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Applications are now open for Enugu Skill-Up Project Development Program. Enugu Skill-Up is a human capital development program that will equip the youth with high demand skills for employment.

The project will focus on delivering skills training in the construction industry through an apprenticeship with Master Craft. The goal of the Enugu state government is partnering with a competent organization like iCreate Africa to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem that positions and encourages Master Craft Persons to lead and provide industry-relevant training that will guarantee employment for interested youths.

1) Training In Construction Industry
  • Welding, Carpentry, Tiling ,Plumbing ,Electrical Installation, Drywall and Painting ,Solar –Inverter Installation & Maintenance ,Wallpaper Installation ,POP Installation and Wall Screeding .Concrete Construction Work.
How it works

Applicants will be paired with highly qualified Master Craft Persons to deploy competency-based training techniques during a three (3) month-long apprenticeship. Assigned MCPs will use a combination of theoretical and practical training approaches to train apprentices, helping them gain hands-on experience and adapt quickly to working environments.

2) The Program has two sets of beneficiaries: Master Craft Persons(MCPs) and Apprentice

i) Master Craft Persons : Certified Skilled Professional with 5 years experience and available workshop to train a minimum of two apprentices.

ii) Apprentice –

Highly motivated youth interested in a career in the construction industry.


Apply to acquire skills training through apprenticeship, Please read and understand the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before you continue the application

Apply for the loan

Get a loan through the Enugu state SME center to cover training cost and payback without interest after you get employed


Get paired with a Skilled Expert within your location for apprenticeship training.


Get both technical and on the job training for 3 months, 5 days a week.

Assessment Test

After the training apprentice will be assessed by an industry expert for skills competency


Get onboarded on the skillers platform to access employment opportunities.

Payback the loan

Payback the loan when you get employed

How to Apply  for Enugu Skill-Up Project Development Program


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Good one, from the analysis, this is more of training and not employment yet.
My question is “what of those that are already equipped with some trainings that might eventually get involved in training others, what will be their benefits in terms of renumeration.

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