Mechanical Engineer Vacancy in a Leading Electromechanical Design and Engineering Consulting Company

Adexen HR and Recruitment services is looking to recruit an Mechanical Engineer.

Our client is a leading electromechanical design and engineering consulting company with an international expertise in construction of high quality buildings and the realization of specialized construction mandates in West Africa.

Job Title: Mechanical Engineer

Job description

Reporting to the General Manager, the Mechanical Engineer follows the undergoing designs and attends site inspections and controls/supervises the M&E contractors. Follow up with the day to day activities on site making sure that the progress is completed according to approved drawings and approved material submissions.

1) Job/Duties Specifications:

    Contributing to overcoming technical challenges on projects and providing guidance to less experienced team members
    Preparing well-reasoned and well-presented technical content for inclusion in key project documents, e.g. tender documentation, engineering designs, feasibility reports or technical specifications
    Communicating openly and effectively with team members
    Ensure the proper execution as per the approved shop drawings (Site inspections are required)
    Explain the work methodologies to the work and supervising force to ensure that the work is done as per the requirements
    Reporting to the General Manager regarding daily progress of work and plan for the next working days
    Informing the Project Manager (Contractor’s Side) and the General Manager regarding material status on the site and preparing the requirement for the upcoming period
    Design systems incorporating power distribution, grounding, lighting, control systems, and equipment specification and selection
    Take responsibility for electrical engineering tasks, and perform associated calculations and analysis
    Carry out/Supervise all relevant testing before commissioning and handing over
    Supervise the Contractor’s evaluation done for electrical engineering/construction matters
    Analyze work non-conformities and provide recommendations and guidance for resolution.
    Inspect received material in the site
    Ensure that all reporting personnel follow all company policies and procedures.
    Participate in the technical and commercial evaluation of bids
    Review/present claims for variation orders and provide input
    Analyze engineering problems and offer resolutions
    Issue material submissions, statuses and recommendations

2) In addition to working on consultancy assignments, the successful candidate will be expected to:

    Develop and consolidate client relationships
    Develop and consolidate networks within relevant client sectors
    Develop an understanding of relevant sectors and keep up-to-date with developments and innovations within those sectors
    Represent the firm at seminars, conferences etc.
    Contribute to the expansion of company and its professional standards
    Be a potential candidate for the position of “Head of Mechanical Division”


The ideal candidate will have the following attributes and qualifications:

    Ability to plan, prioritize and carry out tasks in an orderly and well-structured way
    Cooperative and flexible approach to work, both in terms of time and methods, with a willingness to embrace change
    Confidentiality, discretion, professional integrity
    Self-confidence and ability to innovate
    COREN Certified Engineer
    Direct personal experience in engaging with external regulatory authorities
    Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering
    Six to eight years of experience in other consultancy firms located in Nigeria
    Fluent in English
    Proficient in the use of internet, email and Microsoft Office tools
    Proficient in use of AutoCAD
    Clear and precise communication skills


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