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Data Science Full-Time Super Audio Teachers Recruitment

Data Science Nigeria is recruiting full time teachers in English, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Economics, Physics, Civic Education, Government, Chemistry, Literature.

Full-Time Super Audio Teachers Recruitment
Are you an exceptional teacher?
-Join our full-time audio teachers.
-Work at our Educational Content Creation Studio located in Lekki, Lagos State.

Do you have a pleasant voice?
Can you teach passionately, clearly and convincingly via audio alone?
Can you teach any of these subjects: English, Mathematics, Biology, Basic Science, Civic Education, Physics, Chemistry, Government, Literature, Economics and Geography?
Details of work
Join our team of full-time teachers, working from our Lekki Studio where you script and record academic classes to support audio learners.
You will be expected to work at the studio physically 3 times a week to record and 2 days online to a write your class script and review other scripts.
Monthly compensation: 120,000 per month
Duration: 6-month first contract and renewable based on performance.
 Application process
(1) Write a class script in your core subject of competence on a topic you can teach within 15 minutes. For example, Introduction to Irregular verbs in English Language; Newton’s Law of Motion in Physics or Introduction to Clifford constitution in Civic Education. Submit this script on the form.

(2) Your script will be reviewed by our team of expert teachers, and qualified candidates will be invited to the studio to record a 25-minute audio class, which will be evaluated based on voice clarity, degree of engagement, pedagogical excellence, communication skill etc.



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