Funny NYSC Deployment Letter Request ‘Spiritual Attack’

Today, a surprising NYSC deployment request surfaced on social media and has since kicked off conversations and banters, especially because of the bizarre reason offered by the said corper Jamilu Mohammed Ibrahim for seeking deployment.

From the letter published on Twitter by @Chxta, the graduate is said to suffer a spiritual form of mental challenge called ‘aljanu’, and so his guardian wants him deployed from Ekiti State.

The letter also adds, emphatically, that the corper needs to be close to his mallam for prayers. “The bearer has been suffering from a spiritual attack known as Aljanu which requires close monitoring from his parents and his mallam at all times for prayers and deliverance whenever it strikes.”

This is funny. Spiritual attack!
since when has “aljannu” become a reason for redeployment?

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