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Bradfield Consulting – Our client is an NGO whose aim is to stop child
abuse in Nigeria. We are currently looking for a highly motivated and
capable staff member who will be working as:

Job Title: Assistant Director

Location: Lagos

Job Descriptions

  • Reporting to the Executive Director, you develop and coordinate
    an operational plan which incorporates the Foundation’s goals and
    objectives towards protecting the rights of children


  • Lead the Foundation’s project development and program management initiatives.
  • Identify and monitor program activities that benefit and complement the Foundation’s mission and goals.
  • Develop strategies to increase the Foundation’s fundraising
    initiatives, facilitate a range of fundraising events, new program
    inaugurations and speak directly with reporters, donor agencies,
    government representatives/members of the community at these events
  • Support in the development of a strategic plan and develop mechanisms to facilitate the adoption of the plan.
  • Support the development and implementation of the Foundation’s
    strategic approach for key child abuse programs and advocacy goals.
  • Participate in long and short-term program development plans.
  • Oversee the preparation of project proposals, research grants,
    prepare grant reports and coordinate the prompt submission of grant
  • Administer grants for the execution of program activities in accordance with approved budget allocations.
  • Develop a framework for the assessment of program impact while making necessary changes and improvements where necessary.
  • Develop and effectively manage program timelines to ensure the timely completion of program deliverables.
  • Review program outcomes vis-à-vis contractual commitments and grant commitments.
  • Develop and schedule program activities in accordance with specifications and funding limitation.
  • Provide comprehensive, reports on the revenues, expenditures and budget forecasts of the organization.
  • Monitor, analyse and comment on debates around child rights, particularly as it relates to child abuse.
  • Represent the Foundation at workshops, trainings and interactions organized by partner organisations.
  • Engage with government and donor experts and agencies on child right matters at federal, state and local government levels.
  • Develop and maintain mechanisms for an appropriate system of
    fiscal accountability, grant administration/management and community
  • Track current regional and national economic, political, social,
    and other trends impacting on target group and inform appropriate
    personnel on actions or pending actions that would impact their work.
  • Provide strategic guidance to program while contributing to program context and needs.
  • Build on new and existing relationship with civil society
    network and work towards strengthening the Foundation’s advocacy and
    capacity building strategies.
  • Facilitate collaborative opportunities with other civil society organisations.
  • Identify and evaluate the risks associated with program activities and take appropriate action to control the risks.
  • Develop background documents, briefs, and presentations,
    including carrying out relevant literature reviews and analysis on the
    rights of the child
  • Monitor program activities on a regular basis and conduct an annual evaluation according to the program evaluation framework.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Excellent proposal writing and facilitation skills
  • High-level strategic thinker, with a strong grasp of national and international child right policies.
  • Proven skills in networking and relationship building
  • Strong analytical and information gathering skills
  • Strong communication and representational skills
  • Strong administrative and management skills
  • Ability to work alone and on one’s own initiative

Education and Experience

  • 5 years of progressively responsible International Management experience in an NGO or relevant International work experience.
  • Fundraising, project development and program management experience.
  • Proven understanding and experience of advocacy and policy change work within a complex humanitarian context.
  • Working knowledge of multi-disciplinary child abuse response systems.
  • Knowledge of client groups and/or issues related to the program area.

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Job Title: Research Analyst

Job category: Charity / Fundraising
Location: Lagos
Level: Professional
Employment type: Permanent contract


  • Reporting to the County Program Manager, you will provide
    foundation executives, boards, and staff with data-driven insights to
    enhance the effectiveness of their work; write project reports and
    research proposals.
  • The ideal candidate will be a talented writer who can translate
    numbers into stories, or a strong data analyst who can write better
    each time.
  • Previous international exposure/experience preferred.


  • Identify priority program areas for implementation of organization’s mission and goals.
  • Conduct research and advocacy to influence policies and
    practices of governments, IGOs, and NGOs, with a particular focus on
    Child abuse.
  • Collect and maintain information (data and reports) in a
    well-organized manner to support analyzes and for further dissemination.
  • Draft research reports designed to influence child rights and
    conduct policy-relevant research on child abuse towards developing
    innovative approaches to conceptualizing child rights.
  • Implement advocacy using research results, through report
    dissemination, one-to-one meetings, training and focus group
  • Develop and maintain relations with key stakeholders and
    interlocutors in order to build networks to learn and share advocacy
  • Contribute to strategies, approaches, and projects designed to
    address child abuse and other priority research topics, as and when
    identified, and contribute to fundraising.
  • Perform a wide variety of research field work preparation tasks
    i.e, make detailed observations, enter data in Excel format, assist in
    analyzing data and collect supporting documents or literature from the
    internet and other sources for interpreting results.
  • Assist in the process of building collaboration with other
    partner institutions, i.e, maintain and update contact lists of
    implementing and research partners, other key stakeholders, and
    consultants, keep confidentiality of files on projects.
  • Contribute to the overall research process of preparing
    technical reports, summaries, protocols, and quantitative analyzes by
    identifying current scientific literature as assigned by the Program
  • Provide logistical support to staff in planning and organizing
    conferences, workshops and meetings and participate in relevant

Skills and Competencies:

  • Detail oriented, strong primary, secondary and on-line research skills
  • Strong communications skills, comfortable working in team
  • Excellent management and organizational skills along with strong quantitative skills

Education and Experience

  • Masters or Bachelors degree in Economics, Statistics or related fields
  • 3 years’ social work experience, preferably with international exposure/experience preferred
  • Experience in market research or development economics is desirable.
  • Ability to analyze complex data and run reports
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct quantitative analysis and synthesize findings into persuasive recommendations
  • Good project management skill and client contact
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint and experience with statistical packages (i.e. SPSS, SAS, STATA, R) desirable
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills

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