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Drilling Cost Controller Job Opportunity

Deep Blue Energy Services Limited (DBESL) is a resource and solution
management company that
specializes in assisting international/Local
companies in identifying Potential market opportunities,
assisting with
permits, sourcing highly skilled employees, bidding on and negotiating
contracts and navigating the often complex political and policy
environment of many sub Saharan African countries.




COST Accounting Structure

  • Build up well cost control structure based on client standard.


  • For each Budge tor PDC target, define with the drilling engineer the
    drilling planning& wells program leading to the drilling budget
  • Promptly provide to the Project Budget and Cost Control Manager the
    updated Closure Forecast, main highlights, trend, area of concerns and
    cost/variance analysis not later than 3days after Monthly Closure.
  • Produce on a monthly basis Cost Report to the Package and to Project Budget and Cost Control Manager.
  • Update the Drill ex EFCon a monthly basis and the LOP for main budget session.
  • Provide to Manager Budget and Cost Control, Budget Brochure for Partners and NAPIMS purpose
  • Attend the different SUBCOMs for budget/performance defence/review with NAPIMS.


  • Support to drilling team for daily well cost follow-up.
  • Prepare a cost book let with the drilling engineer (list of 
    contracts related to the drilling campaign, details of the daily fixed
    well cost, details of all contracts)
  • Prepare AFE before start of drilling on a particular well. Prepare
    well cost input Well Location Report and End of Well Report for
    submission to DPR/NAPIMS.
  • In the P2P (Purchase to Pay) process, check the destination(WBS) and budget availability of the PO/PRs.
  • Ensure proper commitments follow-up in UNISUP using the commitments
    report from the Business Warehouse to ensure that expenditures are in
    line with commitments and budgets
  • Make sure all the Cost Control processes are compliant with SOX (ABS) procedures.
  • Prepare monthly cash call for Drilling activities to enable call for funds from Partners.
  • Regular interface with Nigerian subsidiary for the follow-up of
    Project invoices payment and UNISUP functionality for cost control
    functions. Manage the RFS process with in the package
  • Respond to queries raised by auditors (internal,partnersetc),internal control, vendors etc.
  • Ensure the DOA within the package is in place.
  • Organise regular cost review meetings with Budget Responsible to identify opportunities to improve budgetary control.
  • Review and issue the monthly Rig activity report to aid effective cost allocations between different operations.
  • Follow up stock reconciliation between quantities is sued towells
    and quantities actually consumed and the consequent stock reintegration.
  • Ensure monthly accruals are generated in the cost objects (WBS,cost
    centers etc.)for Services/services already performed but yet to be
    invoiced using the UNISUP Scheduler/UNISUP Service Entry Sheets/Manual
    Accruals (following review with the operational managers to review the
    progress status of performed work). Also provide SKF for common cost
    allocation for monthly closures.
  • Follow-up service contract related to Drilling Package


  • To fully comply with office security, health and safety instructions.
  • Agreement

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