Steps to Accept Nexit Loan Offer When Due

As the ministry of Humanitarian affairs and CBN plan to commence the disbursement of Nexit loan.

Login to your NEXIT dashboard

Click on the check Exit Status. A message will display stating that your update is still pending.

You will be notified of the next steps via your registered email address.

The Nexit exit status page is the channel in which the Exited Npower Volunteers will transit to other prospective endeavors and are expected to confidently channel all they have learned over the years into successful ventures that will improve the economy and create further opportunities for them and other citizens

How To Accept Nexit Loan Offer When Due
To successfully receive the Nexit loan when due, beneficiaries will complete the following steps:

  • Visit NEXIT Login Portal
  • Click on Check Exit Status
  • Once it opens, you will see your Nexit Loan Amount (Note all status are pending for now)
  • Click on Accept Offer
  • Enter your Bank details
  • Click on Submit

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