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MS Chief Operating Officer Job Vacancy at Ericsson – Lagos, NG

Ericsson is the world’s leading provider of technology and services to telecom operators. Ericsson is advancing its vision of being the “prime driver in an all-communicating world” through innovation, technology, and sustainable business solutions.

We now stand on the brink of fundamental innovation opportunities across industries, public services and in private life. We are moving from the information society to the Networked Society, where the primary concern is not having access to information, but what benefit you get out of it.

It took 100 years to connect 1 billion places and 25 years to connect 5 billion people. The next step is connecting things. Ericsson envisions 50 billion connected devices as a starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating, and socializing. The result will be simplified processes, higher productivity, real-time information allowing quicker, more informed decision-making or problem solving when relevant, and monitoring.
The Networked Society changes the logic of how society works. It is our job to take the lead in enabling this, and we are shaping our decisions around that. The ICT industry can help address our world’s major concerns in climate change, health care, education, and more.

Job Title: MS Chief Operating Officer
Ericsson – Lagos, Lagos, NG

Job description
Req ID: 52556

Ericsson is a world leading provider of communications technology and services. Our offerings include services, consulting, software and infrastructure within Information and Communications Technology for telecom operators and other industries. Today, more than 40 percent of the world’s mobile traffic goes through Ericsson networks in over 180 countries, and we support customers’ networks servicing more than 2.5 billion subscribers. Using innovation to empower people, business and community, we are working towards the Networked Society, in which everything that can benefit from a connection will have one. At Ericsson, we apply our innovation to market-based solutions to help shape a more sustainable world.

We are truly a global company, operating across borders in over 180 countries, offering a diverse, performance-driven culture and an innovative and engaging environment where employees enhance their potential every day. They share a passion to win and a high responsiveness to customer needs that in turn makes us a desirable partner to our clients. To ensure professional growth, Ericsson offers a stimulating work experience, continuous learning and growth opportunities that allow you to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to reach your career goals.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you!

The MSCOO runs the company or services division which has end to end responsibility to supply all managed services to the customer. This includes services provided by third party suppliers and by Ericsson local, regional or global delivery centres. The MSCOO ensures the fulfilment of all contractual obligations by Ericsson, the customer and third Parties in order to secure quality of service and profitability according to approved business case and contract criteria.

The MSCOO is responsible to transform the received organisation in line with Ericsson Blueprint guidelines. The Transformation is essential to reduce costs and make the MS profitable in line with the approved business case.

The Transformation involves:
• Creating internal efficiencies in operations through the deployment of Ericsson best practice tools and processes;
• Realising synergies by moving certain functions being to other local MU Delivery Organisations or to Regional or Global Delivery Operations;
• Reducing third party spend through the renegotiation of supply contracts using Ericsson’s Global scale advantages.
On completion of the transformation process, the MSCOO will have a much smaller line organisation but will retain the end to end responsibility for the full scope of the Managed Services provided; and will still manage the complete interface to the customer. However many of the services provided will now be effectively sourced from other Ericsson delivery centres or from third parties.


    To run the services branch containing the hundreds or thousands resources in-sourced from the customer.
    To be end-to-end responsible for all service contracts for the specific customer and manage the contracts execution (cost, time and quality) ensuring the fulfillment of all contractual obligations by Ericsson, the Customer and 3PP, in order to secure quality of service and profitability.
    To effectively manage a significant portfolio of 3rd party supply contracts, driving down costs for both Ericsson and the customer in line with business case expectations
    To manage the Relationship Management with the customer and therefore to act as the main interface for all service delivery towards the customer (internally and externally).
    To secure that escalation management in emergencies or critical incidents (or other emergencies as specified in SLA) are followed and updating and reporting incidents progress to the customer is in accordance to contractual requirements.

Required Education and Experience:

• Academic degree in some aspect of Telecommunications and/or Business Management
• Minimum 15 – 20 years experience in a combination of Technical & Operational Management, Financial & Business Management, Customer Relationship and Business Development Experience, and Leadership and Change Management Experience.
• Demonstrated ability to deliver P&L results successfully in a major services division or company, and ability to drive business development
• Leadership experience with large line organizations and leadership of change management programs

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