Job for Real Estate Broker at Accenture Global Multiservices

With Accenture Global Multiservices, customers enjoy more than one of our services delivered to their sites but maintains a high degree of client Management relating to the suitability of input specifications,in order to meet their business requirements and budget.

For each of the services Accenture Global Multiservices provides a team that delivers a solution that accommodates your needs and the outcome you are looking for. The team ensures that each services is delivered in the
following ways:

* Consistent high quality

* High productivity and cost-efficiency

* Minimised environmental impact

* Stable delivering system.


– Assist sellers in how to best promote their properties to attract  advantageous offers
– Advertise properties through a variety of marketing techniques
– Evaluate the clients’ desires and economic capabilities to discover the appropriate suggestions
– Provide information regarding legal guidelines, rates, specifications and property availability
– Mediate the dealings between sellers and buyers ensuring good conduct and the honest exchange of information towards a beneficial understanding
– Appraise the value of properties by thoroughly researching the market or past purchases
– Present properties to potential buyers and address questions or concerns
– Draft and complete important legal documents (contracts, agreements
– Coordinate property auctions or exchanges
– Generate and manage lists of properties for sale
– Collaborate and network with contractors, home inspectors, attorneys
and other external stakeholders
– Supervise real estate agents
– Remain knowledgeable about the market and best practices


– Track record of sales
– Ability to work autonomously and sell effectively
– Outstanding people skills with a demonstrable aptitude in negotiation
– Trustworthy and results-driven
– Basic knowledge of MS Office
– HND,BTECH,BSc and other related field.

How to Apply

Eligible candidate should submit their CVs to the email:

Application Deadline 14/03/19


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