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Financial Analyst/ Controller Job Vacancy

Company is a capitalized financial services firm that specialises in various forms of equipment leasing.

Job Title: Financial Analyst/ Controller

Job description

Review the GL and ensure all accruals and ammortisation entries are 100% accurate
FINCON should send all journal entries by the next two (2) working days after month end
Time Preparation and Presentation of Management Reports
Timely Preparation and Submission of CBN Quarterly Returns
Prompt response to adhoc reports both from within and outside the company
Preparing Tax Returns, Filling and Remittance to Collecting Banks
To ensure proper account narration and expenditure classification
Proper Record Keeping and Filling of Department’s Documents
Maintain Control Consciousness in all assignments carried out
To develop analytical skills to appreciate and interprete financial information
Desired Skills and Experience
3-5 years experience in a  finance institution
Has a good overall understanding of company finances and uses this information to support managers in resource and succession planning
Must demonstrate the ability to set-up and control budgets
Analysing by reviewing situations or sources of information
Sound skills in financial statement analysis and the review for a good investment decision
The regular provision of information to decision-makers within an organisation to support them in their work
Must be well organised and stick to deadlines
Deciding on an appropriate course of action based on a consideration of alternatives, benefits and implications associated with the main issues in a situation.

How to Apply

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