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Ongoing Recruitment at Laim Hotel – Osogbo, Osun

Laim Hotel, Osogbo – We are a 5 STAR hotel with the aim of constantly anticipating our customer’s expectations by offering superior services, with exceptional facilities and innovations that consistently exceed these expectations.

We are recruiting to fill the position of:

Job Title: Night Duty Manager

Location: Osogbo, Osun
Report to: General Manager

Position Summary

  • Night Manager will represent the Management during the night. The Night Manager also assists the Front Office Manager in all aspects of the department including but not limited to operations and planning in accordance with hotel policies and procedures.

Job Description

  • Manage and monitor activities of all employees in the Front Office department making sure they adhere to the standards of excellence and to the guidelines set in the employee handbook, hotel policies and procedures, coaching, training and correcting where needed.
  • Direct and oversee all hotel operations during the night shift to ensure guest satisfaction and safety.
  • Conduct Briefing for all staff during Night Shift.
  • Inform all Overnight staff of nightly activities, group and VIP arrivals as well as special requests and repeat guests.
  • Check accommodations, making sure any special requests are carried out accordingly, greet guests upon arrival and ensure escort to accommodations if appropriate.
  • Maintain a professional and high quality service oriented environment at all times.
  • Act as manager on duty for the hotel in the absence of the Front Office Manager dealing with complaints, problem solving, disturbances, special requests and any other issues that may arise.
  • Manage the night shift in the department ensuring all employees perform the tasks assigned to them and coordinate Front Office activities with other departments.
  • Required to welcome our guests to the hotel in a friendly and helpful manner, ensure that the public areas are kept clean and tidy.
  • Occasionally Assist guests with their luggage, be a point of contact for our guests, valet park guests cars and other responsibilities to ensure all requirements are met during our guests stay.
  • Must actively participate in the decision making process on guest relocation for nights when over capacity, execute accordingly and ensure a smooth relocation process. This effort must be coordinated with the Front Office Manager and/or Manager on Duty prior to shift start.
  • Monitor and develop team member performance to include, but not limited to, providing supervision, scheduling, assigning nightly work, conducting training, conducting counseling and evaluations and delivering recognition and also reward.
  • Ensure the accurate completion of the daily night audit in a timely fashion.
  • Must be able to perform the full night audit if needed.
  • Oversee preparation of daily summary reports.
  • Assist the Front Office Manager in implementing and enforcing financial controls throughout the department, helping with control of operating expenses, scheduling and purchasing.
  • Should Show Initiative, Problem Solving, Staff Training, Team Leading.
  • Work closely with the Housekeeping Department to improve guest services and foster cross departmental communication.
  • Be aware and able to enforce all fire-life-safety procedures.

Job Title: Waiter / Waitress

Location: Osogbo, Osun
Report to: F&B Manager


  • The waiter/Waitress will be required to conduct his duties in a courteous, safe and efficient manner, in accordance with the company policies and procedures, ensuring that the highest level of service and communication is maintained.

Job Description

  • Perform daily restaurant/dinning /bar setup.
  • Welcome guests to the restaurant in a pleasant manner and assist them to the tables.
  • Serve meals and drinks to guests according to established rules of etiquette
  • Prepare cocktails as requested by guests
  • Ensure all drink preparation is carried out under strict hygiene.
  • Present menu to diners, suggest dinner courses, appropriate wines, and answer questions regarding food preparation.
  • Write orders on captain order pad and verify that you have the correct order
  • Relay orders to kitchen and serve courses from kitchen and service bars in a timely manner.
  • Ensure the right meals have been prepared accordingly before serving any order to guests
  • Observe diners to respond to any additional requests and to determine when meal has been completed.
  • Clear dishes and clean-up table immediately after meal has been completed.
  • Clear dishes and clean-up table immediately after meal has been completed.
  • Total bills and accept payments and issue print out receipts to guests Accordingly.
  • Ensure proper and effective communication/feedback with kitchen staff and guests to achieve excellent service.
  • Serve at other banqueting functions as may be designated
  • Be pro-active and creative.
  • Strive to work independently and without close supervision.
  • Ensure friendly, reliable, quick and courteous service to all guests.
  • Adhere to grooming policy.
  • Carry out other duties as directed by the F/B Manager.

Job Title: Guest Service Agent (Receptionist)

Location: Osogbo, Osun
Report to: Front Office Manager


  • The Guest service agent (Receptionist) will be required to conduct his / her duties in a courteous, safe and efficient manner, in accordance with the company policies and procedures, ensuring that the highest level of service and communication is maintained.

Job Description

  • Ensure each and every guest are treated in a warm, friendly, efficient and accurate manner.
  • Assist guests with check-in and check-out processes (verifying registration, address and credit information, balancing bank, posting charges).
  • Go above and beyond to provide assistance, assist with luggage, directions wake up calls, future reservations, etc.
  • Coordinate all guest requests, inform guests of hotel services, features and room amenities.
  • Provide pick up and drop off services to guests.
  • Always be aware and attentive to all guestТs needs.
  • Ensure guest / member comfort and convenience at all times.
  • Liaise with housekeeping to ensure proper cleaning of rooms as appropriate and in a timely manner.
  • Ensure check-in and check out processes and policies are followed.
  • Constantly check all machines and equipment to ensure proper running of the front desk.
  • Carry out other duties as directed by the Front office manager.


  • Minimum qualification of HND or B.Sc in any related discipline and a 4 years working experience with knowledge about front-office software i.e OPERA,etc

Job Title: Porter

Location: Osogbo, Osun
Report to: Front office Manager

Position Summary

  • The porter will be required to conduct his / her duties in a courteous, safe and efficient manner, in accordance with the company policies and procedures, ensuring that the highest level of service and communication is maintained.

Job Description

  • Carry guests’ luggage, show guests to their rooms, and make sure that everything in the room is in order Ensure each and every guest.
  • Give guests information about the hotel, deliver packages, run errands.
  • Check all room equipment daily and report any mal-functioning Equipment.
  • Always be aware and attentive to our guestТs / memberТs needs.
  • Arrange transportation for guest and airport pick up / drop off.
  • Give hotel guests and other guests tour of the hotel.
  • Monitor movements of guests and be security conscious.
  • Report any security breach to the security or to your manager
  • Adhere to grooming policy
  • Carry out other duties as directed by the Front office manager.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum qualification of OND, HND, B.Sc with 3 years working experience in similar role.

Job Title: Room steward / Housekeeper

Location: Osun
Report to: Executive Housekeeper

Job Descriptions

  • Ensure high-quality cleaning service at public areas of hotel
  • Service guest bedrooms by order of floor / section to the required standard
  • Restock / replace items in rooms and bathrooms for guest use that have run out of stock or need replacement
  • Make bed professionally following standard procedure
  • Service bathrooms by washing and emptying bins; wash all glass surfaces and floors; clean shower, bath, basin, bidet, and toilet to the best quality standard
  • Using the right cleaning chemicals, dust and polish all hard surfaces to achieve a quality sheen
  • Vacuum bathrooms, bedrooms floors, corridors, stairs, and lifts to remove all debris; check the vacuum cleaner each week and if necessary change the dust bag
  • Ensure service area is well stocked with necessary products and cleaned always
  • Report issues such as equipment and light bulb damage promptly to supervisor or department manager for immediate action Ц ensure such reports are correctly logged
  • May be directed to pack guest luggage
  • May perform a regular deep cleaning of all areas of the hotel as instructed
  • May perform cloakroom duties for special occasions and function.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum qualification of OND, HND, B.Sc in any related discipline and with a 4 years working experience in a similar role.

Job Title: Front Office Manager

Location: Osogbo, Osun
Report to: General Manager


  • The front office manager will be required to conduct his duties in a courteous, safe and efficient manner, in accordance with the company policies and procedures, ensuring that the highest level of service and communication is maintained.

Job Description

  • Responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the front. Follow up on regarding satisfaction with guest related issues.
  • Check-in and check-out, process all payment, sit-up account for each guest upon check-in.
  • Supervise check-in and check-out , coordinate all guest requests, inform guests of hotel services, features and room amenities.
  • The front office manager must maintain a positive attitude that promote team work within the organization and must possess and display high level of personal standard.
  • Effective management of guest relations. Ensure that 90% of guest leaves review and feedback. Submit a quarterly guest satisfaction report.
  • Develop and implement annual guest satisfaction strategy with the cooperation and collaboration of the entire team.
  • Personally check work to ensure accuracy and attention to details. Continuously assess the work of front desk staff to ensure consistency in standard.
  • Manage the hotel database.
  • Leading, selecting, supervising and supporting front desk team.
  • Ensure each and every guest is treated in a warm, friendly, efficient and accurate manner.
  • Ensure check-in and check-out process and policies are followed, verifying registration, address and credit information, posting charges.
  • Constantly check all machines and equipment to ensure proper running of the front desk.
  • Provide pick-up and drop-off services to guest.
  • Ensure porters carry out their function effectively and efficiently, provide assistance with guest luggage.
  • Liaise with other department on behalf of guest.
  • Effective room revenue management.
  • Strict implementation of sales processes and procedures. ( Payment Procedure).
  • Prepare and manage a yearly budget.
  • Prepare weekly forecast.
  • Responsible for the financial Management of the department.
  • Effective management of room sales.
  • Obtain approval from the general manager for any discount

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum qualification of or HND in any related discipline with a 4 years working experience as a front office manager in previous employment.

Job Title: Night Auditor

Location: Osogbo, Osun
Report to: Financial Controller

Position Summary

  • To ensure the accuracy of accounting records and completing a number of administrative functions at the front office and other sales outlet assigned for accuracy on a daily basis, to reflect the hotel’s financial performance for the day.

Duties & Responsiblities

  • Process guest charges of different types  ATM cards, Credit Cards, POS and Bank transfers.
  • Post room and taxes charges to the guest accounts that have not been posted or were incurred on the night audit shift.
  • Transfer charges and deposits to master accounts.
  • Check to see that all charges are assigned to the appropriate departments.
  • To verify that all transactions performed at the front desk are supported by documentary evidence and signatures as necessary and that they have been correctly posted and allocated into their respective guest accounts.
  • To verify that all charges posted from POS software have reached the correct guest folios and also not missing.
  • Prints up and files reservations for the next business day, verifies all account posting and balances.
  • Monitors the current status of discounts and other related rebates.
  • Accurately posting room fees, related taxes and other paid services, including restaurant, Internet and resort fees, to each guest’s account daily.
  • Verify all account entries and balances, consolidate credit-card charges and submit for payment.
  • Audit and balance reports from the day shifts.
  • Respond to guest inquiries, concerns and complaints as needed.
  • Track room revenues, occupancy percentages and other front office statistics and ensure that there are no shady deals among the GSA, porters and housekeepers.
  • Prepare guest bills for next-day checkouts and process reservation cards.
  • Balance cash drawers and record receipts.
  • Perform night audit of hotel and outlet for revenue as per existing procedures.
  • Perform daily audit of housekeeping report and study occupancy reports to ensure accuracy.
  • Monitor audit journals and reports from front office computer system and point of service.
  • Perform adjustments and corrections and rectify all computer problems that occur during night shifts.
  • Operate front office operating system to generate revenue or allowances and or expenses reports in the form of the Guest Ledger Summary and the Daily.


  • Minimum qualification of B.Sc,HND in Accounting, Finance or any related discipline.
  • He/she must have worked as a Night auditor in previous working experience with knowledge about software i.e OPERA ,SAGE etc

Job Title: Procurement Executive

Location: Osun
Report to: Financial Controller

Job Descriptions

  • Manage And Provide Efficient, Prompt, Trouble-free, Courteous and quality Accounting Service
  • To implement sound purchasing policies, systems and procedures in accordance with company standards.
  • To monitor vendors for quality, service and price through standard purchasing specifications.
  • Must obtain competitive quotations for the hotel requirement and ensure that the best product is sourced and purchased.
  • To call for quotations for any items costing more than a certain amount (As per company policy) and inquire into prices from various suppliers.
  • Must ensure that all orders receiving dates are updated by the buyers according to the supplier’s promised delivery dates.
  • Must receive market list from the Executive Chef on a daily basis and arrange for the delivery of those items daily.
  • Must ensure that all authorized or approved purchase orders are sent to their respective suppliers / vendors for delivery purposes on a daily basis.
  • Must research and identify new products and services for the hotel in the market.
  • Must obtain written approval for established Minimum / Maximum stock levels by the Financial Controller and Operations Manager.
  • Must ensure the efficient operation of the Purchasing Department in all aspects.
  • Must check, explain if needed and approve delivered items discrepancy report issued by Cost Controller regarding price and quantity order variances.
  • Must approve all additional requests for new storeroom items, checking correct item description, unit, packing, and category and establishes Min/Max estimated stock.
  • Must verify the Сpending ordersТ report on a daily basis, and all pending orders are checked and verified regularly.
  • Must identify items for standing orders utilizing vendorТs logistics for regular deliveries to the hotel based on approved highly consumed items.
  • Must issue regularly slow moving item lists.
  • Must ensure validity of items available, force issue obsolete items and follows up on action taken for disposal.
  • Must verify that all documentation and proper quotations are maintained and filled according to policy and procedure requirement.
  • Must be willing to work a flexible schedule in order to accomplish all major responsibilities and tasks.
  • Must maintain all documents, files and listings up-to-date and performs his duties in the most efficient manner.
  • Must keep all records in a way that they can be checked at any time for information or audit purposes.
  • Must be responsible for physical control of all store items until issued, fully documented under strict control procedures (key control, timing schedule, authorized issue requests).
  • To approve all storeroom re-order requests, verifying quantities within the established Min/Max stock levels.

Security, Health and Safety:

  • Maintain high confidentiality in regards to Hotel Management privacy.
  • Notifies the Financial Controller, Cost Controller and Operations Manager regarding loopholes, errors, and misconducts.
  • Fully understands the hotelТs fire, emergency, and bomb procedures.
  • Follows appropriate procedures to provide for the security and safety of the Hotel Management accounts / finance.
  • Application of hotel regulations, and adhering to existing laws and regulations.
  • Maintains the highest standards of personal hygiene, dress, uniform, appearance, body language and conduct
  • Responsible Business: show involvement and be interested in environmental and/or social issues by participating in Responsible Business hotel and departmental activities


  • Informs guests about the hotel and its surroundings if requested.
  • Stays current with activities in the hotel by reviewing the communication log book each shift; updates log book for next shift.
  • Attends meetings and training required by the Operations Manager, Financial Controller, Cost Controller and Hotel Management.
  • Continuously seeks to endeavor professionalism in own job function

Job Requirements

  • Hotel fire, bomb and emergency procedures
  • Hotel health and safety policies and procedures
  • Hotel facilities and nearby sights of interest and importance (i.e. hospitals, stations, tourist sights)
  • Hotel and corporate marketing and promotional programs
  • Corporate clients and clients generating high business volume
  • Union Agreements.

Deadline: 13th August, 2020.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV and cover letter to: using the “Job Title” as the subject of the email.

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