Beware of Fake N-Power Transition Data Collection Form

Though the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has asked N-Power State Focal persons to collect data of batch A and B exiting N-Power beneficiaries interested in the Ministry transition opportunities, they do not create a unified avenue for volunteers’ information collection. Instead, they asked that the data be collected state by State.

A situation that has kept N-Power volunteers confused due to many data collection form links circulating online.

We urge volunteers to be careful with the information circulated on social media regarding their exit packages, do not disclose your personal data to the online fraudster, its absolute|y risky to do so.

Before you fill any form make sure it is authentic, look out for your State focal person phone number for inquiry. You can visit the NSIP office in your State for an update.

How To Know A Fake N-Power Transition Data Collection Form

Below are how to Identify fake N-Power Transition form:

  • Avoid the N-Power Transition form that specifies data collection for all N-Power volunteers in Nigeria.
  • Data collection is done with each State using different methods to collect information.
  • Avoid Transition forms that demand any information aside the information requested by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs
  • Avoid data collection form that is full of error

If N-Power wanted volunteers to fill a unified form, the would have sent the link to volunteers’ email directly or published the link on their official page.

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