I Earn more than University Graduates – Keke Napep Rider

Keke Napep Rider on Tuesday in Damaturu has proudly claimed that he makes more money than what a fresh graduate earns as salary.

Bukar Babagana, a tricyclist disclosed that “Most of the times I make five to six thousand naira, unless am not fit or my vehicle is grounded.

“After all expenses, I save two thousand naira everyday, which is more than what most of the university graduate, who so lucky to be employed, earn as their take home.” While responding to a question whether he envies other young men that work and earn salaries, Babagana said “I don’t envy them, sometimes I help some of them.” He added that “This business is a secret to financial freedom to whoever takes it serious.” Significant portion of Nigerian youth have ventured into Keke Napep business due the fact that it gives them a better option of not staying ideal.

It is disheartening hearing this as a university graduate. And some good for nothing guys still have the guts to pick nomination form for president Buhari

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