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Fresh Job Vacancies at Saroafrica International Limited, 20th September, 2018

Saroafrica International is a company with linked interest in FMCG and Agric Value Chain spanning Downstream to Upstream. The Supply chain activities is a contiguous circle from Inbound, Outbound to Export. Following her businesses restructuring and repositioning, the company is further expanding her activities across all the Commercial Cities and major Agro ecology zones of Nigeria.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Business Accountant
: Ilesha, Osun

Job Description

  • Business Accountant (BA) is a strategic partner in running the business and plays a crucial role in providing central financial direction to the Strategic Business Unit.
  • BA will direct and oversee all financial functions of the Strategic Business Unit (SBU), create a culture of high performance and people management in the unit, align functions and resources, and deploy people and skills optimally to achieve strategic priorities.
  • He /She should be able to present reports competently and confidently to the SBU Management/ Corporate Office and negotiate effectively with business partners.
  • He /She must have clear focus, give attention to details and be a strategic thinker who is focused on execution.

Primary Responsibilities

  • “Responsible for the seamless and real-time running of the financial reporting processes to aid speed of service delivery to both internal and external parties
  • Report the actual financial Performance and compare with the Control Levers.
  • Oversee the finance and Accounts unit to ensure proper maintenance of all accounting systems and function
  • Oversee payroll budgeting, monthly payroll and all related controls. Assist in the design, implementation, and timely calculations of wages, incentives, commissions and bonuses and ensure adequate cash flow for payroll payments.
  • Provide financial analysis and support for HR regarding cost effective benefit plans, health insurance plans and other fringe benefits affecting SBU associates
  • Insurance Claim workflow should be strictly monitored and each claim settled/closed within a month after the incident.
  • Expected to have specific information regarding daily operations of the Business and keep the Business Manager updated
  • Periodic Key account reconciliation and Trial Balance review
  • Put the right mechanism in place to meet all Suppliers obligations on due date, stays Cash-Flow Positive throughout the period in line with the financial indicators in the plan, and Code of Business Conduct.
  • BA Expected to perform management duties and actively contribute to the SBU financial, operations and strategic plans.
  • As a strategic business partner with the Business Manager and Management, BA is responsible for the assessment of the company’s performance against both the annual budget (in line with the levers of control) and the company’s approved 5-year Plan.
  • Develops tools and systems to provide critical financial and operational information to the Business Manager and provides actionable recommendations on both strategy and operations.
  • Cost: create sense of value for money across board to enhance effective deployment of resources. Work together with all units to ensure SBU uses less to achieve more. Ensure the Naira differential objectives are met
  • Put the right mechanism in place to ensure SBU Pays all obligations on due date, stays Cash-Flow Positive throughout the period in line with the financial indicators in the plan


  • Must be computer literate and have excellent ERP skills.
  • Applicant must have a Minimum of 5 years working experience
  • Age: 27 – 33 years old.
  • Minimum of a second Class upper in Accounting, Economics, or Finance from a reputable university
  • Must be a Chartered Accountant (ACCA or ACA).

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply


Job Title: Strategy Execution Monitoring and Planning Manager

Job Description

  • The position of the Strategy Execution Monitoring and Planning Manager is a management position within the Business Operation Group.
  • The New Strategy Execution Monitoring and Planning Manager is charged with the overall responsibility of coordinating strategic planning, monitoring the execution of the strategy and synergies amongst the subsidiaries and providing framework for collating data for analysis for planning.

Primary Responsibilities
Strategy Execution Supervision:

  • Ensure Front Line Associates (FLA) have Plans; Goals, Wildly Important Goals, Lead Measures; Scorecard and Commitments consequential to the SBU Goals.
  • Provide independent account of Strategy execution by the FLA.
  • Report lapses from monitoring to appropriate authority for improvement.
  • Clear Paths on Issues arising from Strategy Execution that may be affecting seamless execution.

Strategy Planning Coordination:

  • Ensure thorough monitoring of the external environment for industry/market developments.
  • Coordinate and oversees the overall review of business performance improvements, programs, and practices.
  • Provides leadership with global and regional business scenarios and ad-hoc analysis as required.
  • Validate assumptions and changes in the external environment.
  • Develops and coordinates annual strategic planning process and corporate planning initiatives.
  • Direct the yearly or Periodic Planning of All the Business Units.
  • Conduct Organizational Reviews for Effective Monitoring and Evaluation of Implementation.
  • Follow up on Outcomes of Reviews to ensure appropriate actions are take.
  • Make recommendations on Opportunities and Threats that may be of interest to the Businesses and Units.
  • Plan and coordinate strategy review sections in the company.

SBUs Planning Support:

  • Support subsidiaries and Units to distil the strategic objectives into key initiatives.
  • Collate all the subsidiaries strategic initiatives and build comprehensive project plans with agreed timelines, key performance indicators (KPIs) and identified parties responsible for the execution.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the strategic initiatives of the organisation.
  • Provide guidance to individuals responsible for the execution of strategic initiatives, obtain progress report on workstream and understand the challenges encountered.
  • Communicate the strategy to the entire organization through formal sessions.
  • Ensure that performance is measured regularly.
  • Provide framework for collating data from the subsidiaries and analyse the data for the group to make informed decisions.
  • Create and drives the use of executive management dashboard to monitor key performance indicators for the business.
  • Leadership and Stakeholders Relationship Management
  • Develop effective relationship with internal/external stakeholders.
  • Communicate the Organisation’s vision, goals and objectives and ensure alignment of the goals and activities.
  • Ensure key stakeholders have a complete understanding of business strategy and initiatives.
  • Formulate appropriate strategic responses to developments across the organisation and advice the Management accordingly.
  • Ensure synergies amongst the subsidiaries.
  • Coordinate, plan and provide direction on processes.

Synergy Supervision:

  • Coordinate the Synergy amongst SBUs and ensure that the KPIs are delivered.
  • Develop new ways of synergies amongst SBUs


  • Other duties as may be assigned by Executive Management.


  • Understanding of macroeconomic issues and organisation’s core mandates.
  • Understanding of stakeholders value analysis.
  • Knowledge of Strategic Management .
  • Ability to identify control techniques that respond to organisational, supervisory, and business process risks.
  • Understanding of organisation learning principles and change management.
  • Demonstrates knowledge in anticipating, identifying organisational problems and tailoring different problem solving approaches to resolve them.
  • Demonstrates knowledge in resource utilization
  • Application of tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
  • Demonstrates knowledge in strategic management and planning

Special Skills:

  • Initiative and responsiveness
  • Analytical thinking
  • Administrative ability
  • Managerial ability
  • Results orientation
  • Relationship building
  • Strong communication and interpersonal relationship ability

Qualifications/ Experience

  • Minimum of a second Class upper in a Quantitative field, such as Engineering, Finance, Mathematics, Economics, Research, Business or other related discipline from a reputable university.
  • An MBA degree will be an added advantage.
  • Minimum of 5 years Relevant Experience in Strategy Development
  • Experience in FMCG will be an added advantage.
  • Age: 30- 35

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply



Job Title: Marketing Manager

Job Summary

  • The Marketing Manager’s role is designed to deliver the above top objectives with a strategic emphasis fashioned to deliver an enhance relationships with refreshed approach and management models.
  • The role will assume a strong leadership role with multi-functional teams including direct reports.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide information about the products (4Ps).
  • Gather and analyse market information.
  • Conduct market research.
  • Develop product plan and marketing strategy
  • Defines and creates added value for the organisation.
  • Coordinate project development.
  • Good at portfolio management
  • Extension and content building.
  • Lead all areas of content generation and production across all media platforms.
  • Innovation in service and products
  • Ensure brand messages are consistent.
  • Nurture and enrich all external perceptions of the company and growth of market share.
  • Engage consumers on social media.
  • Collaborate with the sales and technical team to develop strategic partnership activities and implement the execution framework and strategic plan on identified opportunities.
  • Develop and lead a marketing team that will develop and execute new concepts, business models, channels and partners to position business as innovator and leader.
  • Communicate with various media buyers, advertising agencies, printers and other services to help marketing projects come to fruition.
  • Planning and implementing promotional campaigns.

Job Requirements
Our Ideal Candidate:

  • FMCG marketing background or from the technical industry.
  • Understanding of agriculture will be an added advantage.
  • Should be open-minded.
  • Should have high analytical skills.
  • Should have the ability to project into the future.
  • Passionate and Result oriented.
  • Very articulate.
  • Understand the data, and how to present it.
  • Flexible and adaptable.
  • Must be a trend-setter: must keep up to date and have the desire to know more.
  • Must be a team player.
  • Must be a vision creator.
  • Must be able to multi task
  • Must have experience creating marketing plans from scratch.
  • Must have extensive experience of experiential strategy development and implementation working with 3rd party agencies.
  • Must be proven in a multi-channel marketing campaign role.
  • Extensive customer and field experience.
  • Ability to communicate effectively to both technical and business level audiences in a compelling manner.


  • Minimum of a Second-Class Upper in University degree in any one of the Social Sciences and other related discipline.
  • Minimum of 7 years work experience
  • Required Age: 29 – 36 years

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply


Application Deadline 30th September, 2018.

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