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Current Job Opportunities at ENYO Retail & Supply, Oct., 2018

ENYO Retail & Supply is a customer-focused, technology-driven, fuels retailing company. Poised to deliver best-in-class retail experiences, leveraging complimentary brands and optimized returns to investors.

Poised to challenge some of the key tenets of Nigeria’s fuels retailing industry, ENYO retail is founded on the premise that the customer is the most important factor to be considered in the development and execution of service delivery.


Job Title: Graduate Trainee Retail Station Manager

Retail Station Manager

Job Summary
The SM is the key driver of station operations. He/she is the chief EHSSQ, sales and customer service officer at the retail station. The role coordinates all financial and human assets towards the attainment of set goals.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure station operates in a consistently clean, safe and customer friendly environment.
  • Ensure the highest standards are met with respect to product quality, customer service and experience.
  • Ensure smooth running and maintenance of acceptable standards at NFR.


  • Ensure that all sales and financial objectives are attained consistently.
  • Ensure proper inventory management and product receipt to reduce exposure to stock loss.

Coordinate marketing activities for attainment of marketing goals.

  • Ensure accurate and consistent use of SBE/EE or any other platforms to track sales, inventory and P&L on SBE® or as may be advised by the company.
  • Ensure timely reporting and reconciliation of sales/expenses and cash reports.
  • Prepare relevant periodic reports and carries out other duties that may be assigned by the SML.


  • Ensure effective liaison with relevant internal and external stakeholders.
  • Protect company’s corporate image and reputation by maintaining product, human and environmental integrity.

Ensure all station personnel perform their duties in accordance with Station Operation Procedure.

Other Requirements

  • Sales and Business Development
  • Relationship/Stakeholder Management
  • Communication – Written and Oral Presentation
  • Account Management
  • Industry Knowledge and Business Acumen
  • Oil and Gas Industry Dynamics
  • Computer Skills
  • Leadership

Time Management and Personnel Effectiveness
0 – 2 years

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Job Title: NFR Officer

 Job Summary

The role is responsible for coordinating, implementing and monitoring all NFR short- and long-term strategic business objectives. Also, overseeing daily activities and financial aspects of real-estate and other commercial non-fuel revenue business streams, such as confectionery, Auto-workshop and retail stores.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities


  • Ensure effective supervision of NFR business chain (Confectionary, Auto-workshop and real estate)
  • Develop new NFR ideas and partnerships as well as improve and or expand on existing business.
  • Keep track of new developments in all NFR business chain in the local and global downstream industry
  • Ensure revenue and growth targets for NFR channels are achieved.
  • Ensures effective liaison with NFR stakeholders for desired results.
  • Identify and adopt new profitable partnerships for NFR
  • Ensures effective liaison with relevant internal and external retail/NFR stakeholders/customers for desired results.

Other Requirements


Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Sales, Marketing, Social Sciences, Real Estate Management or related field.


  • Good business development skills
  • Ability to develop innovative ideas to drive top and bottom line, testing, learning and refining and then operationalizing them
  • Baseline problem analysis and solving skills
  • Good networking, marketing and teaming skills
  • Relationship Management


  • Minimum of three (3) years relevant experience in Retail Sales or Business Analysis within the downstream Oil & Gas sector. Technical experience is a bonus too.

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Job Title: Senior Station Manager

Job Summary

The role is responsible for coordinating sales area operations with a view to improving financial performance and retail station service quality to grow the retail and B2B networks in assigned geography. He/She will oversee the operations of Station Managers, coordinate business development and marketing activities as well as manage stakeholder relationships and conflicts. The SSM will also be required to perform financial audits, carry out on-the-spot training and coaching as well as all other functions as may be assigned by the Business Optimization Officer. In addition, the SSM will execute actions towards deepening organizational understanding of competitor activities and maintain a steady pipeline of qualified and motivated workforce to enhance succession planning for his/her territory. Amongst other KPIs, role will be assessed on percentage increase in retail and B2B sales, active customer database, percentage increase in size of customer wallet enjoyed by Enyo Retail and consistent achievement of budget margins on all products sold by the organization. Holder must display and cascade core values that are consistent with the standards of the business.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Sales Planning and Operations

  • Execute all initiatives for accomplishment of marketing goals.
  • Effective territory supervision to consistently attain desired financial and qualitative results at retail, NFR and B2B points of sale.
  • Consistent provision of intelligence for expansion of retail footprint and growth of B2B portfolio to grow the company’s market share.

Standards and Control

  • Effectively manage station managers and all other personnel to ensure full compliance with all policies, procedures and programs for effective station management.
  • Ensure the highest standards are maintained at retail stations to enhance customer service experience across territory

Data Management

  • Maintain data integrity on SBR/EE to ensure sales, inventory and P&L monitoring to boost performance and reduce financial loss.
  • Ensure robust and consistently reliable back office as it pertains to personnel records, business reporting and intelligence, financial reconciliation and audits etc.
  • People Management
  • Coordinate succession planning and personnel development activities and provide relevant feedback to HQ on personnel motivation.

Stakeholder Management

  • Ensure proper stakeholder management to increase goodwill and minimize the company’s exposure
  • Protects company’s corporate image and reputation by maintaining product, service and environmental integrity

Other Requirements

  • Relationship and Stakeholder Management
  • People Management
  • Excellent Verbal & Written Communication
  • Proficient use of MS word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Good appreciation of local industry dynamic

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Job Title: Key Accounts Officer

Job Summary


The Key Accounts Executive is responsible for developing and deepening trust relationships with a portfolio of existing customers and developing the pipeline of prospective clients. The role will be tasked with acquiring a thorough understanding of key customer needs for the successful execution of the company’s go-to-market strategy for the sales of all ERS products (white products, lubricants, LPG etc) Working closely with the Territory Lead, the role will track and improve customer lifetime value and revenue. He/she will also evolve the existing customer acquisition and management process by utilizing innovative core systems to improve value delivery to stakeholders. Amongst other KPIs, the role will be assessed on percentage increase in Territory’s B2B sales, size of customer wallet and consistent achievement of budget margins on all products sold by the organization. Holder must display and cascade core values that are consistent with the standards of the business.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities


Sales and Revenue Generation

  • Identifies leads and generates conversions to improve the Territory’s B2B customer base, revenue and margins
  • Effectively manages the sales value chain for timely order generation, product delivery and after sales service for consistent customer satisfaction
  • Ensures maximum share of mind through consistent delivery to customer expectations and by frequent visits to customer locations

Back Office and Data Management

  • Proactively tracks, evaluates and acts on market and sector trends with a view to growing ERS’ share of mind and wallet on all product lines
  • Ensures proper account reconciliation, credit and receivable management
  • Utilizes technology and innovation to enhance KYC, consumer insight as well as rendition of business data/reporting
  • Ensures compliance with all applicable processes and policies for zero financial exposure and sustainability


Preparation of IPAs for profitable investment and management decisions Other Requirements


Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Sales, Marketing, Social Sciences or related field.

Knowledge Requirements


  • Knowledge of Marketing, Strategy & Sales
  • Oil & Gas Industry Dynamics
  • Intermediary Excel knowledge
  • Project Management
  • Strong Speaking and Analytical Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills.
  • Product Knowledge
  • Creativity and Organization

Work Experience
Minimum of three (3) years relevant work experience in retail or industrial sales experience in the downstream oil and gas or FMCG/pharmaceutical sector.

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Job Title: Government Relations Officer

 Jo Summary

The role is responsible for stakeholder management (Government Agencies) on behalf of the company. The Government Relations Officer must work closely and efficiently with Sales and Engineering units in ensuring approval documents are secured as timely as possible to support station building/renovation projects, launch and uninterrupted sales activities.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for statutory documentation and regulatory oil & gas license renewals with government agencies (DPR, PPMC, PEF).
  • Manage relationships with regulatory and other agencies.
  • Maintain a strong ethical relationship between Enyo and relevant institutions/ bodies with a view to ensure the long-term viability of the business.
  • Documenting and managing all government regulations around Enyo operations to ensure compliance.
  • Oversee the registration and approval processes for the company in the various states
  • Identifying partnership opportunities for Enyo with Local, State and Federal Government,
  • Maintain effective corporate relationship with key stakeholders at the Federal, State and Local Government level
  •  Carry out research, provide detailed policy analysis, identify regional vulnerabilities and recommend due mitigation.

Other Requirements


Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Social/Management Sciences


  • Good relationship & stakeholder management skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient use of MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel (advanced)
  •  Excellent Interpersonal Skills


Minimum of Two (2) years relevant work experience in downstream oil and gas supply chain management.

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Job Title: Financial Controller

Job Summary

The role will provide operational leadership and direction to the Finance Team at ENYO. The incumbent is also responsible for the preparation of management accounts and reports and managing the working capital of the company. The Job oversees all financial transactions and ensures the control systems in place are effective and adhered to.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Financial Management & Controls

  • Assist the Finance Lead in respect of periodic financial reports to the Audit Committee explaining the processes adopted and undertaken by Management to keep under regular review the effectiveness of internal controls covering financial, operational & compliance controls
  • Assist in the risk assessment process and embedding a risk management culture throughout the organization.
  • Assume responsibility for credit control and compliance with company’s credit policy
  • Effectively manage the working capital components of the Company with specific attention to stock, debtors and cash balances.
  • Actively manage the company’s overheads whilst seeking out areas for efficiencies for cost savings.
  • Review and ensure that bank reconciliations are performed regularly.
  • Review and ensure that creditors reconciliations are performed regularly.
  • Oversee processing of payments, monthly payroll and employee salaries

Preparation of Accounts

  • Ensure the preparation of timely and accurate weekly flash results and reports for operational management.
  • Responsible for all journals and final General Ledger (GL) balances including review of month end balance sheet reconciliations and control accounts.
  • Ensure the accuracy and integrity of the company’s accounting records and financial systems
  • Responsible for the preparation of statutory accounts for the company as and when required in accordance with the relevant local accounting principles and the legislation.

Team Management

  • Supervise & review performance of individuals in the team
  • Liaise with different departments to ensure the Finance department is properly supporting the needs of the operating businesses

Relationship Management

Manage relationships with auditors, tax advisers, bankers and other parties as directed by the Finance Lead.
Ensure the CFO is kept informed of industry developments which are relevant to the operation of an efficient finance functio

Other Requirements


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Banking, Finance or related field.
  • Post Graduate degree in Accounting and Auditing. ACA/ACCA preferable.
  •  MBA/ Masters in Finance or CFA is an added advantage


  • Knowledgeable of local tax systems.
  • High-volume transaction experience in a SAGE or similar environment
  • Knowledgeable of local tax systems.
  • Use of Accounting Software (preferably SAGE)
  • Knowledgeable in IFRS
  • Very proficient in MS-Excel


Minimum of seven (7) years of relevant work experience in finance/audit with at least 3-years in a purely finance role

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