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Job Vacancy at ECOWAS June, 2015

ECOWAS was established by the Treaty of Lagos signed in May 28, 1975

Job Title: Director, Mining & Geo-Extractive Development

​A Directorate in ECOWAS Community Institutions is a subset of Departments headed by Statutory Appointees or D2 level Officers. Directorates are headed by Directors or Officers holding Director level positions.

Directors or Director level Officers are responsible for providing the expertise in particular areas for the design and implementation of technical projects in line with ECOWAS objectives.

Directors in ECOWAS provide leadership and management to major sector(s) of technical activities which are substantively important to the accomplishment of the Institution’s mandate. They are responsible for interpreting governing bodies’, the President’s and the Commissioner’s broad visions and policy guidelines, and for developing and managing goals and objectives to meet that mandate. D1 positions typically supervise 10 or more professionals some of who may be Division Chiefs at the P5 level and thus supervise other professional staff.


Leadership Tasks

 Directors or Director level Officers report directly to Departmental Heads. As the principal link between the Directorate and the wider beyond, the Director is responsible for:

    Clearly communicating the Department’s vision to staff, explain how the Directorate’s activities aligns with them as well as ways of carrying out set tasks on it;

    Staying on top of fast-moving technical, political, social or economic changes;

    Remaining in frequent contact with the other Directors in the Institution to ensure that the work is harmonized with that of other Directorates as needed.

Managerial Tasks

The Director will supervise staff of the Directorate including Professional and General staff. He or she will utilize a range of transactional managerial skills to ensure that staff of the Directorate performs efficiently and effectively, and that they deliver the regular outputs needed at sufficient quality and in a timely manner.

Managerial tasks will include:

    Plan annual goals, objectives, activities and budget tied to the Department’s overall plans; measure and monitor goal achievement; negotiate suitable adjustments to goals and budgets;

    Implement performance-based budgeting within the Directorate;

    Organize the Directorate in an efficient way with clear reporting lines, minimal bureaucracy and optimal delegation of responsibilities and authority;

    Work with the relevant Directorate to ensure efficient and effective services such as recruitment, action on performance decisions, promotions and related matters;

    Set standards of work and create mechanisms to monitor staff output and ensure that standards are maintained and deadlines met without compromising quality of work;

    Manage the system of setting individual performance planning and standards through available Performance Planning and Evaluation systems;

    Provide regular and prompt performance feedback to direct reports;

    Actively engaged in the development of staff to ensure skills are built to match plans, goals and existing structures;

    Create productive working atmosphere within the Directorate to encourages staff participation.

Use of Personal Expertise

While the Director will have a reserve of skilled professionals to draw upon, he or she may at times be called upon to apply his or her personal expertise directly in the relevant technical field in any of the following ways:

    Direct technical guidance on programme design or implementation in an area where he or she has high-level technical expertise;

    Represent ECOWAS in professional meetings or working groups; make speeches, negotiate agreements, mediate disputes;

    Lead or participate in technical missions to develop projects and programmes;

    Advise on issues relating to his or her area of technical expertise;

    Work with the relevant specialized Parliamentary Committee on regional legislation, as needed.

Technical Tasks

    Coordinate, supervise, and assist in the design and execution of programmes/projects and all other activities, and personnel of the Directorate.

    Assist the Principal Programme Officers in regional projects identification for the mineral resources sector.

    Promote the implementation of ‘ECOWAS Mineral Sector Integrated Framework on Corporate Social Responsibility, Localization & Local Content Development.

    Identify and develop policy issues of currency for the attention of Member States and key stakeholders, availing to the Statutory Organs of ECOWAS Commission, timely priority decisions for implementation in the mineral resources sector.

    Identify and develop intra- and inter-regional, and other international relationships between ECOWAS Commission and other key stakeholders for the development of the Community’s mineral resources sector.

    Develop sustainable relationships for programmes/projects design and execution with other stakeholder-Directorates within ECOWAS Commission.

    Promote capacity enhancement initiatives within the Community’s mineral resources sector.

    Promote towards institutionalizing the philosophy of achieving the desired results, ahead of schedule and within budget, in the Directorate.

    Participate in specialized technical meetings and conferences.

    Prepare Budgets and issue relevant and timely periodic Reports of the Directorate.

    Carry-out any other legitimate task as may be assigned by his/her immediate superiors.


Educational Qualification

    Masters Degree or its equivalent in the Geo-sciences or Engineering, Petroleum Sciences or Engineering, and Materials Sciences or Engineering, or any related field. Additional qualification in Development Management Sciences could be an advantage.


    Twelve (12) years professional experience including six (6) years relevant international experience and five (5) years in a supervisory or managerial capacity.

    Possession of higher degree would reduce the required professional experience to ten (10) years with five (5) years in a supervisory or managerial capacity.

    Policy-making experience would be an advantage

Competencies (Skills, Knowledge and Abilities)

    Leadership skills and ability to work in a multi-cultural team;

    Ability to build partnership with other institutions;

    Good communication skills for influencing groups of peers and stakeholders outside the organization (public speaking, writing, persuasiveness, credibility, negotiation, problem-solving)

    Good interpersonal social skills for working with peers and subordinate staff (listening ability, approachability, clear oral expression)

    Able team-player with peers (creates solutions to problems, creates ideas, takes on share of the work, reliable).

    Drive and energy;

    Demonstrates fairness;

    Self-control and stress management methods;

    Good personal organization with ability to prioritize comfortably, adjust to rapidly changing priorities and to manage time well;

    Ability to delegate authority clearly and effectively to staff. In particular, ability to use support staff available to the Directorate

    Must be Computer Literate


Candidates should not be over 50 years old at the point of recruitment and must be citizens of one of the ECOWAS Member States;


Candidates must be fluent in one of the official languages of the Community; English, French and Portuguese. A working knowledge of another would be an advantage.

How to Apply

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