customer Senior management on various advanced customer analytics.
    Will be responsible to influence and guide analytics third party Subject Market Experts.


    Understands very well the customer profit model and try to identify opportunities to create value by linking our portfolio, shopper and consumer needs within the customer model
    Provides solutions for a series of issues ( e.g. supply chain, cash flow, new equipment, quality etc.) to create value and strengthen the relationship with the customers
    Develop an effective framework and process to improve Customer Service across Business Unit
    Aligns and influences many stakeholders ( e.g. marketing in FO, FO General Managers, market operations managers, country managers etc.) to drive a customer centric approach and create value for the System and the customers.
    Understands advanced analysis of customer business building opportunities and programs/services, including insights of basket analysis, combo meals, purchase occasions, category performance, etc.
    Understand how OBPPC creates value within the customer profit model and develops compelling proposals to the customer and to the System
    Scenario creating to identify the optimum solution across the value creation model
    Developing an agenda to advance knowledge in the key areas of responsibility (e.g. RGM)
    Moving from objective to a well-articulated plan of action; by mapping, formulating and bringing into achievable steps all opportunities within area of responsibility.
    Develop an effective framework and process to improve RGM capability across the Franchise.


    The position will pioneer system wide thinking and expertise in the area of customer management and shift the dialogue towards value creation
    Develops robust customer plans that will create value and ensures through certain process and routines timely execution of the plans
    Builds robust relationships within the System and with the customers to ensure to optimize the benefits of the new customer model
    Influencing key decision makers and stakeholders to make final decisions (internally, System and customers) in various areas (e.g. capabilities development, new launches in case of OBPPC, new Route To Market, structure etc.)
    Identifies value creation initiatives and connects them with the local strategies and plans.
    Actively involved in the customer BP and ABP for the customer team
    Identifies value creation initiatives and connects them with the local strategies and business plans.
    Sets the agenda and the work plan for the development of RGM, Immediate Consumption Strategy across the Franchise.


    Set ups process and routines internally and with the customers
    Set up a process of sharing best practices
    Works internally with various stakeholders to get proper support and alignment
    Builds a customer and shopper centric culture in the System centric resulting to a new way of doing business with the key customers

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Commercial Excellence Manager(Direct) Key Account Managers(dotted)



i. Delivers results: takes the acountability, ensuring productive, efficient execution against priorities. Sets streching but realistic goals and removes barriers to ensure top quality results
ii. Balances Immediate & Long-Term Priorities – Meets critical objectives while considering the impact of those activities on longer-term goals. Translates strategic direction into personal actions/plans.
iii. Imports and Exports Good Ideas – Shares and adopts ideas in and outside the Company. Leverages insights to inform actions or gain support. Embraces change.
iv. Drives Innovative Business Improvements – Develops ideas and gains others’ commitment. Seizes opportunities that can deliver the greatest value. Promotes an environment of creative thinking and innovation.
v. Develops & Inspires Others – Develops others, improving their skills and capabilities. Provides, seeks and accepts feedback. Supports the diverse contribution of others. Engages others through effective and influential communication
vi. Building Value-Based Relationships: Generating alliances internally and externally by continuously identifying and acting on those things that will create success for the Company and its customers, bottlers, suppliers, communities, and governments.
vii. Customer Focus: Making customers (external and internal) and their needs a primary focus of one’s actions; developing and sustaining productive customer relationships.
viii. Communicating & influencing effectively: Conveying information and ideas in a clear, meaningful, and timely manner; providing information to ensure understanding; solicits input from the audience during the communication.
ix. Lives TCCC Values & Ethics: Demonstrates the values and ethics of The Coca-Cola Company through words, actions, and by example; fosters an environment that reflects the values of the company.

Knowledge and Skills:

i. Customer development: Knowledge of customer profit model and links our portfolio with consumer and shopper need within the customer model to create value for the customer and the System
ii. Negotiation skills.

iii. Retail Merchandising and Shopper driven Category Management: Knowledge of how to build and implement an effective in-store merchandising program in order to drive increases in consumer purchase.
iv. Shopper Knowledge: Knowledge of in-store consumer purchasing behaviour in order to develop effective in-store merchandising programs
v. Retailing: Knowledge of the retail industry (retailers, competitors, trends, visual merchandising, and general business environment) related to multiple channels.
vi. Channels: Knowledge of specific channels of distribution, including competitive set, target consumers and key trends, including the ability to use information in the identification of new opportunities that are aligned with agreed business objectives.
vii. Portfolio Marketing & Revenue Growth Management: Knowledge of how to build and leverage multiple brands and categories to drive maximum value with the Customer, Shopper and Consumer.
viii. Consumer Knowledge: Knowledge of making global Brands connect with the consumer for long lasting preference leading to loyal adoption.
ix. Project Management: Establishing courses of action to ensure that work is completed efficiently; identifies more critical and less critical activities and tasks; effectively allocates time to complete work; coordinates others.
x. Winnig and collaborative attititude; work in a new enviroment with a lot of complexity,diversity and new rules of engagement need to be done; flexibity to identify qucik and win-win solutions and passion to cretae a strong legacy
xi. Solid understaning of the System ( internally and with the Bottlers)


    12+ years of broad commercial practice of which 7years must be spent on demonstrated strategy development, customer development, shopper or customer marketing, data analytics, and/or project management skills.
    Proven thought leadership in the ability to properly blend various kinds of analyses and data sources to craft action-oriented recommendations that drive business growth.
    Proven ability to influence people and align resources toward a common strategic goal, leveraging best-in-class approaches and methodologies while fine-tuning them to meet specific customer needs; ability to effectively interact and influence Senior Management.
    Proven ability to lead multiple simultaneous projects with challenging goals and objectives; proven ability to redirect resources according to needs.
    International or multi countries experience is preferred


    University Bachelor’s Degree Required
    Knowledge of French will be considered strong plus



    Will be exposed and must communicate primarily in English and French
    Must be proficient in social and cultural matters of all the countries in the Business Unit.
    Direct interaction with Bottlers & Customers and their different culture and business backgrounds.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Professional working conditions, with exposure to security risks when travelling in less secure and/or underdeveloped countries.

TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: 50% of time required for travel mostly in Franchise Operations countries but some to the BU


    Organizational Chart
    This is a critical role within the customer engagement model in CEWA and requires a person with solid System understanding, robust analytical and strategic skills, positive and winning attitude strong attitude, and drive to build a shopper culture and ability to work and deliver exceptional results under pressure and complexity.
    § This position provides the opportunity for development to gain deep knowledge of the drivers for successful integration of key business processes, consumer marketing-customer development-sales & execution-retailers business, required to secure a “win” with customers that enable the Coca-Cola System to access prestigious store locations linked to priority occasions by delivering transformational activation that creates sustainable System value step-up.
    The role requires a senior manager with proven track record in managing our business and personal credibility with the senior constituencies that interacts and influences.

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