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Ordeal Of A Jobseeker Today In Victoria Island


Pls ma fellow brethren i take God beg you, if you come across this address anytime, just ignore. This nameless company no be GNLD o,these ones are professional confirm scammers,so highly organized in the name of recruiting unemployed graduates. They are located in Victoria Island beside GTB bank at that adress in the screenshot,their office is in this eleganza complex,down floor. So you can imagine if a group of people can rent out a huge space like that in that opulent location,my fellow i think its high time we also start doing more research before we go for any interviews cos there is no how you would be told you have an interview on the island and you wouldnt expect it to be genuine cos e b lyk say most of them now believe Island is the main deal now

Dont want to go into the ordeal some of my friends went through today in their hands but for the ones who would say until i see for myself before i believe, well just make sure say you carry your 45k along for the so called training on customer service before you would be placed on 150k salary at any company of your choice,but if you no get dt amount,you fit pay any amount to start even if na 1k(You guys knw na say naso God dey take catch them once they tell you to pay any amount)

And dont even bother carrying your fone along cos you cant use it and you must not talk to anyone and you cant go tru the same way you came in of which sef them go even follow you reach gate so u don’t tell others to show you how foolish they are.

Learnt that they just moved from the mainland in less than a month and naso them dey do from one place to another and naso innocent people they troop in daily to their office to be scammed.

Pls lets help others by exposing all these fraudulent agents,GNLD, recruiting exercises cos shey as tins dey tight reach for this country na that time people are looking for how to collect from their pockets cos i knw say the Innocent ones sometimes fall victims.

Pls share your experiences with others,dont keep quiet,lets save others from scam especially those not in lagos,living far away to save them the stress. 

Imagine an old man came all the way from Ogun state since yesterday evening, slept in an open place only to be attended to today and told to pay 45k again, Can u imagine, na God go punish those people o.

Nobody has a right to demand money from you in other to get a job.

And i pray none of us would fall victim IJN

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