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New Job Openings at African Development Bank Group, 21st April, 2019


African Development Bank Group (AfDB) – Established in 1964, the African Development Bank is the premier pan-African development institution, promoting economic growth and social progress across the continent. There are 80 member states, including 54 in Africa (Regional Member Countries).  The Bank’s development agenda is delivering the financial and technical support for transformative projects that will significantly reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Country Manager

Reference: ADB/19/075
Locations: Various duty stations (West, Central and Southern Regions)
Grade: PL2

The Complex

  • The Bank has reorganized and is developing the Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery Complex whose major objective is to build regional capabilities and bring responsibility for client activities closer to the regions. Five Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery Hubs have been created, each run by a Director General: Southern Africa, North Africa, West Africa; East Africa, and Central Africa.

The Hiring Department/Division

  • Each Country Office falls within one of the five (5) Regions of the Africa Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery Hubs. The Hub oversees a combination of country and liaison offices, as well as non-presence countries.
  • The Country Manager will be accountable to the Director General, in the specific African region where they are located.
  • Each Hub will house relevant operations, business development and project implementation functions and administrative capabilities in a shared service for rapid deployment into the individual countries, to help drive the overall business of the Bank effectively on the ground.

The Position

  • The Country Manager will lead the AfDB’s business development and delivery for sovereign, non-sovereign investment and provide advisory services in the assigned country.
  • He/she will support Bank’s teams in executing transactions, managing and expanding portfolios, and lead in executing projects and relevant work-programs, inclusive of the Bank’s High 5 priority areas.
  • H/she will establish and maintain strong relationships with business partners and high level in-country donors and representatives, as well as with governmental and non-governmental organizations, with the view of maximizing the development impact and effectiveness of the African Development Bank’s interventions, thus contributing to the overall development of the country, including the private sector.

Duties and Responsibilities
Management of the Country Portfolio:

  • Initiate and lead dialogue with Government and the private sector on systemic issues relating to portfolio management,  to improve the performance and quality of Bank operations based on agreed result framework, which will be assessed using key performance indicators and targets;
  • Identify and address cross-cutting and country specific portfolio issues, and advise the Country Team in the design, implementation and supervision arrangements for the portfolio as well as new business development;
  • Oversee all aspects of portfolio management, sovereign and non-sovereign, to ensure quality at entry and during implementation, including performance monitoring, in line with Bank corporate policies, strategies, guidelines and directives;
  • Continuously reviewing country portfolio, country operations and work programs to ensure that it is aligned to the implementation of the new Business Development and Delivery Model;
  • Initiate and support resource mobilization in the country and follow up on related works, including counter-part contributions, co-financing opportunities, as well as Country Policy and Institutional Assessments;

Relationship Management:

  • Manage and develop relationships with key clients (governments, central and local authorities and private actors) at the highest level of seniority, and position the African Development Bank (AfDB) as the partner of choice to support high development impact operations in the country.  Build relationships with key stakeholders (including relevant regulators, businesses, NGOs and institutional and private investors);
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with sector departments to originate, process and manage an expanding pipeline of high quality investments, and support proactive and strategic economic and sector work as well as portfolio development and management, to meet the AfDB’s targeted objectives;
  • Ensuring diplomatic tact and respect for due protocol, especially when it comes to dealing with the host country’s authorities and protecting the Bank’s reputation and image in the country.

Development of Strategy:

  • Develop and implement, in consultation with the Director General , an integrated investment and advisory support strategy for the AfDB’s activities, including country priorities and business targets for key industry groups, and key engagements, with a particular focus on High 5s and other high impact projects aligned with the Bank’s strategy to support the country’s development efforts;
  • Lead/coordinate capacity building, to enable the country to engage with key actors involved in the country’s sustainable, inclusive and green development;
  • Assess and provide advice to the Bank and to the Country with a special focus on addressing Fragility situation as appropriate and supporting climate resilient development in the country.
  • Support the alignment of the country strategy to the Bank’s High 5 priorities;

Fragility Assessment:

  • Conduct fragility assessments as per business requirement;
  • Ensure the fragility lens is being applied in the design and implementation of the Bank Group operations in the country;

Identify opportunities:

  • Identify areas where the Bank can catalyze sustainable, inclusive and green development through innovation based on a thorough understanding of local markets and leading practices from the Bank’s international experience, as well as draw on the expertise of similar development partners especially in terms of conducting dialogue with authorities, resource mobilization, and co-financing opportunities;
  • Develop knowledge to ensure that the AfDB is effectively working closely and coordinating with appropriate stakeholders within the country. Develop and maintain relationships with these stakeholders and identify business opportunities taking into account the AfDB’s strategy, comparative advantage and operational policies, instruments, procedures and products;
  • Identify and initiate opportunities directly linked to the Banks High 5 areas;

Country Office Management:

  • Lead, manage, develop and mentor performance of country office by ensuring that the team is high performing, well-motivated, innovative, well-trained; have clear deliverables and remain highly committed to the success of ADB in the country;
  • Supervise staff in the country office and undertake staff development and performance evaluation. For sector experts, evaluation shall be done jointly by the Country Manager and the relevant Sector Department;
  • Prepare, supervise and manage implementation of the country office budget and submit periodic reports in accordance with the Bank’s budget management regulations;
  • Plan and supervise the administrative, financial and personnel support services required; prepare budget and financial reports; authorize expenditures, personnel actions, acquisitions and other administrative actions, and monitor the best possible contribution of the Action Time Recording System (ATRS) to the Cost Accounting System (CAS) of the Bank.
  • Liaise and work closely with other department staff on issues such as audits of the country office, human resources, pipeline development in SRAS, portfolio management in BPPS and asset management (CHGS) and IT issues (CHIS).
  • Championing the Complex / Regional mandate and purpose – providing a direct and indirect operational support that will contribute to the regional output and mandate in assigned Country;
  • External communication – Develop locally the AfDB’s ‘brand’, building on the brand and the overall communications strategy, including engaging with civil society, non-government organizations as well as the local media.
  • AfDB Visibility – Represent and provide visibility for and including through organizing/participating in high profile events (Senior level visits, interviews, seminars, business events and conferences);
  • Quality Management – Focus on ensuring quality and performance of the country portfolio; Ensure all reports and submissions are timely and of high quality; work jointly with relevant country teams and managers to meet Key Performance Indicator (KPI) assigned targets;
  • Play a key role and advise the Country Team on economic, political, social and other  developments relevant to the Bank’s operations in the country;

Selection Criteria
Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience:

  • Minimum of a Master’s degree or its equivalent in Business Administration, International Relations, Political Sciences, Economics or another relevant field;
  • A minimum of eight (8) years of extensive and progressive experience in country program operations in an international organization, including preferably three (3) years at a managerial or supervisory level;
  • Senior level experience in macroeconomic management, especially in public finance and debt essential;
  • Portfolio management experience and expertise as an economist would be an asset and a track record in Business Development and delivery a clear advantage;
  • Solid knowledge and good grasp of the political economy, as well as the socio-economic and development issues in Africa specifically in the region of assignment;
  • Excellent analytical skills, strong capacity to analyse actions from the perspectives of stakeholders and translate strategic thinking into compelling plan of action;
  • High degree of personal commitment, interpersonal skills with proven communication, leadership, management, people management and supervisory skills;
  • Ability to work effectively with individuals of different views, culture, nationality, gender and age;
  • Strong ability to cope with multiple demands and competing priorities under pressure;
  • Demonstrated leadership in conducting country dialogue with other development partners, especially on the core areas of the Delivery and Business Development Model (DBDM) where the Bank has comparative advantage.
  • Communicate and write effectively in French or English, with a good working knowledge of the other language. (Knowledge of Portuguese for Lusophone Countries and Arabic for North African Countries would be an advantage)
  • Competence in the use of standard Microsoft Office Suite applications and preferably, SAP.

Deadline: 9th May, 2019.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online


Job Title: Solutions Development Engineer

Reference: ADB/19/071
Location: Côte d’Ivoire
Grade: P6
Position N°: 50000545

The Complex

  • The Vice-Presidency, Human Resources and Corporate Services (CHVP) Complex ensures the delivery of efficient, people-centered, client-oriented, corporate services to ensure overall institutional effectiveness in all aspects of the Bank’s corporate services
  • The Complex leads efforts to ensure the competitiveness of the Bank as the employer of choice and is responsible for providing leadership in the formulation and implementation of Bank’s strategies on people, IT, general services and institutional procurements, language services, business continuity, and health and safety strategies.

The Hiring Department

  • The Corporate Information Technology Services Department’s (CHIS) mission at the Bank is to align the IT delivery strategy along with the Bank’s business strategy to increase the organizational effectiveness through efficient use of the Information Systems (IS)
  • Under the leadership of the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Information Systems Director, the Information Technology Systems Department is mandated by the Bank to deliver best possible IT services for Bank Staff, and help achieve the results that gets the Bank closer to accomplishing its poverty reduction goals in Africa.
  • The Business Solutions Development & Maintenance Division is one of the Divisions of the Corporate IT Services department
  • It is in charge of the design, development, and maintenance of IT solutions/systems to support the Bank business needs
  • It is also responsible for managing overall IT day-to-day operations relating to enterprise applications, improving performance and end-user satisfaction.

The Position

  • The position of Solutions Development Engineer develop software codes, systems and automation to resolve a business related issue
  • He/she provides direction for technical and business resources. The position also defines and develops project management infrastructure, manages a development methodology, a driven quality plan, monitors and controls the quality of the deliverables, as well as manages the project completion process through customer acceptance
  • Works through Program / Project managers with business unit managers to form alliances on projects.
  • The main objective of the assignment is to work within the IT department to analyze users requirements and build IT solutions related to the Bank’s business activities

Duties and Responsibilities
Under the supervision and guidance of the Division Manager, CHIS.1, the key duties and responsibilities of Solutions Development Engineer are:

  • Be involved in the full systems development life cycle and responsible for designing, coding, testing, implementing, maintaining and supporting application software that is delivered on time and within budget
  • Make recommendations towards the development of new code or reuse of existing code to faster deliver software products
  • Participate in feasibilities studies of new and innovative solutions
  • Use prototyping to do a proven test that indeed, the IT solutions works and integrate applications
  • Participate in component and data architecture design, performance monitoring, product evaluation and buy versus build recommendations
  • Participate reviews of supplied specifications, with others as appropriate
  • Document all work using required standards, methods and tools, including prototyping tools where appropriate.
  • Write well-designed, efficient code and follow industry standards and best practices. In addition, modify application from supplied specifications using agreed standards and tools, to achieve a well-engineered result.
  • Participate in producing requirement / system specifications and all the required documentations
  • Provide peer-to-peer review of Quality Assurance of code that follow development standards and meet requirements specifications
  • Provide guidance and assistance to colleagues in any aspect of program design, creation, testing and documentation.
  • Ensure that source codes are appropriately disposed into the Bank’s Code Repository

Selection Criteria
Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience

  • At least a Master’s/Engineering Degree in Computer Science, Software Development or related business fields
  • Minimum of 4 years of proven experience as a Software Developer within an IT organization
  • Experience in application development / Agile methodology programming experience
  • Has experience in systems design and analysis, a solid understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), quality assurance and integration methodologies
  • The ability to adapt to the requirements of the customer, the needs of the sponsors, a fit for purpose, in its environment and people working on it to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Has proven experience in modern programming languages such as Java J2E, Grails, PhP, C-Sharp.
  • As the department is embracing “Cloud Preference” and “Mobile First”. The individual should have experience in developing Mobile Applications for native and cross-platform, at the minimum for IOS, Android and Windows
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to go to the extra mile.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent presentation skills and the ability to coach and mentor Junior developers
  • Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, with a working knowledge of the other.
  • Knowledge of the Bank’s standard software: Excel, Word, Power Point, MS Project, Access, etc.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Job Title: Director, Asia External Representation Office (SNAR)

Reference: ADB/19/074
Location: Asia
Grade: EL5
Position N°: 50092381

The Complex

  • The Senior Vice-Presidency (SNVP) is responsible for supporting the President in the day-to-day management of the Bank Group to achieve its strategic objective and drive performance culture that will align all processes and systems to deliver high impact results.
  • The SNVP provides effective leadership and exceptional coordination to ensure implementation and monitoring of key corporate decisions as well as the identification of necessary corrective measures and actions.
  • The SNVP leads senior management discussions, decision-making processes and the implementation of key Board and Management decisions.

The Hiring Department

  • The Asia External Representation Office, based in Tokyo, Japan enables the Bank to engage more actively with key stakeholders in its Asian member countries (China, Japan, South Korea & India) and other countries in Asia with a view to enhancing dialogue and promoting innovative approaches to mobilize necessary resources to support the implementation of the Bank’s Strategy and Africa’s development agenda.
  • The principal objectives of the Asia External Representation Office lies within three generic areas, namely: (i) External Partnership and Dialogue, (ii) Knowledge dissemination and Exchange, and (iii) Business and Investment Promotion

The Position

  • Under the general guidance of the President and the direct supervision of the Senior Vice President (SVP), the Director of the Asia External Representation Office (SNAR) oversees and manages the delivery of the work programme and activities of the Asia External Representation Office.
  • As part of his/her functions, the Director is charged with the responsibility to ensure that the Office can: (i) foster dialogue and promote partnerships on aid, trade and investment with major constituencies; (ii) increase awareness of the Bank’s strategies, policies and activities; (iii) implement multi-constituency outreach programmes; and (iv) promote a better understanding of Africa’s development challenges and opportunities.
  • Key target institutions and entities include national authorities, official development partners and assistance organizations, private sector and business community, business organizations, universities, research institutes, think tanks, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs) and youth associations

Duties and Responsibilities
External Partnership and Dialogue:

  • Represent the Bank and lead regular dialogue and contacts and strengthen the Bank’s Brand with, amongst others, Government officials, aid agencies, development partners, diplomatic missions, and other key constituents among Member Countries in Asia – Japan, South Korea, China, and India, as well as other potential members countries within the region;
  • Lead innovative and strategic partnerships arrangements, including trust funds, co-financing, technical cooperation and knowledge partnerships;
  • Represent the Bank in aid coordination meetings with donors and development partners;
  • Build and maintain a network of high-level contacts with key constituencies (congressional/parliamentary representatives, academics, business communities, local and international media, etc.);
  • Promote the African perspective in Asia and also business and investment from Asia to Africa;
  • Ensure regular and social media coverage, e.g. TV, newspapers, journals, Facebook, twitter, etc. to raise awareness about the Bank’s work and Africa’s development.

Knowledge Dissemination and Exchange:

  • Oversee the organization of seminars, conferences and workshops on African development issues, business and investment opportunities in African countries and partnerships with the Bank to increase awareness and deep understanding about them;
  • Support the identification of opportunities for leveraging Asian skills and transfer of knowledge;
  • Oversee the organization of targeted information sessions with the general public (i.e. local and international media, civil society and NGOs, youth Groups, academics and universities, and the private sector, etc.);
  • Maintain a fully operational virtual information resources as SNAR’s web site to encourage a better and clearer public understanding of Bank’s activities and policies and African development issues; and
  • Maintain an operational platform, with video-conferencing and communication facilities, for information sharing and exchange as well as for increasing awareness and deep understanding about African development challenges and opportunities within the Asian region.

Business development and Investment Promotion:

  • Oversee the organization of Business Opportunities Seminars and disseminate information on Bank’s projects, policies and processes, with emphasis on the High 5’s including procurement and bid tendering information, for general public disclosure through the website and other vehicles;
  • Maintain a business center offering free consultation and advice about business, investment and co-financing opportunities with the Bank; procurement guidelines; consultant employment guidelines; standard tender document specifications; operations processes and technical cooperation programs;
  • Provide access to information on the Bank’s project cycle to facilitate better understanding of how the Bank’s operations in RMCs lead to business opportunities for general suppliers of goods, services and know-how; and
  • Organize; coordinate and participate in targeted trade promotion, business and investment opportunity seminars, workshops and road shows, including Treasury bonds issuance and investment activities and providing potential investors with relevant information on business and investment opportunities.

Leadership and Management:

  • Manage the staff and activities of the Asia External Representation Office;
  • Coordinate the preparation, submission and delivery of the office’s work programme and budget;
  • Ensure sound human resource management in the Office, including timely planning, recruitment, performance appraisal and staff development; and directly supervise the staff of the Office; and
  • Ensure sound financial management in the Office, including systematic budget preparation, execution and reporting;Contributing to corporate strategic goals and communicates Bank vision and ensures that Office staff work in alignment with Bank’s values and to strengthen Bank’s brand;

Selection Criteria
Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience:

  • Minimum Master’s Degree or its university equivalent in a relevant Development field;
  • A minimum of ten (10) years of extensive and progressive experience in the relevant areas of responsibilities, five (5) years of which must be at a managerial level. A solid knowledge and experience in the Bank’s business is required;
  • A solid knowledge and good grasp of the political economy as well as the socio-economic and development issues in Africa. Demonstrated motivation and commitment to the Development of the African continent;
  • A strategic mindset and the capacity to steer the Bank’s agenda while empowering staff during a phase of institutional transition towards greater country focus of the Bank’s activities;
  • Possess the necessary team skills required to lead complex programs; strong capacity to analyze actions from the perspectives of stakeholders and translate strategic thinking into a compelling plan of action;
  • Demonstrated ability to take prudent business risks and make effective, timely and well-determined decisions;
  • Demonstrated ability to present and win support for ideas; a good listener; with cultural sensitivity, commitment to diversity and capacity to initiate and manage innovations or change;
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to develop partnerships with a broad range of clients, as well as to deliver results that meet the needs and long-term interests of clients within and outside the Institution. Preference will be given to candidates demonstrating very strong outreach skills and experience in Asian member countries;
  • Ability to operate effectively in a matrix management environment, both as team leader and team member;
  • Ability to deal sensitively in a multi-cultural environment and build effective working relations with clients and colleagues;
  • Excellent written and verbal communications in English or French, with a working knowledge of the other language;
  • In-depth knowledge of the African continent and its development issues, challenges and opportunities;
  • In depth knowledge of development experiences and technologies/innovations in the Asian member countries, which can be utilized for sustainable and inclusive growth of Africa;
  • Extensive working experiences and human network with key stakeholders in the Asian member countries including congressional/parliamentary representatives, national authorities, official development partners and assistance organizations, capital markets, private sector and business community, business organizations, universities, research institutes, think tanks, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs) and youth associations;
  • Excellent communication capacity of the Asian languages of member countries as well as a deep knowledge and understanding of their markets.  In particular, strong communication skills in Japanese would be a plus.  A good understanding of social/cultural environments in the Asian member countries would be a strong asset;
  • Demonstrates integrity, sound judgment, and highest ethical standards;
  • Competence in the use of Bank standard software (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint).  Ability to provide strategic advice to the Bank on emerging financial and development issues, as well as corporate issues.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Job Title: Principal Investment Officer

Reference: ADB/19/041
Location: South Africa
Grade: PL4
Position N°: 50076441

The Complex

  • The Vice Presidency for Private Sector, Infrastructure and Industrialization is central to the Bank’s mission of developing the private sector, improving infrastructure and accelerating industrialization. The complex main functions are to (i) strengthen the enabling environment for private sector [and financial sector] development conducive to inclusive growth and sustainable development, (ii) support the development of reliable and sustainable infrastructure, including cities and urban development, and (iii) place renewed emphasis on industrial and trade performance in support of structural transformation across Africa. The Complex leverages knowledge, co-financing, and partnerships to attract private capital and work with governments on delivering the Bank’s development agenda.

The Hiring Department/Division

  • The primary role of the Financial Sector Development (FSD) Department is to help the Regional Member Countries (RMCs) increase the reach, depth, and breadth of their financial systems, while safeguarding financial stability.
  • The Department has four long-term objectives: (i) development of a vibrant private sector through an inclusive access by households and enterprises to financial services; (ii) strengthening markets participants; (iii) developing efficient capital markets, and (iv) deepening regional financial integration.
  • The Financial Inclusion and Intermediation Division focuses on promoting innovative financial and non-financial products and services that are responsive to the needs of Bank’s clients in a bit to boost and increase access to finance and financial services by private enterprises including African SMEs, as well as other underserved sectors and populations.
  • The Division’s work thus focuses on financial intermediation and related operations to enhance of FIs capacity to support Bank priority areas including infrastructure, agribusiness, women businesses, SMEs, etc in line with the Bank’s Ten Year Strategy and the High Five Priorities of the AfDB (Light up and power Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialize Africa, Integrate Africa, and Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa) in order to accelerate Africa’s economic transformation and ii) Financial inclusion activities that facilitate access to finance and financial services by  all sectors of the African populations.

The Position

  • As part of the Financial Inclusion and Intermediation Division and in line with the Financial Sector Strategy and the Bank priorities, the Principal Financial Sector Investment Officers (IOs) are critical members of multidisciplinary teams of highly qualified professionals. The IO will work with other experts in the financial sector department as well as other departments in order to enhance FIs support to priority sectors and market segments. The jobholder will identify business opportunities, coordinate the processing and closure of approved of transactions in order to maximize the impact of the Bank’s operations through execution of innovative, developmental, and profitable investments for AfDB.  The position will be located in the head office of the Bank and it involves frequent travel.
  • The overall purpose of this job will be to originate, develop and lead the due diligence  approval and financial closure of Investments into Financial Institutions, Private Equity Funds and Digital financial services  projects as well as provide technical support and inputs to diverse areas of financial inclusion.
  • The incumbent will work within broad policies and objectives with limited supervision for critical tasks.

Duties and Responsibilities
Under the supervision of the Division Manager, the Principal Investment Officer will perform the following duties:

  • Provides support to IOs to develop a strong pipeline of good quality SME finance opportunities, Venture capital and Social impact private equity funds through anticipating market trends and employing sector/regional knowledge.
  • developing  Strategies for Financial inclusion Banking including business models, market analysis; segmentation; and product design
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with other departments, clients, banking and multilateral partners and government officials to develop specific investment opportunities;
  • Identify, undertake, coordinate and manage the necessary due diligence of banking, and other financial intermediation projects applying debt, equity, guarantees and related Bank products.
  • Undertake financial analysis, financial modelling and risk analysis on projects and apply the broader Bank appraisal tools such as Environment Social and Governance (ESG), Asset and Management Liability (AML), development outcomes and additionality.
  • Prepare project appraisal reports for presentation to the department, review committees, senior management and finally to the Board of Directors.
  • Liaise and coordinate with other Investment and Inclusion Officers and Bank staff in the origination of a good quality investment pipeline for the Bank’s financial sector assistance.
  • Prepare and process through to approval, disbursement and implementation, technical assistance proposals aimed at building capacity of financial institutions or other market players involved in enhancing the market supply and demand for credit
  • Coordinate with sector colleagues, the internal approvals to proactively find pragmatic solutions to emerging/specific sector challenges.
  • Develop investment promotion strategies in Africa , including targeting potential investors and promoting AfDB’s products and services proactively;
  • Work with legal department to ensure that all deals have appropriate legal documentation and that financial close is achieved, and hand over projects to portfolio management staff.
  • Design specific innovative transactions, projects and initiatives
  • Undertakes the work on aspects of access and financial inclusion and aligns them with institutional objectives and support the Bank’s access and financial inclusion products;
  • Initiates the efforts to mainstream financial access and inclusion aspects, with the High 5 priorities of the Bank, at the strategic and operational level;
  • Contributes to the policy dialogue on financial sector issues in RMCs, at both policy and technical level; as well as to institutional, regulatory, policy or market assessments.
  • Contributes to projects supporting funds or incubators that focus on increased financial access; and developing financial infrastructure, financing payment systems and instruments, in particular for mobile financial services, including payments by the government.
  • Works with regional teams/country offices to design and implement financial sector development support programs;
  • Evaluate, structure, negotiate, and close new transactions, with a strong focus on credit and asset quality (include processing mandates, due diligence, negotiating term sheets and other documentation, syndications and board approval);
  • Provide support to regional industry and portfolio teams in processing and supervising regionally managed projects;

Selection Criteria
Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience:

  • A minimum of a Master’s or its equivalent in Accounting, Finance or Financial Economics or any other quantitative degree (including a MBA in Finance).
  • A minimum of six  (6) Years of relevant professional experience in private and finance sector, including hands-on experience in analysing credit risks, structuring loan and other debt products as well as equity transactions, associated legal documentation, negotiations, and closing transactions in banking and non-banking financial institutions
  • Experience in the structuring of financial system development projects or related field
  • Experience in DFI as well as private sector experience with supporting SMEs
  • Experience setting up and managing new and complex programs and initiatives
  • Experience in developing solutions that help expand access to finance and to effective technical assistance for the underserved population
  • Experience working in developing/emerging market economies, especially Africa
  • Experience working in development finance and in entrepreneurship / SME capacity building will be a strong advantage
  • Excellent analytical skills and problem solving skills and ability to document detailed business requirements
  • Understanding of the operating/regulatory environment and needs of intermediaries and their clients in order to customize the tools and support they require.
  • Strong verbal and written skills, including the ability to develop, adapt and deliver presentations/materials to a variety of audiences
  • Demonstrated ability to work with clients in the financial and real sector and in the SME support environment, understanding their unique needs and develop targeted solutions.
  • Ability to work independently while driving and managing assignments from concept through deployment/launch
  • Ability to work closely and collaborate with management as well as operational and technical staff at various levels.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and collaborate cross-functionally with different business partners within and outside organization.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and execute multiple projects efficiently and effectively
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and/or French, with a good working knowledge of the other language.
  • Competence in the use of the standard Microsoft software applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and SAP.

Deadline: 18th May, 2019.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

 This position does not attract international terms and conditions (The post holder will be considered as a local staff and will not have international terms and conditions of employment).


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