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Current Recruitment at Medecins du Monde (MdM), 10th September, 2018

Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an international humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide medical care for the most vulnerable populations, the world over, including France. It seeks to stimulate voluntary commitment from doctors, other health care providers, and from those whose expertise in other fields is needed for its activities, to enlist all competent support required for the achievement of its projects, and to seek at all times to encourage close working relationships with populations in its care. MdM operating in Nigeria, Borno state since October 2016.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Fleet Assistant

Location: Maiduguri, Borno
Duration: 6 Months (Extendable after performance review)
Supervisor: Base Logistician

Hierarchical & Functional links

  • The Fleet Assistant is responsible for facilitating and coordinating movements, maintenance, and planning of all vehicles operated by MDM in Maiduguri.
  • This job includes vehicle repair follow-up, maintenance as well as facilitating all movement needs and monitoring of field movements. The position will demand a highly motivated, detail-oriented individual who will be able to identify, report and solve challenges as they arise in the office.

Tasks and Responsibilities
Objective 1: Responsible for supervising the driver fleet:

  • Organize daily movement according with the program’s needs.
  • Organize and ensure a routine maintenance schedule for all MdM leased vehicles and ensure that a stock of fuel is maintained at the Base.
  • Assist the log base to coordinate with programs to ensure increase/phasing out of vehicles.
  • Assist the log base to maintain comprehensive vehicle and generator maintenance records and a plan for maintenance schedules at the Base.
  • Assist in assessing any external garages/ suppliers, which are being used by MdM to ensure they can and are providing sufficient support to the MdM’s fleet at an acceptable cost.
  • Assist the log base to ensure that all vehicles have an onboard spare tyre, first aid kits, emergency tool kit, emergency contact numbers, internal vehicle numbers and MdM branding.
  • Assess all drivers’ skills and conduct driver training as required and this includes making recommendations to the line Manager.
  • Conduct daily vehicle inspections along with drivers to monitor the use of vehicles through logbook management.
  • Maintain daily vehicle inspection schedule and records and assign all mechanical maintenance plan.
  • Ensure all the cars are refueldf every Friday in the afternoon and any other day that the level of fuel is half tank
  • Ensure transparent and accountable fuel management for vehicles and generators.
  • Ensure scheduled and need-based maintenance of generators.
  • Ensure generators always have adequate fuel to run uninterruptedly.
  • Ensure monthly and need-based vehicle and generators utilization reports.
  • Assist in Organising the transportation of goods to the various warehouses/stores and clinics.

Objective 2: management:

  • Supervise drivers and prepare their planning at the end of the month.
  • Supervise and manage loading and unloading staff (Cars, Trucks, etc.), as well as casual workers hired subject to the approval of the line manager.

Object 3: Reporting:

  • Ensure that line manager is informed of any problems regarding fuel quality, generators and cars.
  • Send the fuel and maintenance follow up to log base at the end of the month.


  • Be aware of any document regarding detailed responsibilities of the drivers.
  • Participate in meetings and possible trainings.
  • Other work can be requested by the supervisor to assist in the good smoothing of the project


  • University graduate in related field
  • An experienced personnel with INGO in fleet management
  • Good knowledge of managing drivers and logistics
  • Ability to fluently speak Hausa and Kanuri is an added advantage
  • 1 to 2 years experience is also an advantage.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Roving Logistics Officer

Location: Borno State and Other places (Travelling to areas of intervention)
Supervisor of Driver: Fleet Assistant
Supervisor of Roving Driver: Emergency Coordinator

Hierarchical & Functional links

  • The Roving Logistics officer works under the responsibility of the Emergency Coordinator.

He supports the Emergency Team for functions including:

  • Driver supervision,
  • Fleet management
  • Energy,
  • Equipment and stock management,
  • Project team support,
  • Field activity visit,
  • Reporting

Tasks and Responsibilities
Objective 1 –  Responsible for:

  • Setting up of base in new areas of intervention
  • Involved in Explo mission for emergency intervention.
  • Ensure the efficient management of resources (fleet, Assets, utilities)
  • Ensure good weekly vehicle planning
  • In collaboration with the drivers and car hire vehicle ensure on time repair & maintenance of fleet vehicle.
  • Ensure on time repair & maintenance of Generator
  • Monitor the purchase of fuel for vehicles and generator;
  • Anticipate the vehicle needs for base in relation with project & office activities
  • Ensure the rehabilitation of premises, clinic & regular check.
  • Ensure the participation of logistics in selection of premises for projects & offices
  • Ensure that communication means are available for professional work (internet, telephone etc.)
  • In collaboration with the log base and supervisor, conduct the logistics assessments in the field whenever required, and provide the support to team in the field.

Objective 2 – Equipment management and ITC:

  • In collaboration with the base logistician, anticipate need of equipment for the base.
  • Management of supplies.
  • Ensure the good usage and maintenance of MDM equipment, (cleaning, security, protection; maintenance) … each extra equipment must be in secure metallic locked metallic shelve locked, inventory doc must be stick inside the door of the shelves.
  • Ensure the tracking of equipment (Physical inventories every month, ensure that all equipment is labelled, if not he must refer it to the log base.
  • Update on monthly basis the asset equipment list;
  • Ensure that each staff when he received an equipment as sign the reception of equipment and keep it update. (when staff give back is equipment at the end of his contract make sure after checking the equipment state the staff sign the return of equipment form;
  • Ensure that each equipment has an ID card, if not must refer to his supervisor,
  • In case of any breakdown of any equipment during emergency, ensure that the following document is submitted at the base log: Report of the breakdown from how and when it’s happen and who.
  • With support of the log Co, make sure proper utilization of IT equipment (each staff need to clean his laptop, not put it under water, shadow, dusty) etc.

Object 3 – Base Meeting and Report

  • Participate meetings with  logistics base   staff or take meeting minutes for emergency team
  • Participate in logistics meetings and programs for the movement planning once a week,
  • Participate with the Log base at the monthly SITREP
  • Field visit report should be done during emergency

Objective 5 – Team management:

  • Provide technical support to team on logistics’ issues  including hygienist in ERT MDM project
  • Conduct the appraisal interview for roving drivers
  • In collaboration with the log base, identify the training needs conduct/ arrange the training for them
  • Make sure HR rules / guidelines followed in management of team.

Objective 4 – Security and context follow up:

  • Inform the Log base on any evolution of the local context;
  • Involved in security assessment as directed by ERT Co.
  • Report to your supervisor and log base in case of security incident;
  • Implementation of emergency measures, if required, under the supervision of the Emergency Coordinator
  • On the spot ready to move zeal in emergency (all location)
  • Ability to supervise emergency structure in remote places for shelter

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Job Title: Driver

Location: Borno
Supervisor of Driver: Fleet Assistant
Slot: 3

Main Responsibilities 
Under the supervision of the fleet assistant, the driver is in charge of :

  • Transporting goods and people safely with MdM procedures
  • Ensure the daily and weekly maintenance of his vehicle.
  • Check that all administrative formalities are up to date
  • The roving driver must ensure he is readily available in case of emergency for fast intervention

Tasks Descriptions

  • Drive The vehicle allocated to him in accordance with the rules of the road safety applicable in Nigeria. The driver will adapt his speed according to the state of the road, its loading and the approach of the populations. The speed limit in the city is 30 Km / hour in open road 80 km/ Hour and in High way 100 km/hour:
    • NB: The driver is responsible for the safety of any property or persons on board in his vehicle. He may be held liable in the event of an accident if he has not followed the procedures.
    • MdM is a humanitarian aid organization working in remote areas where the passage of vehicles is rare, it requires the driver to respect the population and increase his attention during his stay in the villages (dust, puddle) and children not used to seeing vehicles.
  • Carry out the daily check of his vehicle:
    • Fluid levels of the vehicle: water, oil, brake fluid, etc.
    • State of the tires,
    • Visual appearance of the engine, steering, battery, …
    • Light control
    • Control of the vehicle tools
    • Control  of the  first Aid kit
  • Carry out routine maintenance of the vehicle:
    • Vehicle cleaning (indoor and outdoor)
    • Cleaning the battery lugs
    • Check and tighten the bolts if necessary
    • Lubrication, etc.
  • Notify the Deputy log base one week before the date of the maintenance of his vehicle and perform the check after the services and repairs to know if they were done properly.
  • Carry out and verify that the vehicle loads are correct (packaging, fasteners, quantity, delivery note:
    • The driver is responsible for the loading of the vehicle and he can be held responsible for loss / damage of goods during transport.
  • Complete the Log Book daily.
  • Respect MdM procedures for all types of transport:
    • Vehicle Movement  request (identify destination and travel time)
  • Always have the following documents: driver’s license, vehicle papers, insurance, Mission Order, etc. Check their validity before departure.
  • Check and maintain the tools box present in his vehicle (signature of the equipment list when picking up the vehicle)
  • Immediately inform the Fleet assistant or the  Log Base in case of:
    • Mechanical problems
    • Accidents
    • Security issues
  • NB: The driver must make a complete inventory of the situation and refer to the instructions given by his supervisor:
    • If for any reason, a driver is obliged to use his vehicle when he needs repair or it violates the safety rules, he must note it in the “remarks” part of the book maintenance and have it signed by the person in charge obliging him to use his vehicle, in order to free himself from the responsibility in case of possible problems.
    • The driver is responsible for renewing his driving license


  • Leave only when passengers have fastened their seatbelt
  • Respect the Code of the Road
  • Maintain radio contact with the base when moving
  • Inquire about the safety situation of roads before traveling
  • Check and notify the assistant log when there is a problem with HF radio.
  • Turn off the HF radio before starting or shutting off the vehicle engine
  • Prohibit passengers in the back of pickups and trucks. (If transport obligation, ask authorization to the zone manager).
  • Formal prohibition to transport all persons armed or in military uniform in MdM vehicles:
    • Any transport of persons outside the organization is prohibited (except authorization of the base Logistician . In case of emergency and impossibility of communication, the driver can take this responsibility. He will have to report as soon as he arrives at the base with the logistics supervisor.


  • Be flexible in performing his/her duties
  • Inform immediately the security focal point in case of any security problem
  • Perform other additional duties on request of the country representative and Log base
  • Because of the emergency relief nature of MDM’s work, working hours may be irregular and employees are expected to be flexible in their approach to working hours under emergency conditions.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Guard

Location: Maiduguri & Damboa, Borno

Main Responsibilities 
Under the supervision of the Deputy Base Log, the guard is responsible for:

  • Gate and security management with MdM procedures
  • Attends to visitors following the HR standards
  • He or she must be ready to work based on shift duty
  • High regards and courtesy is required for this position


  • Ability to work long hours and ready to be available at all times
  • Confidentiality is essential
  • This position requires English, Hausa and Kanuri speaking individuals
  • Experienced individuals in this field are advised to apply regardless of gender

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online


Deadline: 16th September, 2018.

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