Information Technology Job Opportunities at The GIG Group

The GIG group is a holding company for a number of subsidiaries with interests in key sectors of Nigeria’s economy. As a Management outpost, it synthesizes the managerial and strategic needs of the subsidiaries, drives the vision and positions the firms for competitiveness.
The group believes that Nigeria, in spite of its seeming vulnerabilities, holds the greatest market potential for any perceptive investor. Our group is, therefore, motivated to continually scout for new opportunities and developing same into very profitable entities.

We aspire to be among the nation’s top ranked conglomerates in a decade, propelling progress in all facets of live. Our successes are people-driven, both internally and externally. We spare nothing to build the capacity of our team to lead change and cultivate a passion to deliver superior value to our customers.

Job Title: Developers and Programmers


    Web Developers
    Software Programmers
    Mobile app developers


  • The ideal candidate should be able to create exciting and easy to use front end user experience
  • Both Front End developers and back end developers are needed.
  • Knowledge in HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, Java, Java Script.
  • Ability to create simple, interactive and friendly front end programmes is key.
How to Apply

Interested Applicants should send their CV to

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