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Ongoing Recruitment at Medecins du Monde (MdM), 31st May, 2019


Médecins du Monde (MdM) is an international humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide medical care for the most vulnerable populations, the world over, including France. It seeks to stimulate voluntary commitment from doctors, other health care providers, and from those whose expertise in other fields is needed for its activities, to enlist all competent support required for the achievement of its projects, and to seek at all times to encourage close working relationships with populations in its care.

We are recruiting to to fill the position below:

Job Title: Social Worker

Location: Maiduguri & Damboa – Borno
Slot: 8 Openings

Main Responsibilities

  • Under the direct supervision of the Clinic Head Medical Supervisor and working under the direct technical oversight of the Deputy GBV Advisor, the Social Worker will assist in the implementation of case-management of GBV and MHPSS patients with protection needs.
  • This will include in-depth management of cases, advocacy on behalf of clients according to their needs, referrals and systematic follow ups, accompaniment as well as overall case coordination.

Tasks Description
Provide survivor-centered case-management to GBV clients and MHPSS patients with protection needs:

  • Provide holistic assessment of clients’ needs and develop individualized care plans for each client.
  • Provide GBV counselling using a survivor-centered approach and other adequate GBV counselling principles.
  • Provide GBV psychoeducation to clients as well as other key information regarding MdM services and other services available in the community.
  • Provide internal and external referrals and follow-up services to clients according to their needs.
  • Support clients to navigate complex administrative systems and advocate on their behalf with healthcare, police and security forces, the legal and justice system, and other services as required;
  • Ensure services being provided to clients are well coordinated at every level and with every other service provider.
  • Identify and respond to clients’ arising needs and work in very close collaboration with the MHPSS and PHC teams to ensure clients’ psycho-social support and other needs are well met.
  • Work in close collaboration with GBV Advisor to update referral pathways and systems between community and PHC actors.
  • Ensure all work with clients is confidential and that ethical practices are observed in culturally appropriate way, especially with respect to gender sensitivities

Keep accurate and up-to date records:

  • Record all interventions with clients through the drafting of timely and well-written session notes.
  • Maintain complete and safely kept client files.
  • Periodically assess progress of individual cases and proceed to closing cases when appropriate and in collaboration with client.
  • Sensitize communities on GBV and MHPSS related issues as well as MdM services in the IDP and host communities:
  • Support MdM community mobilisers and MdM local partner in conducting awareness raising on GBV risks / consequences and PSS related issues and MDM’s services
  • Deliver strategic health talk in the clinics together with MHPSS and Medical team
  • Provide and facilitate psycho-social support activities for the IDP community and host population, with focus on delivering GBV specific PSS services at the clinics and community level.
  • Plan and conduct group activities for GBV survivors and other women that focus on support groups, sessions with children, group’s discussion, and community reintegration; using participatory methods adapted activities in accordance to the needs of the different target groups (children, women, etc.);

Meetings and Reporting:

  • Weekly reporting activities and data collection;
  • Share data at the end of every month with GBV supervisor
  • Participate in regular case management meetings with other MdM social workers and Social workers from other organizations in the areas of intervention;
  • Participation in MdM internal meetings
  • Attend monthly clinical supervision meeting with GBV Advisor
  • Inform security focal point in the case of any safety/security/protection problem.

Hierarchical links:

  • Management under direct supervision: Medical Supervisor

Technical links:

  • GBV and MHPSS technical Advisors, Deputy GBV Advisors, Medical Supervisors, Deputy SRH/GBV Technical Advisor


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent studies in Social Work, Women’s Studies, or Community Advocacy field.
  • At least 2 years of professional experiences in relevant field (social work, psycho-social)Good knowledge of women’s rights issues, GBV and complexities as it relates to target populations
  • Commitment to the GBV Guiding Principles
  • Experience working with women and/or children and with survivors of GBV
  • Proven experience advocating on behalf of women and children and other marginalized groups in the community (IDPs, GBV survivors, Persons living with a disability, Persons living with mental health issues, Persons living with HIVs etc.)
  • Strong communication and active listening skills
  • Ability  to communicate effectively with the partners and with beneficiaries.
  • Dedication to the position and caring personality
  • Fluency in at least two of the following languages: Hausa, Kanuri, Fulani and/or Shua
  • Knowledge of English language is required
  • Able to read and write.

Additional Information

  • Be committed to MdM’s values as an organization and motivated by its non-statutory, Not For Profit model
  • The employee shall respect Médecins du Monde – France’s schedule and Terms and Conditions of Employment and is expected to be available anytime in order to answer to an emergency situation and be flexible and available beyond normal working hours if requested.


Job Title: Social Worker

Location: Damboa, Borno
Supervisor: Base Log/Admin

Job Description
He/She supports The Base Log Admin for all support needed in the base (office and guest house) function including:

  • Fleet management
  • Log Assistant, Drivers and Guard supervision,
  • Energy Management
  • Equipment and stocks management,
  • Procurement
  • Project team support,
  • Field activity visit,
  • Monthly Logistic Reporting
  • Log Team management.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for supervising the logistic support Services in collaboration with the Base Log/Admin.
  • Ensure the efficient management of resources (fleet, Assets, utilities)
  • Ensure the good weekly vehicle planning
  • In collaboration with the drivers and car, hire vehicle to ensure on-time repair & maintenance of the fleet vehicle.
  • When vehicle moving for the maintenance and repair, he must remove the MDM visibility and put it back when the vehicles back at the office
  • Ensure on time repair & maintenance of Generator
  • Monitor the usage  of fuel for vehicles and generator
  • Monitor local procurement of goods and services for the Base according to the MdM Procurement  procedures
  • Assess the vehicle needs for a base in relation with project & office activities
  • Ensure the rehabilitation of premises, clinic & regular check.
  • Ensure the participation of logistics in the selection of premises for projects & offices
  • Ensure that communication means are available for professional work (internet, telephone etc.)
  • In collaboration with the Base Log/Admin, conduct the logistics assessments in the field whenever required, and provide the support to the team in the field

Equipment and stock Management:

  • In collaboration with the Base Log Admin anticipation for the need for equipment for the base
  • Ensure the good usage and maintenance of MDM equipment, (cleaning, security, protection; maintenance) … each extra equipment must be insecure metallic locked metallic shelve locked, inventory doc must be stick inside the door of the shelves.
  • Ensure the tracking of equipment (Physical inventories at least once each 3 months, ensure that all equipment is labelled, if not he must refer it to the log base.
  • Update on monthly basis the asset equipment list;
  • Ensure that each staff when he received an equipment as a sign the reception of equipment and keep it update. (when staff give back is equipment at the end of his contract make sure after checking the equipment state the staff sign the return of equipment form;
  • Ensure that each equipment has an ID Number if not must refer to his supervisor,
  • In case of any breakdown of any equipment, ensure that the following document is submitted at the Base Log/Admin
  • Report of the breakdown with complete incident report i.e. reason for breakdown.
  • With the support of the Base Log.Admin, make sure proper utilization of IT equipment (each staff need to clean his laptop, not put it under water, shadow, dusty) etc.
  • Be sure that each staff has cleaning materiel his computer (small brush, tissue, computer spray)
  • Ensure that the guard follow up the procedure of all Handset VHF is on charge every day after duty, and follow the procedure of before putting on a charge, empty fully the battery then start the recharge,

Base Meeting and Report:

  • Participate meetings with logistics base staff or take meeting minutes for staff base meetings as required, in close collaboration with the log base
  • Participate in logistics meetings and programs for the movement planning once a week,
  • Participate with the  Base Log/Admin at the monthly SITREP, each mast week of the month
  • Participate with the Base Log/Admin at the Logistic monthly report each end of the month (vehicle and generator fuel and maintenance follow up, Asset equipment inventory, none asset inventory, purchase follow up) etc.
  • Field visit report should be done in case of any clinic visit, and send it to the base Log/Admin.

Team Management:

  • In collaboration with the log base, adaptation of team according to the workload (including daily labour & temporary recruitments)
  • Provide technical support to the team on logistics’ issues
  • Participate in the recruitment with the Base Log/Admin
  • Conduct the appraisal interview for Log Assistant, drivers and guards
  • Participate in disciplinary actions
  • In collaboration with the Base Log/Admin, identify the training needs conduct/ arrange the training for them.
  • Ensure HR rules/guidelines are followed in the management of the log team.

Security and Context Follow Up:

  • Inform the Base Log/Admin on any evolution of the local context;
  • Report to the Base Log/Admin in case of any security incident.
  • Implementation of emergency measures, if required, under the supervision of the Base Log/Admin base.


Deadline: 13th June, 2019.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their Cover Letter and CV in one single attachment via email to: recruitment.nigeria@medecinsdumonde.net using the “Job Title and Location” as the subject of the mail.

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