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Interview Tips: Boost Your Performance at Interviews

A successful interview takes a strategic planning process as well as knowledge of the standard of the company you are applying to.

Interviews are your best opportunity to sell your skills and abilities. Also, they give you a chance to know if the job and company are right for you. Below are the 6 important tip that can help boost your interview performance. it is numbered A-F

A. Go through common interview questions
You can virtually find interview questions online. Find someone to practice answering them with or do that in front of a mirror. You need to come prepared with stories that relate to the skills that the recruiter wants, while emphasizing:

  • Your strengths
  • Your willingness to work and flexibility
  • Your leadership skills
  • Your ability and willingness to learn new things or ideas
  • Your contributions to the organizations in which you have worked
  • Your creativity in solving problems and working with people

Find out in advance how well you are suitable for the job. With this, you will know if you lack a particular skill. Plan how you will convince the interviewer that you can learn the skill that you lack.

B. Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask during the interview

Here, choose questions that will demonstrate your interest in the job and of course, the company. This might involve giving a comment on the news you came across on the company’s website, and asking a question in relation to it. Furthermore, ask questions based on the job you will be expected to perform. These may include:

  • What your day-to-day responsibilities of the job would be like.
  • How your responsibilities and performance would be measured and by whom.
  • Ask them to explain their organizational structure.
  • What computer equipment and software are being used.
  • The organization’s plan for the next five years.

C. Be adequately prepared
Remember to go with important items to the interview. These include:

  • Copies of your CV
  • Notebook and pens
  • Copies of letter(s) of recommendation, licenses, transcripts, etc (if applicable)
  • Portfolio of work samples (if applicable)

D. On the interview day, be sure to

  • Arrive there 15 to 20 minutes early.
  • Dress appropriately in a manner relevant to the job. Appear professional.
  • Turn off your mobile phone.
  • Go with your sense of humor and remember to smile!

E. Exhibit a high level of confidence during the interview
Your level of boldness must be firm but let the interviewer begin the dialogue. Your body language must reflect a positive message:

  • If a hand is offered to you by the interviewer, shake it firmly.
  • Maintain eye contact with him/her/them.
  • Be attentive. Welcome all questions with a smile even the difficult ones.
  • Give honest answers and be direct with them.
  • Answers must be developed speedily in your head first before you respond. Be sure to understand the questions asked before you respond, otherwise, ask for it to be repeated or clarified. Take your time to give appropriate answers.

F. Conclude the interview with a good impression
Ending the interview with a good impression is another great way to ensure your success:

  • Be polite and allow the interview to end as at when due.
  • Summarize any strengths and experiences that you might not have mentioned earlier.
  • Mention a particular activity or achievement that fits the job.
  • Enquire if there would be subsequent interviews.
  • Ask when the recruiter plans to make a selection or decision.
  • Specify a time when you may contact the recruiter to learn of the decision.

Finally, don’t forget to send the employer a thank-you letter or note after the interview.

Good Luck!

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