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Job Vacancies at TTC Mobile Limited, May, 2019


TTC Mobile is competent Telecom Training, Digital Marketing Training, and Entrepreneurship training in Nigeria; a foremost IT & telecommunication engineering training company in Texas USA and Lagos Nigeria, with a number of IT Courses, Telecommunication Engineering Courses, Digital Marketing Courses, Entrepreneurship Courses that lead to telecommunication jobs and other kind of jobs.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: OSP Supervisor (FTTH Out-Side-Plant)
: Lagos
Department: Engineering, Projects Office
Directly Reports to: Team Lead, Projects and Head of Projects.
Directly Supervises: Project Contractor

Job Responsibilities

  • Effectively supervise out-side-plant projects, namely: High Streets, Estates and BB Extensions into MTU/MDU.
  • Comply with all project execution procedure, namely;
  • Proper studies of project award documents (Design Plan, BOM, Splice Plan, Link Budget Calculator, and HLDesc) immediately after you receive project assignment order.
  • Ensure project kick off meeting happens no more than 48hrs after project is assigned to you and that contractor SUBMITS program of work immediately after.
  • Prepare a project material list and confirm all required project materials is available in store long before the material is actually needed on site.
  • Escalate unavailable materials to your Team Lead for immediate procurement action.
  • Confirm all network backend connections/resources are available and active for link commissioning long before the project reaches the commissioning phase.
  • Escalate backend connection issues that may delay link commissioning to your Team Lead for immediate action long before the commissioning phase.
  • Distribute notification letters to residents of project location/streets at least a week before project civil works commences.
  • Facilitate meeting with Estate Manager & Contractor to agree on work method before Estate civil works commences. Alsensure Estate Manager notifies residents about the project before civil works starts.
  • Review quality of materials supplied to site by contractor (e.g. PVC, HDPE, GI pipes, e.t.c) and ensure they meet required standards. Reject sub-standard materials and escalate back to your Team Lead.
  • Observe quality of civil and cabling works (handhole, Trench depth, cabling process, splicing and splice management, special surface excavation and replacement, e.t.c) and ensure they meet company standards. Stop sub-standard works and escalate back to your Team Lead.
  • Effectively monitor projects to ensure contractor compliance with design scope (approved quantity), program of work (agreed resource/time) and work method (approved quality).
  • Team Lead will measure your performance on effective project monitoring by tracking your compliance:
    • Daily Work SMS submissions,
    • Weekly project update reporting,
    • Attendance in weekly project meetings,
    • Accurate & Timely red-line drawing submission, Accurate &; Timely Splice-MST report submission.
  • Variations to design and scope plans MUST be escalated back to the office and approved before they are implemented on site.
  • Troubleshoot, Analyze, Identify &; Resolve faults that may delay link commissioning.
  • Submit Accurate Splice-MST report sheet and Accurate Red line Drawings 48hrs after project completion.
  • Actively participate in the audit exercise of completed projects and ensure project snags are cleared before Audit.
  • Provide support to the engineering team where necessary and as defined by the Head of Projects or your Team Lead.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

  • Project Delivery & Quality Assurance: Contractor compliance with work scope, work plan and work method.
  • Reporting: Timely submission of reports (Daily work SMS, Weekly project updates, Splice-MST sheets, Quality Checklist, Red Line Drawings).
  • Documentation:
    • Accuracy of Splice-MST Sheets.
    • Accuracy of Red Line Drawings.
  • Problem Solving:
    • Effective problem solving skills,
    • Ability to manage & resolve challenges on site e.g. access issue, fibre and MST connection issues, negotiation skills with construction companies/local communities/”area boys”/regulatory authorities/other service operators (PHCN, PTOs, Water board, Gas Companies, e.t.c.).


  • B.Sc or HND in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Physics, Project Management, Applied Sciences/ any other related discipline.


  • Over 2 Years OSP Supervision Experience.
  • Knowledge of major fibre routes across Nigeria, especially in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt Metro.

Skills Knowledge Personal Attributes:

  • Proficient use of fiber test tools e.g. OTDR, power meter & Light source, VFL.
  • Proficient in the use of design softwares e.g. AutoCAD, Visietc
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Power point, Projects and email application.
  • Excellent Communication Skills (Written & Oral).
  • Certifications in Fibre Optic Cabling, CCNA and A+ will be an added advantage.
  • Certifications in HSE Grade III will be an added advantage.
  • Over 2 years of sound OSP Supervision experience in a Telecoms firm.
  • Understanding of fibre terminologies, fiber cable management, and fiber link power budgeting.
  • Understanding of FTTH architecture and PON/GPON Networks.
  • Understanding and accurate interpretation of Design drawing and As- Built drawings for fibre networks.
  • A Goal getter and team player.
  • Able to work under pressure & meet deadlines with little supervision.
  • Excellent people skills and street smart.
  • Open to learning and willingness to share knowledge & experience with team members.
  • Able to manage/supervise fibre civil works, reduce tension on site and motivate labourers/contractor personnel to accomplish assigned project task.
  • Neat, articulate and respectful.

Working Conditions:

  • Status: Outsourced
  • Work Schedule: 8-5
  • Travel requirements: Occasional



Job Title: Rigger
: Lagos
Function: Rigging
Job Grade: Outsourced
Reporting to: Head, Operations & Maintenance Location: Lagos
Travel Frequency: Occasional Date: 07/05/2019
Work Schedule: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Purpose of the Job (Brief)

  • To ensure efficient service delivery to the customer and ensure customer satisfaction for all new services and support related services.

Key Activities

  • Corporate Incident Resolution Corporate Customers: Restore service failures within 4 hours of its occurrence- Installation and commissioning of new projects.
  • Incident Communication: Provide prompt feedback with information relating to activities being carried out to resolve customer service incidents.
  • Preventive Maintenance Identify and Execute nodes/segment that require preventive maintenance on the network as assigned.
  • Backhaul links installation and commissioning
  • Execute backhaul link installations and commissioning.
  • Alignment of backhaul links.
  • Installation of microwave radios and alignment.
  • Report Management Ensure survey reports are done and submitted timely for review.
  • Ensure all status reports are done and submitted accordingly – Installation and commissioning data form.

Demonstrate (Key competencies):

  • Technical Site Survey (TSS) on the microwave radio and VSAT Platforms. Using tools like GPS, Compasses and Microwave link budget software for data collection and analysis.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Radios as well as Maintenance of Earthling Base.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Alvarion Radios and Soma Base Station.
  • Equipment retrieval, making request and returns of equipment for installation and maintenance.
  • Installation and commissioning of corporate links (Hub and Sub).
  • Configuration of VSAT modems (Vipersat, Comtech, EF Data and DVB).
  • Report generation
  • General maintenance and support of VSAT and Radio links.

Educational Qualifications & Functional Skills

  • Academic: School Certificate & OND/B.Sc.
  • Work Experience: At least 3 Years in telecommunication industry.

Functional Skills:

  • Good Mast Climbing skills.
  • Termination of RF/IF cables.
  • Installation of antennas and alignment.
  • Good interpersonal skills with customers, vendors and members of team.
  • Good knowledge of point to point links installation.
  • Understanding of the base station power supply (dc and ac) architecture and earthing systems.
  • Configuration skill for the integration of new and existing links.
  • Good knowledge of Alvarion technology, RF and planning, connectors and antennas.
  • Installations of all types of sectoral antennas.
  • Installation of PDH/SDH radios.
  • Tower/mast erection.
  • General cable handling
  • General Link Optimization, network design, planning and implementation
  • Conduct path signal troubleshooting.
  • Hardworking and Goal oriented.
  • Enthusiastic, knowledge savvy.
  • Strong analytical ability.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and tasks.

Other Requirements:

  • Customer Focus
  • Tech savvy
  • Action orientation
  • Drive results
  • Cultivate Innovation
  • Ability to optimize work processes
  • Resilience
  • Self-Development
  • Nimble Learning.



How To Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: vacancy@ttcmobileworld.com


Note: Please anyone who has applied to us, shouldn’t re apply and also the job applied for should be the subject.

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