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WASH Program Manager Vacancy at Terre des hommes


Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh) is a child relief Non-Governmental Organization with a presence in over 30 countries of the world and more than 90 projects. Our goal is to make a significant and lasting difference to the lives of children in need.

We support children in areas of Child and Maternal health, protection, Water and sanitation and Migration. Our humanitarian services sector aid children in crisis situations across the world. Tdh in Nigeria will implement projects in Health, Wash and Child Protection sectors.

Job Title: WASH Program Manager

General conditions

Expatriate contract under Swiss labour code 2’950 CHF (~2’550 €) < > 4’300 CHF (~3’700 €) net /month according to experience x 13, Holidays: 25 days per year. Local accommodation and transportation, Health insurance, accident and medical repatriation insurance, return flight. Duration: 6 months.

General description

The WASH Project Manager is responsible for the overall management and development of WASH activities implemented in Mafa and Rann Nigeria. He/She ensures the monitoring of qualitative and operational aspects of the delegation’s programs in Nigeria on a day-to-day basis. He/She guarantees the smooth functioning of the bases.


Participating in defining and ensuring programs are established and monitered properly in his/ her operation area

He/ She ensures that WASH programs are properly carried out (targets, monitoring of timetables, respect of activity schedules, budgetary monitoring and contractual reports etc);
He/ She alerts the Program Coordinator in charge of program implementation in case there is a delay associated with a WASH program and suggests changes which could be made (in terms of activities, operation area, budget, schedule by which the WASH program is carried out etc);
He/ She ensures that personnel, financial and logistical resources are meeting needs for a smooth implementation of WASH programs, especially within the framework of new project suggestions, in coordination with the Field Coordinator and the Program Coordinator. In the case of a delay, he/ she alerts the coordination team and participates in identifying solutions;
He/ She contributes to writing the monthly sitrep by writing sections concerning WASH activities and submits this contribution for authorization and consolidation to his/her superior;
When new operations are outlined, he/ she ensures that operational means are well defined in order to allow WASH program and its subsequent monitoring to be well carried out;
He/ She ensures that departmental action plan is effectively carried out and monitored and is on track to achieve the results defined;
He/ She ensures that WASH practices respect Tdh’s procedures and formats and are in compliance with the Tdh’s operation policy.

Coordinating the monitoring & evaluation / ensuring quality protocol of WASH programs

He/ She coordinates with the M&E Department to ensure that WASH program implementation is in line with the quality protocol;
He/ She participates to the design of systematic and realistic assessment plans that capture quantitative and qualitative data to report on all WASH indicators in programs, including: needs assessment, baseline and impact surveys;
He/ She supports the development of a crosscutting quality culture to all the projects with methodological support, and Human Resources capacity building in coordination with the Administrative Coordinator and the Program Coordinator.

Ensuring the technical monitoring of the WASH activities

He/ She ensures the compliance of technical practices with the mandate and operations policy of the Foundation by guaranteeing a permanent connection between base, coordination and HQ levels;
He/ She ensures that the strategy of the WASH programs complies with technical frameworks of the foundation.

Supervising local and international WASH program teams in his/ her operation area

He/ She writes and authorizes relevant WASH job descriptions which he/ she submits for approval to his/ her superior. He/ She carries out or delegates personnel interviews. He/ She contributes to work meetings, mediates potential conflicts, defines priorities and activity schedules for WASH staff;
He/ She may be involved in the recruiting of the members of his/her team, and he/she participates in making a decision to end the contract of the members of his/her team;
He/She ensures and/or supervises the continued training of the local and an international member of the WASH team (organizational, methodological and potentially technical support), participates in the identification of training needs and recommends training action internally or externally;
He/ She creates the operational action plan in the area which he/she is responsible for in accordance with the objectives defined in the mission’s annual programming.

Ensuring the logistical and administrative monitoring for WASH programs

He/ She makes sure that logistical, administrative and financial procedures are respected by WASH teams and alerts the coordination team if gaps are observed in order to take corrective action;
He/ She gives his/her consent for local WASH purchases and submits some purchase requests to the Program Coordinator and HQ for approval (in accordance with internal rules and donor guidelines);
He/ She supervises the WASH equipment and stock on the mission and ensures they are properly utilized.

Ensuring the circulation of information and the representation of Tdh in WASH meetings

He/ She ensures information is efficiently communicated between the field and the coordination office regarding WASH challenges;
He/She participates in coordination meetings and is an active attendee of these meetings;
He/ She coordinates the sectorial representation (WASH) of Tdh among partners, donors and different authorities;
He/ She represents the association locally amongst donors, NGOs, International Organizations and local authorities and reports representation action to the Program Coordinator in his/her periodical report, communicated ad-hoc when necessary;
He/She participates to the WASH cluster and represents Tdh.

Participating to the supervision and development of the mission

He/ She keeps his/ herself informed of changes in the humanitarian and political context in his/her area of intervention, particularly WASH related;
He/ She suggests to his/ her superior to identify WASH needs and participates in the identification of these needs, if necessary;
He/ She suggests new operations to the coordination team and is directly involved in the project design. The documents associated with these new operations should be complete, should respect Tdh’s internal procedures and should follow the format of the Donors and shall be validated by the Program Coordinator before sending to the Headquarters. He/She makes sure that the aforementioned documents subscribe to Tdh’s mandate and to their operation policy and are in accordance with the strategy of the mission.

Participating in the definition of and the revision of operational strategy

He/ She monitors changing WASH situation in Nigeria and suggests new operations to his/her superior by ensuring that these subscribe properly to Tdh’s mandate and the country strategy;
He/ She participates in preparing a mission Strategy contributing on WASH aspects. In order to do this, he/sh e involves local and international teams under his/her supervision by encouraging reflection workshops, in which he/she will make recommendations/suggestions to the coordination team;
He/ She ensures that the programs’ strategies respect the values of the Foundation.

Child protection officer

Commit to respect the Child Safeguarding Policy. Signs the Code of Conduct;
Report serious cases of abuse on children identified by the Child Protection team to the Country representative. Strict confidentiality must be respected.


This function requires the mastery of Personal, Social and Leadership Competencies (PSLC), Technical and Methodological Competencies (TMC) and Management and Strategic Competencies (MSC)

In particular:

Min. 2 years of experience in humanitarian project co-ordination
Experience in WASH project management in humanitarian context
WASH background and technical competencies
Experience in emergency WASH activities implementation
Experience in expatriate team management
Excellent writing skills

As well as the following skills:

Leadership and ability to make decisions
Ability to be assertive, when necessary
Ability to analyze (judgment, practicality) and to synthesize
Ability to adapt
Organization, discipline, and compliance with deadlines
Outstanding ability to listen and negotiate
Good interpersonal and communication skills
Calm and composed
Ability to work under stress in general, and in emergency situations in particular

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