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Latest Job Vacancies at Medecins Du Monde, 12th August, 2018


Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an international humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide medical care for the most vulnerable populations, the world over, including France. It seeks to stimulate voluntary commitment from doctors, other health care providers, and from those whose expertise in other fields is needed for its activities, to enlist all competent support required for the achievement of its projects, and to seek at all times to encourage close working relationships with populations in its care.

We are recruiting to to fill the position below:


Job Title: Mobile Clinic Medical Doctor
: Maiduguri, Borno
Supervisor: Medical supervisor

Main Responsibilities
Under the supervision of the medical supervisor, the Mobile Clinic Medical Doctor will be responsible for the following main activities in order to ensure the quality of care in the mobile clinics:

  • Provision of free of charge curative health consultations
  • Admission, weekly medical follow-up and discharge of the malnourished children in OTP program
  • Collection, computerization and analysis of weekly epidemiological data
  • Reporting and attendance to different meetings

Tasks Description

  • Provision of free of charge curative health consultations
  • Prepare all the necessary drugs, material and equipment for mobile clinics and ensure that everything is ready before to leave MdM office
  • Follow the basic medical rules of hygiene when performing curative health consultations
  • Participate actively in triage activities before to start curative health consultations
  • Perform curative consultations:
    • Take a proper medical history including:
      • Reason for consultation
      • Duration of the illness or complaints
      • Main symptoms
      • Past medical history and treatment.
    • Perform a correct physical examination:
      • Inspection, auscultation, percussion, palpation
      • Systematic checking of signs of severity
      • Diagnose and treat the diseases according to protocols in use (i.e. clinical guidelines)
      • Write the most important complaints, signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment on the patient’s registration form.
      • Explain the treatment to the patient
      • Give individual health education related to the patient’s disease
  • Manage emergency cases according to MdM protocols and regulation
  • Fill in the registration form for each patient, according to the diagnosis of the morbidity surveillance form
  • Check the immunization status for all EPI targeted children and referred the unvaccinated children to the vaccinator
  • Investigate any information regarding unusual health events or diseases outbreak, provided through any source
  • Ensure patient confidentiality is respected and treat all the patients with respect and dignity
  • Admission, weekly medical follow-up and discharge of the malnourished children in OTP program
  • Ensure that all the 6-59 months children have been screened (MUAC, H/W and edemas)
  • Admit new cases in OTP program according to the criteria’s of national nutrition protocol and give systematic treatment for SAM cases
  • Ensure weekly follow up of SAM cases and adapt RUTF doses
  • Discharge cases according to the criteria’s of national nutrition protocol
  • Refer complicated SAM cases to identified Stabilization Center
  • Fill in the specific OTP form
  • Collection, computerization and analysis of weekly epidemiological data
  • Perform the daily data collection regarding curative consultations
  • Participate to the weekly computerization and analysis of the medical data
  • Reporting and attendance to different meetings
  • Prepare a weekly activities report to submit to team leader
  • Participate in a pro-active way to MdM internal meetings (medical, security…)
  • Participate to all the trainings organized by MDM


  • Give suggestions to improve the functioning of MDM mobile clinics
  • Participate to the loading and unloading of the vehicles and to the setting up of the mobile clinics
  • Participate to weekly physical inventory of mobile clinic pharmacy
  • Be flexible in performing his/her duties to ensure that beneficiaries are getting good quality services
  • Perform other additional duties on request of the team leader
  • Inform immediately the security focal point in case of any security problem in the field

Working Conditions
Because of the emergency relief nature of MDM’s work, working hours may be irregular and employees are expected to be flexible in their approach to working hours under emergency conditions.

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply

Job Title: MHPSS Counsellor
: Maiduguri, Borno

Main Responsibilities

  • Under the supervision of the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Supervisor the MHPSS counsellor provides psychosocial and/or psychological interventions in an individual or group format.
  • The MHPSS Counsellor will liaise with the mental health team (MHPSS Supervisor and MHPSS Counsellors) on the implementation of MHPSS interventions and activities, more specifically:


  • Deliver one-on-one (Individual) and group counselling sessions to identified clients within MdM Clinics, and in line with MdM integrated approach
  • Develop psychosocial activities; community mobilization, awareness raising, and any other related activity requested by MHPSS Supervisor.
  • Support MHPSS Supervisor in delivering training or workshops
  • Support in the creation of materials including publicity documents.
  • Engage with the community to deliver and promote MDM MHPSS project activities in the designated locations.
  • Assist in writing monthly, quarterly, annual reports, monitoring and evaluation activity and progress reports of project activities including monthly reporting to the MHPSS Supervisor.
  • Assist in the implementation of preventive MHPSS interventions at the community and PHC level.
  • Coordinate referrals

Tasks Description

  • Provide MHPSS consultations within PHC setting:
    • Provide individual or group consultations to beneficiaries presenting in PHC or referred and in need of MH interventions
    • Assist in the identification of psycho-social needs and proposition needed interventions in collaboration with the mental health team and PHC staff
    • Weekly reporting activities and data collection
    • Coordinate with MHPSS supervisor on cases requiring higher level interventions
  • Provide psycho-social support for mental health beneficiaries:
    • Work directly with MHPSS Supervisor to develop individualized treatment plans for MH beneficiaries
    • In coordination with community mobilizers use participatory methods to adapt activities in accordance to the needs of the different target groups (children, women etc)
  • Community mental health interventions:
    • Participate in defining effective and culturally appropriate approaches and interventions on the community level
    • Focus on information dissemination and collecting opinions to foster knowledge and self-care practices for communities in areas of intervention
    • Initiate and facilitate group interventions
  • Analysis, detection and reduction of risk factors influencing the mental health status at community level:
    • In collaboration with the mental health team, explore and detect potential risk factors influencing mental health status of the target population
    • Coordinate with other actors concerned to reduce and/or eliminate potential risk factors.


  • Any other related MDM tasks as assigned by the MHPSS Supervisor or MHPSS Coordinator
  • Under the guidance of MHPSS Supervisor and MHPSS Coordinator support in the collection of information related to behaviors of the community to reinforce quality of MHPSS services
  • Collaborate and participate, in any field survey, data collection and/or needs assessment organized by MDM in relation to MHPSS
  • Participation in MDM internal meetings, trainings and individual meetings with the MHPSS Supervisor or MHPSS Coordinator
  • The activities may change based on the changing context
  • To inform immediately security focal point in the case of any security problem

Eligibility Criteria

  • Degree or HND in Psychology, Counselling, Social Works, Psychiatric Nursing, or related field from a recognized institution
  • At least 1 – 2 years of professional experiences in relevant field (clinical psychology, educational psychology, Psychiatric Nursing, or other related field)
  • Strong communication and facilitation skills
  • Experience working in humanitarian sector is an asset – specifically in MHPSS programs
  • Good knowledge of counseling and community mobilization methods and tools
  • Good spoken and written English
  • Good spoken and written Hausa , with at least one other local language: Kanuri and Marghi, Shuwa, Fulani,
  • Willingness to work long hours and weekends when necessary
  • Good computer skills (Microsoft word, Power Point and Excel)
  • Proactive and ability to work with multicultural team would be highly appreciated
  • Be committed to MdM’s values as an organization and motivated by its non-statutory, Not For Profit model


  • Experience in supporting medical team and community based organizations
  • Experience working with survivors of trauma, including GBV
  • Working in emergency and development project
  • Exposure to research
  • Good knowledge of Borno state.

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply



Job Title: Nutrition Supervisor
: Maiduguri, Borno
Supervisor: Nutrition/Nurse Trainer
Supervises: Technical supervisor for Nutrition Programme Staff


  • MDM provides CMAM services, including OTP, IYCF, Health Education and community engagement activities alongside all its health activities.
  • MDM is seeking a Nutrition Supervisor to oversee these activities under the supervision of the Nutrition/Nurse Trainer

Job Summary

  • As a key member of the Nutrition and Medical Programme team fully participates in key decision making for the Nutrition activities in the operation areas.
  • The primary functions of the Nutrition Supervisor is to provide technical supervision and overall day to day management of all Nutrition programming, and to participate in defining intervention priorities, develop necessary contacts and relationships with government, non-government, nutrition partners, donors and UN agencies at the state level.
  • Ensure that MDM programme is delivering the highest level of quality of nutrition services in line with national and international guideline.

Main Responsibilities

  • The Nutrition Supervisor will be responsible for the overall management of the day to day nutrition and nutrition integrated Programme activities at MDM field Sites
  • Provision of formal and on-the-job trainings to MDM Nutrition teams, including Community Mobilizers, Community Health Extension Workers, OTP Dispensers, OTP screeners and other MDM staff
  • Liaison with MoH, Nutrition Sector and UNICEF Nutrition Programme to ensure smooth running and coordination of the activities
  • Ensure all  communities are kept well informed of the programme,
  • Support the trainer on providing of ongoing training for SMoH staffs with special emphasis to develop ownership of the programme by SMoH staff and build their capacity to sustain the programme.
  • Liaise closely with Medical Supervisors in all MDM field sites to ensure smooth running of the activities and respond in a timely manner to any issues that arise
  • Ensure effective communication on the programme status to MDM Senior Management
  • Update the Nutrition Trainer on the implementation of the CMAM/IYCF-E and MNP on weekly basis.
  • Work with State MoH, and other officials to ensure all aspects of programme understood and agreed to implement the programme
  • Work closely with community mobilizers and community mobilizer supervisors on effective home visits (absentees, defaulters, non-respondents, transfers etc), sensitizations and active case findings.
  • Follow up management of stocks with the dispensers/pharmacists; monitor rates of consumption and ensure supplies are ordered in a timely manner
  • Ensure all criteria are respected and understood by the teams, including admission, discharge, non-responding, and transfer to and from the various components of the programme, all medical and nutritional protocols, and their application/OTP services.
  • Ensure the beneficiaries, caretakers and members of the community are treated respectfully at all times
  • Lead regular nutrition team management meetings
  • Report any problems in a timely manner to the Nurse/Nutrition trainer
  • Prepare monthly progress reports and statistic reports and an end of project final report for submission to the Nutrition trainer
  • Ensure all MDM supported HF are equipped with all necessary tools and materials (e.g. MUAC, scales, drugs, RUTF, counselling cards, referral guides),
  • Conduct follow up on referrals in line with MDM referral policy
  • Ensure the accurate collection of field data and submission to the M&E Officer, informing them of any challenges
  • To ensure stock cards are maintained for all items received, separated by donor and reconcile to all store documents in collaboration with the Pharmacists
  • To ensure assets are safe guarded and included on the monthly update of assets to Logistics
  • Assist in any other tasks when required
  • Prepare a weekly activities report to submit to Health Program Coordinator
  • Participate in MDM internal meetings (medical, security)
  • Attend to external medical meetings (nutrition sector) in collaboration with Medical Coordinator or Health Program Coordinator or Nutrition Trainer request

Hierarchical links:

  • Line manager: Nutrition/Nurse Trainer
  • Technical manager: Health Program Coordinator.


  • Previous experience in CMAM, IYCF and MNP programs
  • Good experience of data collection, reporting and analysis
  • Excellent English and Hausa communication skills (both oral and written)
  • Excellent organizational, training and coaching skills in health/nutrition
  • Leadership, good management and ability to make decisions.


  • Previous experience as a nutrition supervisor
  • Education: a diploma or a university degree in a relevant discipline
  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Able to prioritize and to be flexible
  • Ability to work under stressful situation
  • Problem solving ability
  • Excellent computer proficiency including Microsoft Office Pack.


  • Willingness to travel to Damboa to mentor and monitor activities
  • Previous experience with INGOs
  • Assessment and analytical skills
  • Ability to represent MDM in external and nutrition sector meetings will be of added value.

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply


Job Title: Sexual Reproductive Health Supervisor (Midwife Supervisor)
: Damboa/Maiduguri
Supervisor: Health Programme Coordinator
Line Reports: SRH Trainer/ Health Programme Coordinator

Functional Summary

  • As SRH Supervisor with MDM, you are responsible for implementation of both curative, preventive and referral pathway through mentorship and on job training of the midwives to ensure quality activity services is being rendered in line with project target and protocol under the supervision of the Health Program Coordinator.

Specific Duties
SRH Supervisor is responsible:

  • Organize referral for obstetric complications, including implementation of clinical pathway for treatment of sexual assault survivors and daily activities of SRH.
  • Ensure all RH activities are in line with national protocols and RH policies and guidelines are well understood by midwives;
  • Participate to RH sector meetings and any other relevant meeting at provincial level.
  • Ensure training, mentorship and capacity building of the midwives in collaboration with other trainers.
  • Support reproductive health interventions, including Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) and establishing integrated RH activities
  • Monitoring Progress of activities according to work plan, identify gaps and propose solutions.
  • Ensure all the midwives follow the IPC standards and international standard of infection prevention protocols.
  • Ensure the services are rendered according to protocols ie ANC, PNC and FP and risk factors are identified with proper referral pathway.
  • Ensure patient privacy and confidentiality is respected according to MDM policy.
  • Ensure appropriate health education is offered to clients according to service delivery.
  • Ensure submission of accurate data on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Regularly contribute to the innovation of MdM’s Nigeria mission.

Qualifications, Desired & Preferred Characteristics
The SRH supervisor will be expected to:

  • Hold an associate or Bachelor’s degree, preferably in midwifery field and have at least two years supervision experience.
  • Communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally.
  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills.
  • Assessment and analytical skills, especially within report writing and data collection and analysis.
  • Strong leadership, decision making and management skills.
  • Ability to work in stressful situations.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Excellent computer proficiency including Microsoft and Excel.
  • Possess a valid practicing license and registered with the relevant board of council.
  • Previous experience with INGO will be of added value.
  • Fluent in English, preferably Hausa.

The SRH supervisor is expected to:

  • Be professional in communication and work quality.
  • Be organized and timely with deadlines.
  • Able to prioritize and be flexible.
  • Excellent team management skills.
  • Excellent organizational, training and mentorship skills in SRH related activities.
  • Adhere to professional practices standards.
  • Represent MDM in positive and professional manner in external sector meetings
  • Work independently as well as in a team.
  • Have excellent English and preferred local language.
  • Willingness to travel to areas outside of Maiduguri if needed.

Working Conditions

  • Because of the emergency relief nature of MDM’s work, working hours may be irregular and employees Will be expected to be flexible in their approach to working hours under emergency conditions.
  • The employee shall respect Médecins du Monde – France’s schedule and Terms and Conditions of Engagement for National Staff and is expected to be available anytime in order to answer to an emergency and be flexible and available beyond normal working hours if requested.

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply


Application Deadline 25th August, 2018.


Note: The above job description can be modified according to changes in MDM activities or in the context. It can be amended at any time after mutual consultation, in order to fit the requirements of the programs.

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