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Job Description for Welder


Job Description – Welders perform a range of routine to highly skilled repairs and fabrication. They execute the technical functions and responsibilities of the welding operation; and performs related work as required. 

Job Duties/Responsibilities 

  • Designs parts and works from sketches or blueprints.
  • Repairs damaged equipment, performs welding or fabrication as needed on facilities, vehicles and equipment 
  • Prepares work orders and reviews maintenance reports.
  • Performs skilled welding and brazing processes such as oxy-acetylene, electric arc, metallic inert gas (MIG), and tungsten inert gas (TIG).
  • Fabricates parts and weldments.
  • Works closely with vendors, contractors and other departments as required during projects, repairs and change orders.
  • Organizes, cleans, and maintains a safe work shop area.
  • Maintains shop equipment.
  • Performs mobile welding and mechanical repairs.
  • Performs daily safety inspections of equipment and machinery.

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