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UNICAF Office Selfie Contest, 2019


This year’s International Worker’s Day is a call to action for equal opportunities without any discrimination between people. It is a fight for equal treatment and mutual respect between employers and employees. It is race against a new kind of violence which is called “Unemployment”. It is a struggle for better human working conditions that could benefit both companies and labour development.

Because empathy, understanding and collaboration between human beings, are essential values for corporations to thrive.   

It is true that even in the 21st Century, many people in their work environments are suffering from hard, unfair and exploitative regulations in which they are forced to conform. On the other hand, many organisations have managed to succeed due to the fact that they set the investment of their workforce as a priority. For instance, equal promotions, fair salaries, as well as repeated trainings are factors that provide motivation for employees to apply and prove their skills.  These examples of organisations have to become the majority, for a better world, better society and healthier working conditions overall.

The Idea

There is a vacuum in work-life balance in the lives of working professionals.  The Worker’s Day holiday avails them time to relax and reflect on important aspects of their lives. UNICAF recognises this celebration and intends to bridge the occasion with a fun and engaging “Office Selfie campaign“.

The Campaign runs for a month! Starting May 1st and finishing on the 31st. Professionals and executives will be invited to take an office selfie with or without their colleagues, upload on the landing page and fill in their details to qualify for the campaign.

Every entry will be qualified for a UNICAF 75% scholarship offer.

They have the chance to share their entries on their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with a dedicated hashtag #UNICAFOfficeSelfie.
5 Winners will be selected from those with the highest likes or shares.
The entry with the most likes and shares win fantastic prizes.

Prizes to be won will include: Professional Short courses & Cash prizes:

  • Any UNICAF Short Course and 50,000 Naira
  • 1st runner up: Any UNICAF Short Course and 20,000 Naira
  • 2nd runner up: Any UNICAF Short Course and 10,000 Naira
  • 3rd runner up: Any UNICAF Short Course
  • 4th runner up: Any UNICAF Short Course

How to enter the competition:

  • Take an office selfie of yourself with or without your colleagues.
  • Upload your picture.
  • Use the share buttons to share your #UNICAFOfficeSelfie on Facebook and Twitter to get as many likes and shares as possible.
  • The entry # with the most likes and shares win fantastic cash prizes.

Click here to join the competition

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