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Box & Cedar Jobs in Nigeria for Facilities Manager

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Job Title: Facilities Manager

Job Description:

  • The professional and effective management and maintenance of all facilities within the maintenance and management portfolio of this Company.
  • Putting in place and effectively organizing/supervising facility management/maintenance teams as well as third party service providers to maintain and manage the facilities within the company’s maintenance and management portfolio.
  • The effective and efficient organization/provision/delivery of all services, which the company isobliged to provide/deliver to the facilities within its portfolio.
  • The apportionment of expenses incurred in respect of and preparation of monthly bills for services ( for example maintenance, diesel, security, generator, PHCN and cleaning) rendered/delivered to all facilities within the company’s portfolio and the efficient collection of all sums due to the company in this regard.
  • Establishing and keeping systematic and comprehensive records that are easily retrievable of all transactions in respect of the facilities within the company’s portfolio.
  • The regular and up to date settlement of all statutory payments due in respect of all facilities within the company’s portfolio.
  • The preparation of Annual income and expenditure budgets/estimates for the company and each facility managed by it in conjunction with the Financial Controller.
  • The effective supervision, organization and management of all staff employed by the company.
  • The effective monitoring and supervision of all third party service providers to the company including putting in place and implementing comprehensive Service Level Agreements for the measurement and assessment of their performance.
  • Ensuring that a comprehensive database of suppliers of the products and consumables utilized by the company is established and regularly updated.
  • In conjunction with the Internal Audit Department put in place effective and efficient internal control system and processes for the operations of the Company and thereby aim to eradicate fraud and inefficiency.
  • Deal with and attend to all correspondence received by the Company and ensure that the Company complies with all laws and regulations applicable to its operations.
  • The enforcement of all regulations applicable at the facilities within the Company’s portfolio.
  • Regular visits to and inspection of all facilities within the management and maintenance portfolio of the Company.

Minimum Qualification:

  • Relevant Degree: BSc Estate Management; B Es. Environmental Sciences. An MBA will be an added advantage,
  • Professional membership of IFMA is essential.
  • At least 5 Years work experience in Facility Management.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Highly efficient organizational and analytical mind/reasoning;
  • Strong numeracy and the ability to understand financial data;
  • Good and effective communication skill: Fluently spoken and written English;
  • Clear and concise writing skills and the ability to handle long and complex documents;
  • Interpersonal, relationship-building and negotiation skills;
  • Computer Literacy, with good knowledge and Microsoft word , Excel and Power point;
  • Flexibility and the ability to work on more than one task at a time.
  • Good initiative
  • Good time management
  • Results Oriented

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