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My Experience In The Nigerian Job Market


Recently became employed and i wish to share my experiences.

  I graduated from a renowned Nigerian instution with a 2.1 in architecture and a 4. Cgpa in masters. My skills included knolwledge in almost all relevant architectural software and general computing, so job humt must be easy right?

 ;DHowever i wanted a job by searching on my own. this led me to scurrying through jobberman, texing and mailing numerous online firms, calling various firms listed in the registered architects booklet.

  I got some offers, but the pay and work environment was discouraging.   After 2 weeks of looking… I humbly went back to my dad (who i had earlier refused his offer)  and just like magic, got a call from a nice firm to come and start work asap.

Anyways the point is.

1. Jobberman is now crap.. Nigerians have spoilt it with spam (got a lotta fake mails, plus jobberman kept advertising a cv rewrite (5k)  and online courses.

2. Jobs are near u. Check online using google maps or directories. For example i used archon register of architects, Gave me a localised list of numbers and mails

3. C.V’s? Crap….show them what u can offer… c.v is just a formality. Peeps at my workplace havent even seen my C.V.

3. C.v’s are good, but are better with connections…. Find an influential person and disturb the crap out of his/her life.

4. Be humble and honest. Ur cv is probably not the best, plus honesty pays…

5. Pray pray pray..

Source form Nairaland

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