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In Nov 2020, @tiimafrica in partnership with the Fed Ministry of Youth and Sports Development called for applications from Nigerian youth who run businesses, to apply for a one time grant worth $5,000. For those of you who can’t remember, Read the advert here How To Apply For FMYSD – Tiimafrica Project Grow 100 – $5,000 Grant

The grant, is aimed at empowering 100 Nigerian youth-owned businesses. Over the past few weeks, the foundation has worked ceaselessly in sifting through the pool of applications to compile a list of 100 applicants, eligible for the grant. In regards to that, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development in partnership with @TimAfrica, has opened a supplementary application process for #ProjectGrow100.


  • Nigerian between 25 – 35 years
  • Runs a business within Nigeria
  • 6 months minimum financial records

How to apply:
Interested and qualified applicants willing to apply for the project 100 who’s aimed is to empower 100 youth-owned businesses with $5,000 should:

Click here to apply

For more visit Fed Ministry of Youth and Sports Development website or

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