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Consultant – Marketing Communication at Palladium Group

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We are recruiting to fill the position of:

Job Title: Consultant on Marketing Communication

Reference No.: req10321
Location: Abuja
Name of Project / Programme: Propcom Mai-karfi
Terms of reference for: Individual consultant on generic marketing communication for promotion of compost use in North-East States of Nigeria.


  • Propcom Mai-karfi is a Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) programme aimed at increasing incomes for the poor in Northern Nigeria through enhanced employment opportunities and improved productivity in selected agricultural markets in Northern Nigeria. Propcom Mai-karfi was awarded a 3-year extension (2018-2021) with particular focus on the North East (NE) States and 3 North West States – Kaduna, Kano and Jigawa. The aim is to influence INGOs in the NE states to shift from humanitarian to development and to implement market recovery and systems development programmes across the targeted states. Propcom Mai-karfi is working in the agricultural inputs market to increase access to inputs and promote efficient and safe usage amongst rural farmers.
  • Fertiliser is a major input in the NE accounting for 60% of the total cost of inputs used by farmers annually. This is due to the need to sustain food production amidst the challenge of low soil fertility, desertification and climate change. Farmers rely heavily on chemical Fertilisers, mostly NPK and Urea in order to meet the nutrient needs of their crops and improve yields despite some of the negative impacts on the soil structure in addition to inefficiency of production.
  • The NE has experienced conflict in recent years mostly through the activities of insurgents and other armed groups. The instability in the region has impacted on the agricultural markets negatively, particularly, Fertiliser availability. Whereas the national authorities have put a ban on the distribution of nitrogen-based fertiliser to some parts of the region (Borno and parts of Yobe) because of the risk of being used for explosives, the few quantities that make their way into the space sell for 30 – 60% higher than the retail price in other parts of Nigeria, creating a huge barrier to addressing the soil nutrient deficiency in the NE.
  • To address the gap in access to Fertiliser, Propcom Mai-karfi identified a compost brand as an alternative to chemical fertiliser and have run field trials to ascertain its efficacy and nutrient requirements and quantities for different crops and regions. The field trial proved to be successful, with the compost brand showing comparable and, in some cases, superior performance to chemical fertiliser across 5 NE States – Bauchi, Borno, Yobe, Adamawa and Gombe in grains, vegetables and legumes.
  • Whilst the Programme have begun to engage potential distributors on stocking the compost brand based on the field test results, the commercial production and marketing of compost is novel in Nigeria: Unlike this Compost brand which has gone through careful composting, standardization and testing of the nutrient content, animal dung is traditionally referred as compost or manure and farmers simply source it for a token and apply directly on their fields; There’s never been any Compost brand produced, distributed or marketed in the region. Therefore, the challenge is to design and implement a marketing campaign that effectively positions and communicates the value proposition of the brand in a way that stimulates interest and demand for the brand.


  • Although the compost brand shows huge potential in the north, its production is currently driven by a social enterprise in the south of Nigeria, lacking the financial capacity to promote the brand at the scale required to raise awareness and uptake for a new product especially in the Northeast. As such, the Programme needs to make the initial investment in market priming activities to raise awareness and demand for the product in the NE to address the supply gap for fertiliser. Moreover, key distributors in the region are only likely to stock the products with evidence of demand in their localities.
  • In view, the Programme will be engaging in a generic marketing campaign for the dry season to raise farmers awareness and knowledge on the benefits and availability of a compost brand in their region. The campaign is expected to sufficiently stimulate demand to drive more distributorship uptake and utilisation of the next wet season agricultural production.
  • Propcom Mai-karfi is thus seeking the services of a Marketing Communication consultant who will lead a team to run marketing promotion for the compost brand as part of a market entry strategy in the NE, with the ultimate aim of raising awareness, connecting farmers to available supply and driving utilisation.

This assignment should deliver the following desired objectives:

  • Establish the brand positioning for Compost
  • Design and implement promotional (trade and consumer promotions) activities for the compost brand, working with distributors and retailers
  • Execute communication campaigns to raise awareness and brand differentiation between Compost and chemical Fertilisers
  • Drive sales of compost for dry season production across the Programme States
  • 1 in every 10 Agro dealer outlets stocking Compost across 3 States by the end of the first phase of the Campaigns in March 2021.


  • The consultant will lead a team to run generic market campaign on Compost product using media channels including radio to develop and propagate content relevant to target audience – farmers, inputs dealers/retailers.
  • Working with the Programme team and existing distributors, trade promotions will be planned and executed to further encourage trial purchase and use. The campaign shall target the dry season farming season and run between December 2020 to March 2021 aiming at influencing farmers to purchase the product and apply during the period. The approach will establish interactions between the demand and supply sides and stimulate interest from both parties to purchase and use Compost.
  • A mix of Qualitative and Quantitative indicators will be used to track/measure change in Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) among the target audience during the period of the assignment. Targets will be agreed between Propcom Mai-karfi and the consultant before commencement of work. These would be subjected to periodic reviews as may be required.


  • Complete desk research for the assignment.
  • Design a draft plan for Compost marketing campaign including methodology and timelines and finalise plan with Propcom Mai-karfi intervention team.
  • Map out target audience and locations for the assignment.
  • Work with the Ag inputs team to draft budgets for the media campaigns and trade promotion.
  • Set up a team for the assignment and commence execution.
  • Prepare monthly reports of the tasks carried out, responses from targets and other market changes attributable to the campaign relevant to compost availability and use.
  • Prepare a final report of the assignment.

Expected Outputs:

  • Marketing plan
  • Weekly monitoring tracker updates
  • Monthly report
  • Promotion/activation events conducted
  • Media plans
  • Content creation – media material development
  • Posters, jingle placement and aired
  • Trade data for the period: Sales records, outlet expansion.

Duration of Assignment and Level of Effort:
The assignment will run between December 2020 and March 2021. Level of effort and billable days are as follows:

  • Period: LOE – Tasks
  • December 2020: 10 days – Desk review, Inception meetings, Mapping and Planning.
  • January 2021: 20 days – As agreed with PM team
  • February 2021: 20 days – As agreed with PM team
  • March 2021: 10 days – Final report, Documentation and close-out.
  • Total days – 60 days


  • The Consultant shall report to the Market Manager, Tier Leads or designated representative of Propcom Mai-karfi’s Deputy Team Lead as appropriate.

Required Qualifications

  • Relevant academic qualification in mass communication and or related discipline.
  • Extensive experience in marketing communication, private sector engagement, media content development and product promotion with a qualification in relevant field
  • Previous experience and the ability to work on design and implementation of marketing campaign
  • Excellent knowledge in use of media channels to communicate value of a brand in a way that stimulates interest and demand
  • Excellent report writing and presentation
  • Excellent knowledge in the use Microsoft office suite.

Note: Reference on similar assignment will be an added advantage

Selection Criteria:

  • Criteria – Weights (%)
  • Detailed Presentation and Understanding of Assignment – 40
  • Technical Expertise, Qualification and previous experience – 40
  • Daily rate and Tax Identification Number – 20

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their Documents in Microsoft Word or PDF format to:

Application Notice
Email as one attachment:

  • A detailed CV and cover letter
  • Evidence of similar work done
  • Tax Identification Number and proposed daily rate(sent separately on attached excel sheet)
  • Proposed approach and broad strategic activities (not more than 3 pages)


  • Name of Signatory: Adesoji Tella 0805 479 6992
  • Title of Signatory: Market Manager
  • Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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