FMARDPACE Registration has NOT Ended. Apply Now –

FMARD PACE Agricultural for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) is the FGN’s response to Covid19 pandemic aimed at increasing locally grown food supply and job creation.

Registration has NOT ended.

Apply NOW. via this link –

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8 replies on “FMARDPACE Registration has NOT Ended. Apply Now –”

My email and phone no had aready been taking but no massage or email for a test or other neccessary information. I’m interested what should I do .

My e-mail and phone no has been taken,but no message or test and other necessary informations.

Sir, pls my problem is since have started this program have not been pay for ones an I dnt Know why mine is like this. Pls I really need your help is not easy to work as the end the not pay an am not happy the way till is is go.thank if my request will be take into consideration…

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