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Centre for Clinical Care and Clinical Research CCCRN Request for Proposal (RFP)

The Center for Clinical Care and Clinical Research is an indigenous, non-profit organization that promotes best practices in health care delivery, medical training and research using locally adapted models of health systems strengthening. CCCRN has established a formidable presence in Nigeria. With the headquarters in Federal Capital Territory and field offices in its operational states, CCCRN built a vast network of health and allied professional staff, partners and collaborators.

We are issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for:

Job Title: Enterprise Resource Planning Software, and its related Installation, Conversion, Migration, and Implementation Services for Intergrated Child Health and Social Service Award (LOT 1)

Locations: Akwa Ibom and Cross River
Duration: One year Rolling


  • The Centre for Clinical Care and Clinical Research CCCRN (Integrated Child Health and Social Services Award (ICHSSA 1) is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) for an Enterprise Resource Planning Software, and its related installation, conversion, migration, and implementation services.
  • CCCRN’s preference is to enter into an agreement with a competent individual or organisations who can demonstrate that they possess the requisite skills, organizational, functional, and technical capabilities to perform the complete range of services and meet or exceed the requirements and service levels specified herein.

Vendors submitting a proposal (“Proposer”) in response to this RFP must meet the following requirements:

  • Solid customer base utilizing the proposed solution within Africa, including organizations similar in size and service delivery to CCCRN.
  • Meet all functional and technical requirements stated within this RFP using commercial off-the-shelf software.
  • The successful supplier shall be responsible for the final CCCRN approved design, installation, and implementation of the ERP system including development of user acceptance testing, system integration and connectivity to existing resources.

The award shall be made to the qualified supplier whose proposal is most advantageous to CCCRN with price and other factors considered. Other factors that may contribute to the selection process include but are not limited to:

  • Project approach and understanding of the CCCRN’s objectives and requirements
  • Supplier’s implementation methodology and previous success
  • Feedback from customer references
  • Compliance with the CCCRN’s terms and conditions
  • Ability to meet the CCCRN’s requirements (software functionality, usability, performance, flexibility, integration, and technology)
  • Quoted Cost and support quality for ongoing maintenance and support. 2

Project Objective

  • An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution that will be able to integrate our financial, accounting, human resources, payroll, reporting, asset management, contract management, project management, analysis management, grants management and procurement systems.

Overall the ERP system must provide:

  • A highly intuitive system with minimal training from a user perspective in order to improve cross departmental performance and efficiency.
  • Easy access to data for report and query generation without the need for a SQL specialist.
  • User-friendly mobile technology for timekeeping, approving transactions/processes and employee self-service.

The successful vendor will enter into a contract with CCCRN, for the following:

  • Professional Services,
  • Software License, and
  • Maintenance and Support Services

Contract Definition
The contract between CCCRN and the selected vendor to provide the required software and related services will consist of:

  • This Request for Proposal
  • The selected vendor’s Proposal
  • The vendor’s product demonstration, and related handouts and electronic presentations
  • Related Commentary – any product literature, vendor documentation, and communications from the vendor clarifying the proposal, technology, project planning, implementation services, training, 3rd party applications, software functionality, support services and professional services
  • Pricing information and options
  • A mutually agreed upon Statement of Work that outlines the project scope, project timeline, Project Manager, assigned responsibilities (vendor and customer), deliverables, milestones, services to be performed by the vendor, and costs by major work component.
  • The contract documents (Professional Services, Software License, and Maintenance and Support Services Agreements).

Deadline: 15th September, 2020.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified organizations are encouraged to email: using the Job Title as subject of the email.

Note: Proposals received later than 12midnight on the closing date above will not be considered.

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