Humanitarian Ministry has Commenced Payment Of N-Power June – July Stipends

The Ministry of humanitarian affairs has commenced the payment of N-Power batch A and B outstanding June and July stipends. The long awaiting stipends came in yesterday Tuesday 19th August 2020 around 5 pm.

This may signify the end of the round for batch A and B in the N-Power programme since the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has commenced the efforts of clearing the beneficiary’s outstanding stipends to enable them to focus on batch c enrollment.

Some of the batch A beneficiaries who earlier received payment claimed that they received June stipend and others in batch B said they received July.

If you have not received your stipend, wait patiently as payment of June and July stipends is ongoing.

N-Power exited Batch A in June while batch B beneficiaries were disengaged in July 2020. We hope that after the payment, N-Power will come out to clear the air on the next plan for the disengaged beneficiaries.

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