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Federal Ministry of Finance Recruitment in Nigeria, July 2016


PwC- The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Finance is setting up a Development Finance Institution with an objective to increase the availability and access to finance for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) through eligible financial intermediaries.

Applications are hereby invited for the following job positions in the Finance Institution:

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 
Location: Abuja 
Reference Number: 130-PEO00645 

Roles & Responsibilities 

Overall Function of the Position:
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for setting and driving the Bank’s strategic business direction; ensuring compliance with governance policies and management of business risks. The Chief Executive Officer reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Specific Duties of the Position:

Provides strategic direction and oversight to the management team to drive the Bank’s business towards profitable and sustainable growth
Articulates and oversees the translation of high level corporate strategies and growth plans into business and operational strategies
Leads the Bank-wide annual business planning and budgeting process and also defines the compliance benchmark standards for the Bank
Liaises with the relevant industry, government and/or regulatory bodies and ensures that Bank’s interests are presented and protected 
Creates an enabling environment that empowers management and staff to develop the capability to achieve set goals and objectives; proactively and innovatively respond to opportunities and challenges in the business environment 
Monitors the Bank performance to ensure effective implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Directors and shareholders
Coordinates the succession planning for key roles within the Bank
Manages the delivery of the Bank’s budget and execution of projects 
Oversees the presentation of statutory reports and drives the implementation of recommendation arising from statutory reviews (e.g. audit, tax, risk etc.)
Shapes the definition of sustainability and social responsibility within the Bank and leads the adoption of the appropriate culture to entrench sustainable and socially responsible practices.
Abides by specific internally established control systems and authorities, role models ethical behavior and encourage all employees to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable laws and the Bank’s standards and policies, including its environmental, safety and health policies.

Minimum of Bachelor’s in any discipline and a Master’s Degree in any business related discipline
Minimum of 20 years post-graduation experience, 
15 years must have been in the financial services industry, with 10 years in senior management position out of which at least 2 years’ experience as a Deputy Managing Director, Executive Director or its equivalence.
Relevant professional qualifications preferably in a business related discipline
Proven track record in MSME and developmental projects

Job Title: Chief Operating Officer (COO) 
Location: Abuja 
Reference Number: 130-PEO00646 

Roles & Responsibilities 
Overall Function of the Position:
The Chief Operating Officer (COO) directs and coordinates the internal operational activities of the organization in accordance with policies, goals, and objectives established by the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors. The Chief Operating Officer reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Specific Duties of the Position:
Directs internal operations to achieve budgeted results and other financial criteria, and to preserve the capital funds invested in the Bank.
Participates in the development and preparation of short-term and long-range plans and budgets (based upon broad organization goals and objectives) and recommends their adoption to the Chief Executive Officer.
Directs the development and installation of procedures and controls, to promote communication and adequate information flow, and thereby solidify management control and direction of the enterprise.
Develops and establishes operating policies in line with the CEO’s and Board’s guidance and ensures their adequate execution. Appraises and evaluates the results of overall operations regularly and systematically, and reports these results to the CEO
Insures that all activities and operations are performed in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and laws governing business operations.
Develops and maintains a sound plan of organization. Establishes policies to insure adequate management development and to provide for capable management succession for those functions/business units falling under his/her responsibility.
Ensures that all team members are looking for ways to systematize the business to increase efficiency
Manages master project list and assigns special projects as needed

Education and Experience Required:

Minimum of Bachelor’s in any discipline and a Master’s Degree in any business related discipline
Minimum of 18 years post-graduation experience out of which at least 13 years must have been in the financial services industry and at least 8 years must have been spent at an Executive or Senior management level 
Relevant professional qualifications preferably in a business related discipline.
Proven track record in MSME and developmental projects

Job Title: Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
Location: Abuja 
Reference Number: 130-PEO00648 

Roles & Responsibilities 
Overall Function of the Position:
The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) plays a critical role in proactively identifying and understanding the potential threats, opportunities, actions or events that will affect the Bank’s ability to achieve its objectives, and in developing appropriate management policies.

Specific Duties of the Position:
Ensures that the Governance, Risk, Compliance and Control Frameworks of the bank are maintained and updated as approved by the Board of directors and in operations. 
Compiles, assesses and reports risk information to the CEO and the Board
Ensures that the Bank’s activities comply with relevant legislation and regulation.
Develops, manages and refines qualitative and quantitative risk reporting which meets the needs of the Board, in order to support effective decision making. 
Formulates and articulates a coherent risk appetite and infrastructure, including operating and financial models and hiring plans. 
Develops, oversees and maintains an early risk alert reporting system
Establishes and maintains corporate governance systems and committee structures by reviewing and confirming investment processes. 
Understands and monitors key elements of the Bank’s risk profile and develops proactive mitigating and coping strategies.
Embeds a positive culture of confidence and informed risk taking through training, communication and promotion of the agreed risk framework.
Partners effectively with third parties, regulatory bodies and others, as appropriate and serves as a role model for high personal and corporate ethical values and standards of integrity. 
Develops and maintains regular liaison with Risk-Rating agencies and external auditors to ensure compliance with statutory requirements
Provides essential input as a member of senior management and the executive committee and credibly challenges the management of current issues and the development and implementation of strategy.
Reviews, reports and advices the CEO on identified and incident of risks affecting the Bank. 
Monitors to ensure statutory compliance with relevant company policies, procedures and regulatory provisions, conducting risk assessments, monitoring performance and reviewing procedures.
Develops and maintains compliance with all the Bank’s policies.
Manages the Bank’s risk profile in line with the intent of the Board
Monitors and advises the Board of Directors on corporate governance trends 

Education and Experience Required:
Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline and a Master’s Degree in any business related discipline
Minimum of 18 years post-graduation experience in Risk Management /Internal Audit out of which at least 13 years must have been in the financial services industry, 8 of which must have been in a Senior Management position
Relevant professional qualifications such as, Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Managers.
Proven track record in MSME and developmental projects

Job Title: General Legal Counsel / Company Secretary (GLC/CS) 
Location: Abuja 
Reference Number: 130-PEO00650 

Roles & Responsibilities 
Overall Function of the Position:
The General Legal Counsel / Company Secretary (GLC/CS) is responsible for ensuring the formulation, implementation and provision of legal strategies, legal advice and secretarial services to the Bank, its Board and Committees in compliance with applicable rules and Banking regulations, in order to ensure minimal interruptions to the Bank’s operations. 

Specific Duties of the Position:

Assists the Board and Management in developing and implementing good corporate governance practices and culture.
Prepares and drives implementation of approved legal/company secretarial budgets and reports on variances
Provides legal advice on all transactions with third parties including all legal documents and external publications to avoid or minimize exposure to potential litigation
Serves as an internal Legal Consultant to other business units in the Bank by providing advice on contracts, laws, legal implications and dispute resolution.
Oversees the drafting, vetting and reviewing of all legal documents and agreements relating to the Bank’s operations (e.g. supplier contracts, insurance contracts, employee contracts, service level agreements, subsidiary loan agreements) and ensures company standards are properly complied with before signing new deals/executing the agreements
Liaises with external regulators and advisers, such as CBN, Lawyers, Auditors, Corporate Affairs Commission on behalf of the Bank 
Prepares legal guidelines for use of the Bank to mitigate against possible litigation, arbitration, labour dispute and other situations capable of disrupting the Bank’s operations
Advises management in all contractual negotiations and arrangements
Monitors changes in Banking legislations and other regulatory environment and advises management on current legislation, regulatory issues, or legal risks that might impact the Bank strategies and operations
Liaises with the Bank’s external solicitors to defend the Bank in all litigation involving the Bank.
Arrange meetings of the Directors and the Shareholders. Issue proper notices of meetings, prepares agenda, circulates relevant papers and ensures that notices of such meetings and all relevant papers are dispatched to Directors in sufficient time to ensure their meaningful contribution.
Takes and produces minutes to record the business transacted at Directors and Shareholders meetings and the decisions taken.
Maintains and updates all statutory records, i.e. register of shareholders/directors, minutes of board meetings, share ownership structure and changes in any of these, in accordance with the relevant regulations/acts
Articulates and develops the department’s strategy, and ensure alignment with the Bank’s strategic objectives and provide support in its execution
Approve and coordinate the execution of the departments work program and plans
Ensures that collateral security is taken for the Bank’s loan facilities and are adequately perfected
Works with the relevant department on the fulfilment of pre-disbursement conditions and legal documentations prior to drawdown
Maintains custody of all original contract documents as well as security documents 
Prepares and submits period activity and performance reports to the MD/CEO

Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline
Minimum of 15 years post-graduation experience in Law, Company Secretary and General Counsel out of which at least 12 years must have been in the financial services industry, 7 of which must have been in a Senior Management position
Relevant professional qualifications in Management, Legal and/or Secretarial discipline
Proven track record in MSME and developmental projects

Job Title: Independent Director
Location: Abuja 
Reference Number: 130-PEO00651 

Roles & Responsibilities 

Overall Function of the Position:
The Independent Director is a non-Executive Director who is a key Board Member of the Bank. The Independent Director will offer independent judgement as well as necessary scrutiny to the proposals and actions of the management and executive directors especially on issues of strategy, risk management, performance evaluation and key appointments. 

Specific Duties of the Position:
•Provides advice, judgement and feedback to other members of the Board on business planning and the Institution’s strategy
•Supports, in collaboration with other board members establishment of clear objectives for delivering and achieving strategic and business plans and participates in setting challenging objectives for improving organisational performance 
•Provides an external perspective to constructively challenge and analyse the development of the Institution’s strategy
•Ensures that financial information is accurate and that financial controls and risk management systems are robust and defensible
•Adopts an oversight role, ensuring that the corporate assets are used only for the Institution.
•Participates in:
oProviding entrepreneurial leadership to the institution and sets strategic goals and objectives
oEnsuring that the necessary financial and human capital are in place for the institution to meet its objectives
oEstablishing a framework of prudent and effective controls which enables risk to be assessed and managed
oReviewing the performance of Board members and Senior Executives
oSetting the institution’s values and standards, and ensures that obligations to stakeholders and others are understood and met 
osuccession planning and the appointment, training, remuneration and replacement of board members and senior management
ooverseeing the maintenance of the Institution’s communication and information dissemination policy
oensuring that the Board operates in line with accepted good corporate governance culture
•Works with other Directors to ensure that objective decisions are taken in the interest of the institution
•Acts as a check and balance on the acts of the Board and management of the Institution
•Examines anything which has the appearance of being amiss in the Institution. 

Education and Experience Required:

Minimum of a Master’s Degree in any business related discipline
Relevant professional qualifications preferably in a business related discipline
Minimum of 20 years post-graduation experience, with at least 10 years in Senior or Executive Management position.
Highly credible with experience of operating at senior level within an organisation with significant budgets/complexity gained in the private or public sector
Knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations guiding the industry
Must not be a politically exposed person

Job Title: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 
Location: Abuja 
Reference Number: 130-PEO00647 

Roles & Responsibilities 
Overall Function of the Position:
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the development of a financial strategy and providing leadership on the financial management of the Bank. The CFO is the financial spokesperson for the Bank. The CFO reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and assists the CEO on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, capital market analysis , cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and securing of new funding.

Specific Duties of the Position:

Provides leadership in formulating, implementing and monitoring of the Bank’s strategic business plans.
Manages the treasury and accounting functions of the Bank and oversees the financial operations of subsidiary companies.
Oversees the utilization of funds of the Bank towards instilling confidence and attracting more investors
Maintains in-depth relations with all members of the management team as well as any third parties to which functions have been outsourced while ensuring the implementation of financial best practices.
Supervises and negotiate acquisitions; oversees the issuance of financial information and reports financial results to the Board of Directors and Shareholders.
Provide financial advice on the Bank’s short, medium and long term cash/ funding situation and terms of subsidiary loan agreements to the management team and the Board.
Prepare periodic statutory and management information reports.
Implement continuous financial monitoring and control systems to monitor the performance of the Bank’s flow of funds, adherence to the budget, the expenditures, the income, the cost of operations and other budgetary items
Manage the performance of all staff in the Finance and Accounting function
Develop and coordinate the implementation of the Bank’s performance targets and service standards through a Service Level Agreement. 
Monitors cash balances and cash forecasts, arranges for debt and equity financing, invests funds and maintains the Bank’s loan portfolio.
Oversees the management and coordination of all fiscal reporting activities for the Bank including: organizational revenue/expense and balance sheet reports, reports to funding agencies, development and monitoring of contract/grant budgets.
Oversees all purchasing and payroll activity for staff and business insurance plans.
Directs the maintenance of the inventory of all fixed assets, including assets purchased with government funds (computers, etc.) assuring all are in accordance with federal regulations and ensures adequate cash flow to meet the bank’s needs.
Ensures that effective internal controls are in place and ensure compliance with IFRS, GAAP and other applicable federal, state and local regulatory laws and rules for financial and tax reporting.
Oversees the preparation of the annual budget for each department and monitor the implementation of the budget to minimize overruns. 
Coordinates, collates and prepares reports 

Education and Experience Required:

Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline and a Master’s Degree in any business related discipline
Minimum of 18 years post-graduation experience out of which at least 13 years must have been in the financial services industry, 8 of which must have been in a Management position interfacing with the Executive team and Financial partners,
Relevant professional qualifications such as, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) , Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Association of Certified and Chartered Accountants (ACCA) or its equivalent 
Experience of statutory financial reporting and knowledge of GAAP, IFRS
Proven track record in MSME and developmental projects

How to Apply

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Deadline: 20-Jul-2016 


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