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Job Opportunities At A New Microfinance Bank

Knowledgepool Consulting Limited wishes to recruit for one of our clients, an International Microfinance Bank for the post of ;


The deputy risk and compliance manager plays a contributive role in the formulation and implementation of policies, processes and procedures that play key role in the prevention, detection and correction of risks related to lending and deposit taking activities within the Bank.
He also supports the Unit Head – Compliance & Risk (RCM) and specifically the Training Unit in the training of commercial staff whether at inception training level for new staff or upon refreshment sessions and/or introduction of new services or products.

Ø In collaboration with RCM, Management and Internal Audit, identify key risk operational areas and related procedures where there is a strong need to perform ex-post independent controls; this will first focus on lending activities and will then expand to deposit and cash management related activities;
Ø Develop a framework for the conduct of ex post independent controls within the branches and Head Office Operations Department (i.e. mostly Back Office Unit);
Ø Supervises a team of risk and compliance officers, in order to conducts compliance checks (ex post independent controls) in the branches and in head office operations department on all risk areas previously identified; this shall mostly focus first on:
Desk review in the branches:
i. Verification of the proper functioning of the application desk and loan officer on duty
ii. Inspection of loan and contract files: must be complete and properly filed
iii. Checking that the credit decisions are made in accordance with Policies & Procedures
iv. Verification of the compliance with the disbursement procedures: at the loan operator level and at the branch manager level: loans can only be disbursed if all requirements are met and all relevant documents with appropriate signatures are present
v. Crosschecking that the information in the loan files match the information in the MIS
vi. Verify that RCOs are adequately executing their tasks
vii. Verify compliance with the recovery procedures on all levels
Field reviews: Verify the situation in the field towards the situation presented by the client officers in their loan-proposals:
ix. Existence, location and ownership of the business
x. Assets & Liabilities of the business
xi. Sales of the business
xii. Gross Margin and expenses of the business
xiii. Existence, location, composition and expenses of the household
xiv. Existence and value of the collateral
xv. Existence and surplus of the guarantor
xvi. Identify links between clients, guarantors, loan officers and supervisors
Ø Follows the proper implementation of the internal control system implemented in the branches through the consolidation and analysis of « operational » internal control reporting.
Ø Assists the branches and operations department in head office in dealing with internal audit recommendations (takes part in the internal audit mission closing meeting; helps branch managers and other responsible at the operations head office level develop appropriate responses to audit recommendations.

Ø Supports in Designing and developing according to needs the framework for the work of the credit risk unit, and supervises in an on-going manner its implementation (i.e. providing independent opinion on the level of risks incurred to the loan committee members)
Ø Performs (by self or by assignments to Credit Risk analyst(s)) analysis and monitoring of credit risk and exposure (analysis of the quality of the loan portfolio, ad hoc business sector analysis to monitor compliance with limits set by RCM on exposures and concentration); handles prospective studies on market trends in order to anticipate on possible sectors’ trends and their possible impacts on the organization.
Ø Regular market studies involving clientele interviews and competition review should also be considered in relation with the Marketing Unit. Proposes corrective actions or new initiative that may support the achievement of the objectives in terms of volume and quality of loan portfolio (as well as the deposit collection).
Ø Formulation of up to date processes and procedures that ensure that the lending/savings activities of the company are undertaken in line with regulations of the country and company;
Ø Writing and updating of processes, procedures and other operational guidelines related to lending, deposits collection and cash management activities of the company, for existing and new services, taking into account internal and/or external audit recommendations;
Ø Updating of the standard documentation (policies, procedures, work instructions…) on the file servers in all the branches and head office;
Ø Interacts with the Training Unit in order to have any such updates in the processes and procedures well disseminated within the Operations Department and other departments as per needs (e.g. OIS).
Ø To ensure that Credit Risk Analyst(s) provide him/her as well as Operations management with regular synthetic analysis on risk assessment of Client Officers;
Ø To develop and regularly update a range of reports that actually describe the progress made by the branches and Operations as a whole in terms of compliance and risk control;
Ø To develop and regularly update a range of reports on the activities of the unit;
 Minimum of first degree in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts and relevant professional qualification in e.g. ACCA, CIM, CIB. Familiarity with operational, financial and quality assurance procedures is required. A Masters degree in Management will be an advantage.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Minimum Six years (6) relevant experience in microfinance of which three should be in a managerial capacity. Good understanding of the compliance function in a micro finance establishment is also required.
SKILLS: Good interpersonal and communication skills. Good analytical and mentoring skills.
PERSONAL TRAITS: Meticulous, rigorous, open-minded, autonomous and self learner

LOCATION: Ibadan, Oyo State

Job Title: Micro Loan Officer.
Branch: Ibadan, Akure & Ilorin
Job Description
• Remain responsible for overall activities of minimum of 15 and maximum of 20 groups where each group consists of 5-30 members and the total number of members is 300-400
• Complete group formation in a new area within a maximum of 4-6 months after joining the bank
• Take initiative to collect weekly savings from the organized groups only after inclusion of the groups in the branch, that is after approval of the groups
• Oversee three to four groups per day, five days of the week except weekend and collect weekly savings and installments as per determined rates/rules
• Play an effective role in making groups effective
• Prepare disbursement plan in advance for disbursing credit to the organized groups and submit to the Branch Manager
• Disburse loans following the set rules, such as member’s age, savings, scheme etc. Remain responsible in case of any irregularities .Try to make proper utilization of credit
• Take the initiative immediately for collection of the installment whenever a member expresses his/her ability to repay the credit installment due to any special reason ;may be, through staying at the borrower’s house until recovery or arbitration, inform the Branch Manager instantly about the default, otherwise the Loan Officer will bear all the responsibilities
• Maintain savings and credit account related forms/registers correctly on a daily basis. Avoid alterations/corrections or use of white ink on the account related documents.
• Discharge special responsibilities assigned by the Branch Manager for the interest of the organization
• Sign regularly the attendance book cum movement register kept in the branch office
• Deposits the money collected from the groups savings, credit installment and insurance into their account with the bank and submit tell to the branch manager without any delay. keeping cash in hand and suppress cash is a punishable offence
• Refrain from defamation, instigation, scandalous activities against the organization otherwise punishment will be imposed if proved
• Fill up the loan application form, daily realizable and realized information sheet
• To perform any other duty assigned by management from time to time

Qualification required:
• Minimum of OND holders with 1-2 Experience in Microfinancing
• Must have at least 2 years’ experience in related functions.
• Problem solving and good negotiation skills is required
• Must possess high multitasking skills

Job Title: Branch Manager /Team Lead
Branches: Lagos, Akure, Ilorin
Job Description:
Branch Managers (Retail Loans) Group & Individual lending:
Staff Management
• Verify and Sign the attendance and movement register
• Distribute working areas among the Staff and fix the target
• Observe the daily activities of the Staff and their behaviors
• Identify the qualities of the staff and utilize their skills accordingly .Play a role in taking appropriate measures to identify their weak sides
Group Management &Visits
• Collect the lists of the group members from the Loan Officers
• Visit the Group members for assessment of Group information
• Provide permission for registration
• Give passbooks, code number of the groups
• Accept loan proposal ,savings and insurance
• Reject deficient group members and fill up the deficiency
• Monitor by paying a visit to at least two groups per day. Find out whether there are irregularities in savings withdrawal, savings received by the members, schemes implemented with disbursed loans, one member’s loan given to another, accounts of savings found correct through cross-checking with passbooks, borrowers included in the target according to the rules of the organization received jumping loans or other advantages etc. Put initials on the master roll, savings withdrawal register, passbook and CO register after visiting the group members
• Crosschecks the passbooks with the Loan Officer register once every three month
• Observe the time a worker spends in the group
• See whether there is a good relation among the members and analyze whether there is a good relation among the member and analyze whether the worker’s behavior is proper
• Observe whether the Loan Officers give importance to the opinions of the members
• Observe the time a worker spend in the group
• See whether there is a good relation among the members and analyze whether the worker’s behavior is proper
• Observe whether the Loan Officer give importance to the opinions of the members
• Discharge the duties of any of the Loan Officers in their absence
Administrative Activities
• Take action if rules of the organization are violated and bring this to the notice of the authorities
• Communicate with the central office and other sections in case of special needs
• Update the General ledger regularly and preserve
• Fill up and persevere the collection sheet register with information of the daily realizable and realized
• Write down the daily transaction plan and actual information /data and preserve
• Perform the responsibility of Operating account as the 1st Signatory. Give approval of all loans
• Give approvals of savings refund and adjustment
• Make regular entries in the branch register and preserve
• Approve and issue all types of bills
• Prepare the master roll for loan disbursement
• Issue passbooks and verify the accounts of passbooks following the rules
• Supervision works
• Verify and sign the Loan Officer registers, cash book and collection sheet register
• Verify regularly whether there are signatures on the counterfoil of the checkbook and the serial numbers are ok etc
Credit Management
• Keep close observation over activities such as the use of loans, regular re payment of installments, creation of defaults etc and take proper action at the proper time
Savings Management
• Supervise regularly the issues of weekly mandatory savings, voluntary savings, observe the kind of circumstances, season and month when the members want to withdraw their savings or the amount of withdrawal increases or decreases and make arrangement for transferring funds in the future on that basis. Keep the environment of increasing savings favorable through workers and if possible through self-involvement
Qualification required:
• Must have at least 4 years’ microfinance experience in related job functions.
• Evidence of professional qualifications will be an added advantage
• University Degree/HND in a related subject.

Job Title: Area Manager (Retail Loans) Group & Individual Lending.
Branches: Akure, Ilorin
Job Description:
a. Area Managers (Retail Loans) Group & Individual lending:
Income and Expenditures of Loan Distribution
• To follow up and take necessary steps regarding monthly target achievement ,loan distribution according to ceiling etc also follow up on monthly income and expenditure
Branch Visit
• To perform the monitoring of one branch per day as per the prescribed monitoring form. Except any emergency work, monitoring of one branch is to be completed at a time. Also visit a group during this time. Besides, perform the other function of supervision and implementation during the period of monitoring
Group Lending Function
• To observe and investigate closely whether the relevant Branch Manager violates the rules of expenditure and budget as mentioned in the manual.
• To identify the mistakes of the Branch Manager and give him a chance for rectification for the first time and impose punishment for the 2nd time. But, in all cases, punishment will be effective according to the rules
• To measure the qualitative standard of the organizational activities and achievement of targets and take action again to fulfill the target if there is any deficiency
• Trainee Employees: send the head office opinions when a newly appointed employee obtains below 22 marks in the quarterly evaluation paper after the pre-service orientation course
Staff Management
• To keep a sharp eye on the activities of the employees from the Loan Officers to the Branch Manager such as Staff behavior, Interpersonal relationship ,Performances, If needed the attention of higher authorities will be drawn
Overlapping /Duplication
• Take initiative for avoiding overlapping and duplication through coordination with other organization working in the areas
MIS Report
• Access and preserve all types of Management Information System (MIS) and reports received from each branch of the area and preserve their summaries separately in the area and send to the Head Office
Expansion of working area
• To complete the survey through the prescribed form of the organization for expansion of the working area if necessary
• If, assigned ,perform investigation properly within the specified time on any matter from the branch level to Area level Reaching the Realization of Default Management
• To know the actual information through discussion with each member on visiting the default branch and determine the strategy on how to realize the member-wise default through discussion with the staff members. If default is created due to negligence of any staff, then transfer that staff instantly to another unit or take to any other relevant action. Perform responsibilities for realizing default loans as mentioned in the manual and Zero Portfolio –at Risk (PAR)
Qualification required:
• Must have at least 6 years’ microfinance experience in related job functions.
• Evidence of professional qualifications will be an added advantage
• University Degree in a related subject.

Job Title: Area Managers
Area Managers for a new Microfinance bank in AKURE, ABEOKUTA and ILORIN.
Interested candidates must be grounded in the knowledge of GROUP LENDING.
Only candidates that resides within the above mentioned locations would be shortlisted for interview.
Kindly indicate your respective location at the end of the position you are applying for in capital letters as the subject of your mail.
Closing Date: 16th September, 2016

Job Title: Branch Managers 

Branch Managers for a new Microfinance bank in AKURE, ABEOKUTA, IBADAN and ILORIN.
Interested candidates must be grounded in the knowledge of GROUP LENDING.
Only candidates that resides within the above mentioned locations would be shortlisted for interview.
Kindly indicate your respective location at the end of the position you are applying for in capital letters as the subject of your mail.


 Send your resume to knowledgepoolconsultinglimited@gmail.com

Deadline: 16th September, 2016


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