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Beware of Recruitment Agency in Nigeria: Lady Fakes Madness to Escape


Nigerian Lady fakes madness to escape a Slave Job she got through a Recruitment Agency in Nigeria – The unnamed lady’s family thought she was in Europe, working. Instead, she was stuck in Saudi Arabia, slaving away at the hands of a terrible boss. She wanted to run away but was prevented by the contract she had signed with the recruitment agencies in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

These agencies are also privy to the terrible treatment these girls are subjected to. This unnamed girl also says that she was kept indoors all day, so she would not run away.

She learned that the previous maid to her boss before her was killed by her boss from excessive beating, maltreatment and improper feeding. That maid was Omotayo, the girl who sent a picture of her battered self to her family members.

It was then that something snapped in her, she knew only desperate measures would suffice. What ensued was a display of fake madness to make her boss was disinterested in her as possible.

She put on tattered clothes, plastered her face with powder and started yelling gibberish, including Yoruba incantations, which both shocked and amazed her boss. She continued this for three days, through which she wasn’t fed, nor did she drink water.

On the second day, her boss placed a call to the recruitment agency to query why she got an insane maid. After no reasonable explanation was forthcoming, the boss had her put on a plane, possibly deported — She survived.

The BBC documents Dame Julie Okah-Donli, the Director-General of NAPTIP, saying, “A lot of evil things are happening to our girls in Saudi Arabia. We’ve had reasons to speak to some of them who are still stuck in Saudi. We’ve been able to rescue about two of them and there are still many more still stranded in Saudi.

On the crux of the matter, she continues, “Cases of sexual abuse, forced domestic labour for about 18 hours-a-day, very poor hygienic conditions, feeding and the beating and, psychological trauma; things like that

The organized crime in recruitment

During NAPTIP’s visit to Saudi Arabia, they spoke to over 50 Nigerian girls, but they discovered there are over thousands of them enduring similar fates. Apparently, the style is that travel agents recruit them and then ‘advertise’ them on the internet, in a ‘modern day slavery’ type of way.


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