Government | Step by Step Process Filling VAT Online

1. Go to

2. Click on Login

You Login with the registration email address of the company where you are not sure of the password, select password reset, and follow the reset password link sent to your email provided in the reset password

After Login

3. Select taxes due – you will see the VAT due which has not been filed online. You will need to clear the backlog (if Any) before you can continue with the current returns

4. Select Process

Then, the below will be on the screen

Find Below


Goods and Services Exempt

Zero Rated Goods and Services

Sales Adjustment

Vat Return Form

You will select Good and Services Exempt

If the Company is into product or services exempted

Under Product Category – Select the product involved

Fill the value of the sales for the month in the Amount Box

Select add records and proceed

But if there are no exempted goods just input 0 in the amount box and proceed

NoN-Export Oil

Same ad applicable to goods exempt

Sales Adjustment

Same ad applicable to goods exempt

5. VAT Return Form

Select currency

Input line 10 for sales/contract

Line 70 for input VAT claim

Line 190 for VAT deducted at source

Accept the declaration by clicking the box and also to confirm the VAT Due

Click Pay to Generate Remita Number and pay at the bank or Pay from your debit card

Please, if you are making a payment, you are expected to Generate a remita before going to the bank, where however you have paid to the bank, it means you filled manually, please come to the tax office, do not file that payment online again. 

To print evidence of filled returns, on the home page, select the Concluded Assessment Icon, select View and print


14 replies on “ | Step by Step Process Filling VAT Online”

Thank you very much for the guide. The issue is that the process is still not going via the firs platform. I have tried several times to do it but not going through.

Always refresh. It is going through. Keep on refreshing your browser. Make sure you have a good internet connection

how can i create new email address for this new site( because previously i do log in to my company portal using USERNAME AND PASSWORD but now they are requesting for email address and password. kind of confuse on how to go about it. thanks

It’s advisable you fill another update form and submit to your tax station. You have to tell them the reason for a new update form, with that they can help you process it fast.

i made a mistake on the amount to be paid and i have already declared it is there a way it could be changed

i have fill my password severally it keep telling me that the token is
invalid,what do i do
secondly,the email i received has no password,an email was sent to taxpromax .ng in respect of that ,till now they has not responded.

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