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Current Jobs at Action Against Hunger, 15th June, 2019

Action Against Hunger works to save lives by combating hunger and diseases that threaten the lives of vulnerable communities, through nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health and advocacy.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Nutrition Officer
 Monguno, Borno
Job type: Full Time
Starting Date: As Soon As Possible
Direct Line Manager: Nutrition and Health Sector Manager

Tasks & Responsibilities
Objective 1 – Nutrition and Health situation monitoring and mapping of nutrition and health sector activities:

Diagnosis and Mapping:

  • Update and maintain 5W/4W mapping (Health, and Nutrition sector) tool on a regular basis for the operational LGA; and share with Nutrition and Health Sector Manager.
  • Update tracking tool to monitor programme screening based data on acute malnutrition; collect health facility based disease surveillance reports and update morbidity reporting tool for assigned health facilities/LGAs.
  • Conduct periodic Mass MUAC screening in operational areas in collaboration with Community Mobilization teams and care group promoters, volunteers; support Deputy Nutrition and Health manager in drafting report.
  • Participate in conducting SMART/Rapid SMART surveys with technical support from Deputy HN Manager/Sector Manager.
  • Participate with M&E team in supervision of data collection for Nutrition KAP surveys; Baseline and End line Surveys
  • Liaise with Community Mobilization Officers/Assistants and HSS officers for accessing community care group database; health facility database on a regular basis and updating overall health facility based activities.
  • Conduct periodic capacity assessment of health workers on CMAM services delivery, IMCI service delivery, Reproductive health service delivery, vaccination etc. and review the training needs and/or coaching needs.

Objective 2 – Regular monitoring and supervision of Community based nutrition and health service delivery to ensure that services are provided with recommended national technical standards:

  • Develop monthly monitoring and supervision plan for the LGA and share with Deputy Nutrition and Health Manager.
  • Ensure that Assistant Nutrition and Health Officers are using standard Monitoring checklist during visit to health facilities.
  • Ensure that specific monitoring finding is reported to Deputy Nut & Health Manager with potential solutions
  • Ensure that Assistant Nutrition and Health officers are using specific checklist and template for on-job coaching sessions and/or supportive supervision visit
  • During supervision visit, identify gaps of in supply sides and report to Deputy Nut & health manager
  • Work with health workers and Assistant NH Officers to establish crowd control mechanisms in the health facilities/centres
  • Provide guidance and support to health workers for putting in place facility based screening, detection of acutely malnourished children
  • Closely monitor and provide guidance to project officers for ensuring appropriate measurement techniques, medical diagnosis for defining their health status
  • Monitor if mothers/caretakers are given adequate information regarding their health status/child health status and follow up visits
  • Closely monitor if health workers are following the appropriate protocol for antenatal care, delivery service and postnatal care
  • Closely monitor that appropriate treatment protocol is respected in the health facility for management of childhood illnesses
  • Ensure provision of adequate information to the mother and caretakers on the prescribed doses and administering drugs at home
  • Closely monitor if appropriate protocol for micronutrient supplementation, identification of medical complications for pregnant mothers are maintained
  • Ensure that referral of complicated pregnancies are made to the nearest higher centre
  • Monitor for appropriate documentation – IMCI treatment registers, individual child growth monitoring cards, ANC/PNC cards and delivery registers
  • Observe if children with SAM with complication are referred to stabilization centres
  • Ensure that all children are properly examined and treated according to national protocols and standards
  • Ensure that appropriate referral of patients is maintained within the CMAM and health components (OTP, SFP, SC, IMCI, ANC/PNC)
  • Identify gaps for WASH in health facilities and inform deputy Nutrition and Health Manager on a regular basis
  • Liaise with Community Mobilization officers to ensure improved coordination and collaboration between teams in the ground for appropriate detection and referral of sick children; follow ups required through care groups.

Objective 3 – Management Functions:
Potential management functions (not limited to this list only) are:

  • Develop LGA work plan with specific roles and responsibilities between Nut & Health Officers and Assistant Nut & Health Officers
  • Identify financial requirements, logistic needs, HR support in reference to work plan and inform Deputy Nut & Health manager to prepare budget forecast.
  • Review financial, logistical and HR needs on a monthly & quarterly basis and share with deputy nutrition and health manager.
  • Ensure that all health facilities/sites have adequate supplies to delivery uninterrupted health care services through identifying needs, informing line manager on regular basis.
  • Support Deputy Nut & Health Manager; Nut & Health Sector Manager in organizing LGA based coordination meeting;
  • Prepare individual monthly action plan in reference to work plan and share with Deputy Nut & health Manager
  • Participate in regular monthly planning meeting with nutrition and health teams led by Nutrition and Health PM
  • Maintain individual monitoring & supervision plan as well as for the supervisee
  • Regularly follow up with the teams on the progress of activity, challenges and guide on necessary actions
  • Facilitate Quarterly review meetings/workshops with respective government health managers at State/LGA level
  • Share training plans with identified needs to Deputy Nut & Health Manager well in advance to facilitate support from HR/Admin/Logistics.
  • Track Supervisee’s  daily attendance and validate monthly attendance for supervisee and submit it on a timely basis to HR
  • Communicate with HR for necessary staff meeting, performance review, appraisals, leaves of supervisee
  • Liaise with HR to provide orientation on AAH charter/core values/Child safeguarding policy/staff code of conduct etc.
  • Draft supply request and share with Deputy Nut & Health Manager on a monthly basis
  • Ensure rational use of all medical equipment and stationaries in health facilities
  • Maintain appropriate delivery note/In kind donation report in close collaboration with Logistic teams.

Objective 4 – Systematic capacity building of SMOH staff on health service delivery (IMCI, Ante Natal & Post Natal Care, Delivery  services) including CMAM and SC management:

  • Support Deputy Nutrition and Health Manager in facilitating and organizing technical trainings for health workers.
  • Organize training for Government nurses/midwives on integrated management of childhood illnesses and ANC/PNC and delivery service provision in close collaboration with PM/MPM
  • Support nutrition and health assistants on developing customized need specific guidance notes on IMCI, ANC/PNC, delivery service for on job coaching on different modules based on national protocol
  • Conduct and Support Assistant Nutrition and Health officers to conduct technical on-job coaching of health workers during supportive supervision in health facilities.
  • Ensure use of predefined quality assessment checklist, on-job coaching guidance as well as support Assistant N/H Officers in using these tools.
  • Conduct and Support Assistant Nutrition and Health officers to conduct technical on-job coaching of health workers during supportive supervision in health facilities.
  • Provide technical training and regular guidance to health workers on appropriate stock management and reporting (LMIS)
  • Provide technical training and regular guidance to health workers on disease surveillance reporting, DHIS2 reporting.

Objective 5 – Information management, Reporting and coordination:

  • Maintain and update database for health workers, community health workers/volunteers, trainings and share with line manager.
  • Prepare consolidated tracking tool for supportive supervision visits/on-job coaching sessions and share with line manager.
  • Update LGA work plans, individual work plans and share with line manager
  • Use appropriate attendance sheet on-job coaching sessions, workshops/meetings and trainings and share a copy with line manager
  • Use specific supervision checklist during supervision visits and archive filled supervision checklists with summary report – every month.
  • Fill the Nutrition and Health Evolution reports every month for the LGA and share it with line manager for consolidation
  • Support government health workers in preparing the integrated diseases surveillance report, monthly facility based DHIS2 report including CMAM.
  • Provide summary analysis from the LGA report including:
    • Significant contextual changes that have impact on nutrition & Health operations
    • Bullet points on progress of training, on-job coaching and supportive supervision
    • Key analysis of treatment performances of CMAM
    • Feedback on quality of service provision through monitoring visits (checklist to be used)
    • Key challenges and proposed solutions
    • Collect consumption reports from health facilities, compile for LGA and share with line manager with needs for upcoming month.
    • Regularly report and coordinate with line mangers regarding challenges, issues faced in the field for timely and appropriate decision making.
  • Coordination:
    • Coordinate and collaborate with health State/LGA health offices, health workers for smooth implementation of the project activities and quality of service provision
    • Organize monthly coordination meeting with health managers and workers
    • Closely coordinate with WASH team to ensure appropriate WASH facilities in the targeted CMAM sites
    • Participate in LGA based monthly coordination meetings and support LGA teams on structuring LGA coordination mechanisms with health workers and partners
    • Participate in meetings with other ACF sector or staffs to discuss and document lessons learned
    • Assist in organization of project workshop, trainings and seminars, including preparation of short reports.

Objective 6 – Performance Management:

  • Communicate Action Against Hunger performance standards and expectations to team members which includes ; 10 minutes monthly conversation, 3 months/end of probation performance appraisal and annual/ end of contract appraisal.
  • Establish performance objectives, provide feedback, identify strengths and areas for professional improvement.
  • Contribute to the professional development and improvement of team members by providing support.

Internal & External Relationship

  • Nutrition and Health Sector Manager: Line Manager
  • Sector Manager – Nutrition and Health: Exchange of Information
  • Multi sectorial Program Manager: Exchange of information
  • Field Coordinator/HoD/DHoD – Exchange of Information
  • Other Sectoral field teams: close collaboration on planning and implementation; Exchange of information
  • Nutrition and Health Assistant: Direct Line Management
  • Support team: exchange of information, collaboration, coordination


  • LGA, SMOH and SPHCDA : exchange of information, coordination, training, supervision, influence on choice of technical options
  • Health facility workers: Technical Supervision, capacity building and exchange for choosing appropriate technical options.
  • Local representatives of international aid organisations : exchange of information


  • Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery, Public Health or Nutrition
  • Minimum 2 years work experience in humanitarian contexts.
  • He/she must have experience in CMAM, IYCF and community mobilization.

Skills & Experience:

  • Minimum of one (1) year experience in primary health care program
  • 1 year experience in CMAM program implementation
  • Excellent report-writing skills is required
  • Fluent in written and spoken English and Hausa
  • Good Communication and Interpersonal skills
  • Team management experience with similar programs
  • Ability to observe and to provide feedback on the activities
  • Ability to manage staff  according to local culture and organization policies
  • Willingness and capacity to be flexible and accommodating when faced with difficult and frustrating working conditions
  • Prepared to live and work in an uncertain security environment
  • Commitment to and understanding of AAH’s aims, values and principles.


  • Ability to use fluently MS Word, Excel and Power
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure to strict deadlines
  • Ability to assess problems and recommend solutions


Application Deadline 19th June, 2019.




Job Title: Community Mobilization Officer
 Monguno, Borno
Job type: Full Time
Starting Date: As Soon As Possible
Direct Line Manager: FSL Sector Manager

Tasks & Responsibilities
Objective 1 – Provide support to AAH FSL Sector Manager to implement Mobilisation activities throughout the program implémentation stages:

  • Develop a Community Mobilization and sensitization strategy document for effective program delivery.
  • To coordinate with LGA officials to share plan and implementation of FSL activities.
  • Provide guideline and training to field assistants for effective community mobilization at the LGA level.
  • Contribute to detailed planning and implementation of mobilization of FSL activities in collaboration with the  FSL- Sector Manager.
  • Help to identify methods of community mobilization that enhance partnership & coordination with government officials and local communities, internal integration within sectors and programs (FSL, Nutrition, WASH, NFIs, etc.)
  • Help to identify areas of cross-program linkages within ACF programs in assigned LGA to ensure program quality and adherence to program objectives, including respect of ACF technical guidelines, systems, and established deadlines.
  • Help to reinforce and coordinate regular program monitoring activities, i.e. Baseline, PDM, End line, etc.

Objective 2 – Manage community mobilization field teams within the sector to ensure compliance, technical quality and coherence in all ACF mobilization, training and IEC material building:

  • Assist the Program team in the development of IEC and visibility related procurement and work plans of the mobilization and training component of the ACF program.
  • To provide regular support to the Program Manager to implement the filed activities at the community level.
  • Assist in engaging stakeholders at LGA level.
  • Ensure harmonization of program operating plans and protocols across the program as well as the mission, with the help of line manager.
  • Provide regular input for tools based on findings at field level to ensure that technical standards, guidelines and methodologies are communicated and understood.

Objective 3 – Ensure tracking and reporting of activities under Community Mobilisation of all component of the program:

  • Share reports and finding on a daily basis to provide help in the compilation of quality reports with an overview of activities and contextual updates, and quantitative indicator follow-up and submit to supervisor for consolidation.
  • Assist the Sector Manager and Program Manager in reviewing community mobilization activities, budget and then follow up with Logistics and field assistants to ensure adherence to work plan.
  • Provide support to Program Manager through the Sector Manager to ensure timely submission of PLs, Car/ staff movement plans on a weekly basis.
  • Ensure that all program-related data and information shared is correct, updated, organized, properly documented and accessible to the supervisor.
  • Facilitate and support systematic monitoring and evaluation of FSL activities.
  • Contribute to developing bi-weekly report activity progress reports for the program.

Objective 4 – Participate in regular internal and external coordination for the program at LGA level and at the state level when required:

  • Take lead in planning and conduct of FGDs with Beneficiaries and Vendors.
  • Represent ACF with local authorities, partners and other program stakeholders at LGA level with the consent of CM supervisor

Internal & External Relationship

  • Sector Manager: Direct line management & reporting, technical oversight, coaching
  • LGA CM field assistants, direct supervisee
  • Other Program Managers (FSL, WASH, Nut, PQA and RRE): exchange of information on programs and monitoring and evaluation (integrated approach)
  • Base log, Admin and Finance: exchange of information, reporting, collaboration, coordination


  • Participate in all Working Group meetings  (with the consent of line manager):
  • Local and state government: Engage with stakeholders in coordination with base admin &log and state supervisors/PMs/SMs


  • B.Sc / HND in Food Security and Livelihoods related courses e.g.  Economics, Agricultural Economics,  Business Management, Public Administration, Mass Communication, Sociology
  • Minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience in community mobilization work particularly in a humanitarian context.

Skills & Experience:

  • Ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences at local and state level.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, flexibility, adaptability and ability to work effectively as a member of a team.
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with community members and leaders, partner agencies and key contacts in the government.
  • Previous supervisory role.
  • Working Knowledge of microsoft office packages.
  • Strong sense of organization and attention to details.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English. Hausa and Kanuri will be an advantage.


  • Previous experience in Community Mobilisation in FSL interventions (i.e. cash based transfer, IGA, agriculture/livelihoods).
  • Previous experience with Action Against Hunger.
  • Experience implementing programming on behalf of donor (i.e. USAID, ECHO, DFID, SIDA) funded activities.

Salary Range
Gross Basic Salary: NGN 211,441 –  NGN 339,528 per month.

Application Deadline 20th June, 2019.




How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply




Note: Qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.

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