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Kaduna Job for Project Management Advisor

VSO is the world’s leading independent international development
organisation that works through
volunteers to fight poverty in
developing countries. Our highimpact approach brings people together to
share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding
and action to change lives and make the world a fairer place.

We are recruiting to fill the position of:

Job Title: Project Management Advisor

Location: Kaduna
Duration: 18 Months

Role Overview

  • This position will build the capacity of national volunteers and
    local partners on project management skills such as project design,
    planning, monitoring and evaluation, learning and impact assessment.
  • He/ she will support a group of volunteer team leaders/ project
    officers in acquiring project management skills through coaching,
    mentoring and facilitating experiential learning.
  • This position will also play a support role in stakeholder partnerships and development of new partners.

Capacity Building of National Volunteers, Partners and Project Staff:

  • Design and undertake trainings for National volunteers on project management skills.
  • Provide support in project communication.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of training activities.
  • Prepare and test tools to evaluate the impact of the project.
  • Capacity building of local partners on project cycle management.
  • Coaching and mentoring of National volunteers and Project Officers.

Partnership Support:

  • Provide high level support to stakeholders across sectors, so
    that partners maximise the resources available in their area to ensure
    projects represent good value for money:
  • Public institutions, and institutions working on accountability and governance.
  • Provide advice and guidance directly to local partners on
    program and project management, governance and strategy development,
    consultation and partner engagement.
  • Support the organisation of quarterly cluster meetings.
  • Education Partners: Ministry of Education, College of Education, NYSC and NGO partners.
  • Secure Livelihoods Partners: Ministry of Agriculture, Private Sector, processors and trading companies.

Support in development of new Partnerships & Relationship management:

  • Identify the needs and the expectations of the VSO Nigeria program
  • Build relationships with NGOs, forums, companies, local experts and relevant institutions
  • Identify new donors and (fund raising) support in concept and proposal development.
  • Represent VSO as/when required at events, meetings, training workshops etc.

Note: Due to the nature of our volunteer placements, it
is possible that the responsibilities of this role may differ in
reality and therefore the post holder will need to be prepared to be
flexible and adapt to their environment as necessary.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Preparation and execution of training modules
  • Training reports
  • Change in the quality of the performance of partners, volunteers and staff
  • Management reports
  • Yearly management review reports
  • Number of trainings
  • Execution of mentoring and coaching programs
  • Number of National volunteers and Project staff mentored

Note: Objectives will be confirmed in a three way
discussion between the volunteer, employer and VSO in the first three
months of the placement.


  • Building and Sustaining working relationships – The social
    skills to build and actively maintain working relationships that foster
    teamwork and collaboration with others for the benefit of a common
  • Facilitating Positive Change – The ability to analyse problems and develop lasting solutions in line with VSO approaches.
  • Adaptability – A flexible approach and the ability to adapt behaviour to different situations.
  • Resilience – The self-confidence to work with a variety of situations, diverse people and ambiguity.
  • Open Minded and Respectful -A non-judgemental approach that values other people and culture.
  • Seeking and Sharing Knowledge – Recognition that learning is a two-way and continuous process.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Masters’ degree in Business Administration, Development Management or equivalent.
  • At least 5 years specific work experience in training and capacity-building.
  • Proactive and entrepreneurial.
  • Teamwork and interest for knowledge transfer.
  • Strong interest in Technical/ Vocational Training, and supporting teams.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, good representation with public and private partners.


  • Previous experience in Africa is recommended, in particular in Nigeria/West Africa.
  • Knowledge of Hausa language
  • Willingness to work in a difficult environment where basic amenities (electricity, internet etc) is a challenge .
  • Experience in working with people from diverse background

Personal considerations
In addition to the job description, the following information should be
used when considering whether a placement is suitable for you.

Personal Health Considerations:

  • If you have a significant current or past medical condition
    and/or you have general concerns about staying healthy as a volunteer,
    please use this information to assess whether this placement will be
    suitable for you. All volunteers require medical clearance from a VSO
    medical adviser before they are able to take up a placement with VSO.
    Occasionally, VSO may consider that this placement is too great a risk
    for you in terms of your personal health and you would be advised to
    consider a different placement. For further guidance about medical
    assessment and volunteering with a medical condition please see the
    frequently asked questions on VSO website.

Access to Medical Care and Support:

  • The standard and quality of local medical care and support
    available at this placement will depend on its location within the
    country. Health facilities are likely to be more poorly resourced in
    rural areas in terms of medical expertise, equipment, infrastructure and
    regular supplies of medication. However, this may not be the case in
    the capital city or in a larger town, where in some countries there may
    be a reasonable standard of medical care.
  • The following gives you an indication of where the placement is
    in relation to the country office and how easy it would be to make the
    journey if you were ill.
  • One volunteer position will be based in Lagos, and the other Kano.
  • Mosquito nets are given to volunteers during the In-country
    orientation (ICO). Programme staff will also check the accommodation
    before volunteer’s arrival to ensure that it meets VSO Nigeria’s minimum
    standard to prevent susceptibility to malaria. Aside Malaria, Typhoid
    is another common ailment that can be contacted, in other to prevent
    this disease, volunteers are advised to boil and filter their drinking
    water, wash fruits and vegetables before eating and cooking.
  • There is also a health/medical session on healthy living during
    the ICO which is facilitated by a medical doctor invited from one of
    VSO Nigeria’s recommended hospital. Volunteers are also given a
    comprehensive health manual that provides necessary information on
    health issues.
  • Lagos, located in the South-West region, is the economic nerve
    centre of Nigeria and there will be easy access to the medical
    facilities available in the Capital – this includes private clinics and
    State hospitals. The VSO Programme Office in Abuja is between 9 to 10
    hours from Lagos by road and about an hour by air. There are daily
    flights to Lagos from Abuja.
  • Kano, located in the North-West region, is the largest city in
    Northern Nigeria and there will be easy access to the medical facilities
    available in the Capital – this includes private clinics and State
    hospitals. The VSO Programme Office in Abuja is about 5 hours from Kano
    by road and about an hour by air. There are daily flights to Kano from

How to Apply

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Application Deadline  25th September, 2015.

Interview/Assessment Date(s)  TBC

Start Date 

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