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Consultant – Production of Informative Communication Materials at Christian Aid

Christian Aid (CA) is a UK-based international NGO, partnering with others to end poverty in Africa. At the heart of this vision is the transformation of the lives of people who live in poverty, empowering them to have a brighter future. Christian Aid works in more than 30 countries and has been operating in Nigeria since 2003. The Nigeria Country programme focuses on Community Health and HIV, Accountable Governance including humanitarian response and Gender.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Consultant – Production of Informative Communication Materials

Location: Nigeria

Background and Contextual Understanding

  • Evidence for Collaboration and Inclusive Development (ECID) is a data-driven project that will contribute to reducing poverty and improving the wellbeing of over 600,000 marginalised people in Kaduna and Anambra States.
  • The project is funded by UKAid from the UK government and is implemented by Christian Aid Nigeria in collaboration with Civil Society Organizations which will support civil society and marginalised groups to collect and use data as evidence for effective engagement with government and participation in policy and decision-making.

The project specifically seeks to improve the wellbeing of three groups that have been identified as the most marginalised:

  • Adolescents (boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 19)
  • People with Disability
  • Poor rural women (19 and above living in hard-to-reach communities)

Purpose of the Consultancy:

  • The purpose of this consultancy is to create customised characters of the three identified groups- adolescent boys and girls, people with disability and poor rural women.
  • These materials will be used as tools to properly inform the audience about the project and what is expected of them as their role in supporting the overall project success.
  • The created charters will be owned by Christian Aid and used in both print and video materials produced on the ECID project.
  • The consultant will also design materials in Igbo, Hausa and Pidgin languages.
  • These characters will be created to suit the context in the different project locations- Anambra and Kaduna.
  • All of these are aimed at increasing knowledge and visibility of the ECID project within the project states and create a sense of ownership for the community members as these languages are the indigenous languages in the project communities.

Specific Objectives of the Consultancy

  • Create distinct and customised illustrations (characters) that represent all the target groups on the ECID project.
  • Modify the already produced community info-sheets from English to Igbo, Hausa and Pidgin languages.
  • Produce and translate three short audio-videos with motion illustrations in English, Igbo, Hausa and Pidgin languages.
  • Print the designed material


  • Twenty-four (24) customised illustrations (characters) and scenarios in modifiable formats such as vectors, PNG or any others representing the three identified groups that are suitable for use in Kaduna and Anambra states.
  • Short animated videos of the info-sheet in English, Igbo, Hausa and Pidgin languages.
  • 500 printed copies of each language of the info-sheets; English, Pidgin, Igbo and Hausa respectively.
  • A report of the entire consultancy process
  • Modified version of the already produced community info-sheets to Igbo, Hausa and Pidgin languages.

Illustrations (Characters) to Design:

  • Seven (7) different Northern (Kaduna State) looking characters
  • Seven (7) different Eastern (Anambra State) looking characters
  • Ten (10) different regular (Nigerian) looking characters

Consultant Competencies

  • We are seeking a professional communications outfit or individual with experience in designing and producing materials for varying audiences.
  • The outfit/individual should also have experience in graphics design and illustration to create distinct characters.
  • Experience in translation to Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin and other Nigerian languages is important.

Budget and Terms of Engagement:

  • 50% of the consultancy fee will be paid when the contract is signed, and the balance paid on final satisfactory performance.
  • 10% withholding tax will be deducted from source on the total cost of the consultancy fee for a firm and 5% for an individual.
  • It is expected that the entire design, modification and printing does not exceed 3 weeks from the date of selection.



How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates (firms and individuals) should submit their proposal in a zipped folder to: copying with “ECID Informative Communication Materials” as the subject of the email.

The proposal should include the following:

  • A comprehensive CV / Company Profile showing relevant expertise and experience around creating customized characters.
  • Evidence of ability to deliver on a multimedia communications campaign of the proposed magnitude (including links or samples of previous work)
  • Budget outlining the cost of production for characters, video and printing of materials


Application Deadline  2nd February, 2021.

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