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We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Field Medic Offshore (Expat)

Location: Offshore

Job Description

Routine care consisting in:

  • Carrying out routine nursing care and procedures;
  • Carrying out consultations, drugs’ delivery and minor procedures within his competence under supervision and support of “Head Emergency & Field support” and CMO;
  • Handling medical equipment and pharmacy in the sick bay (equipment maintenance follow-up, stock management for drugs), paying special attention to emergency preparedness

Emergency care consisting in:

  • Carrying out 24/7 immediate initial assessment and stabilization upon arrival of any patient with critical condition;
  • Immediate reporting to “Head Emergency & Field support”/CMO and initiation of the Medevac/Medrescue process in accordance with the CLIENT Medical Evacuation Plan (PLN-HSE/GEN-M09-54);


  • Conducting with HSE Advisor the weekly hygiene visit in accordance with Company rule;
  • Conducting Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) procedure with the Camp Boss; o Ensuring that food samples are systematically collected; o Carrying out regular and random inspections of catering and food chain; o Checking water quality through regular samplings;
  • Providing hygiene education for all Catering personnel and checking personal hygiene;
  • Ensuring that all catering personnel have valid medical certificate; – Supervising pest control in catering and accommodation areas,


  • Induction of all new personnel on board upon their arrival:
  • Opening of a personal medical folder (medical history, chronic condition and regular treatment…)  o Checking validity of the AMC and recording the Fitness Certificate;
  • Raising awareness on hygiene, pest control and prevention of infectious diseases including malaria.


  • Providing the OIM and the CMO with the monthly activity report and yearly statistics according established templates;
  • Keeping up-to-date medical activity records;
  • Alerting immediately the OIM, the “Head Emergency & Field support”/CMO of any epidemiologic event (contagious diseases, food poisoning…)
  • Attending HSE meetings

Job Requirements

  • Registered general Nurse AND
  • Certified and registered anaesthetic nurse or   Emergency Medicine Qualified registered nurse
  • 5 Years’ post CRNA / A&E qualification experience required
  • Valid BLS/ACLS/ITLS certifications
  • Basic Computer + office Knowledge

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Medical Anaesthetist Nurse (Expat)

Location: Nigeria

Job Description

‘Head Emergency’ Position:

  • Supervises nurses and ancillary personnel from the ER, directing them for handling patients with critical conditions; assists them in getting familiar with their technical environment;
  • Assists the Nursing Manager in issuing emergency protocols for nurses;
  • Assists the Nursing Manager in the implementation of a new ‘Electronic Health Management System’;
  • Assists the Nursing Manager and SMO DW in handling overseas Medrescue/Medevac;
  • Prepares, maintains and operates a kit of medical equipment amenable to be immediately transported and deployed on the scene in case of multiple casualty;

Other Activities:

  •  Supervises the purchase of drugs, consumables and equipment from the French pharmacy Supplier and monitors (UNISUP/SAP) the purchase process from A to Z (PR, PO, Good Receipt 105…) in close partnership with Pharmacy Coordinator, C&P and Finance;
  • On call 24/7 (accommodated at the Clinic), performs out-of-hours nursing care and consultations on request from the nurse on duty and from SMO DW; – Reports all activities and provides hand-over notes to SMO DW.

Job Requirements

  • Diploma in General Nursing and license to practice;
  • Diploma in Accident & Emergency Nursing;
  • Diploma in Anaesthetic Nursing with at least 15 years working experience;
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support certifications;
  • Practical experience in medical support of Offshore/onshore Field & installations and isolated environment;
  • Strong and recognised abilities in Emergency Medicine at international standard.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Senior Medical Officer

Location: Lagos

Job Description


  • Carrying-out consultations for expat. and local staff and their dependants;
  • Ensuring medical best practices, ethics and confidentiality in all areas under his responsibility: emergency service, outpatient/external care, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, hospitalization.
  • Monitoring continuous development (i.e. update training in BLS, ACLS, ATLS…) for medical staff and contracted personnel;
  • Supervising the activity and work schedule of external service-contract personnel and consultant specialists;
  • Supporting and supervising DW OH Physician in:
    • Promoting health, safety and welfare at work by conducting biennial ‘Healthy Living Awareness Campaigns’;
    • Conducting the audit of all Lagos retainer facilities on a yearly basis and issuing a ranking of services in each specialty;
    • Conducting audits of DW offshore sites once a year;
    • Achieving AMC 100% completion ;
    • Reporting work-related illnesses/injuries and sickness absences;
  • Developing quality assurance, preparing further accreditation process in all areas,
  • Optimizing the network of external specialists and controlling the merit of all referrals;
  • Assisting the CMO:
    • In supervisory functions over DW medical staff and contracted personnel under his responsibility: appraisal, career progression, individual training plan, mobility planning;
    • In optimizing the medical workforce dimension and its technical suitability;
    • In encouraging cost-efficiency in all areas under his responsibility;


  • Registration of the facility with Regulatory Agencies (Ministry of Health, NAFDAC, NNRA…)
  • Registration of all practitioners with their respective professional bodies and their annual practice licenses renewal;
  • Budget forecasting and performance analysis: supervising the Admin. Manager in the process of monitoring medical fees, work schedule and timely contract renewal of contracted GPs and consultant specialists;
  • Assisting the CMO in updating CMS Procedures;
  • Monthly and annual reporting to the CMO of all activities related to SMO DW.

The position is responsible for:

  • Ensuring 24/7 medical emergency response;
  • Coordinating and supervising all clinical activities and providing high standard Medicare for all entitled within the allocated budget;
  • Handling hierarchical supervisory functions over medical personnel under his responsibility.
  • Reporting all activities to CMO.

The DW SMO assists the CMO in:

  • Monitoring for quality assurance the standard of care in Lagos Clinic;
  • Monitoring for quality assurance the standard of care received from all retainer clinics and external consultants;
  • Ensuring that personnel under his responsibility comply with the rules and regulations of the Company, their regulatory bodies and Health Authorities
  • Providing DW Clinic budgetary forecasting, budget performance follow-up/analysis and cost-efficiency.

This position is accountable for:

  • Ensuring 24H/7 uninterrupted medical service delivery with adequate personnel and equipment;
  • Ensuring quality and cost-effective Healthcare for all beneficiaries in DW District;
  • Cost- optimization of referrals and control of all other expenditures to comply with budgetary provisions;
  • Maintain a motivated and productive workforce in his area of responsibility.

HSE Objective:

  • Familiarizes self with TEPNG/TUCN emergency procedures, carries-out assigned responsibilities safely and reports any incident, unsafe act or operation;
  • Ensures all personnel under his supervision are well trained and aware of their HSE responsibilities with continuous monitoring to check for compliance with Subsidiary/Company HSE objectives and mitigates adverse impact on health and well-being of accidents.

Qualifications / Experience Required

  • Bachelor of Medicine,
  • Diploma in Emergency Medicine,
  • Diploma in Tropical Medicine;
  • Strong experience in Oil and Gas;
  • At least 15 years post-qualification experience.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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