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Job Vacancies at iMMAP Nigeria

iMMAP is an international non governmental organisation that provides information management services to humanitarian and development organizations. Through information management, we help our partners target assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations. Our core philosophy is that better data leads to better decisions and that better decisions lead to better outcomes. iMMAP’s critical support to information value chains helps to solve operational and strategic challenges of our partners in both emergency and development contexts by enabling evidence-based decision-making for better outcomes.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Country Security Advisor

Location: Maiduguri, Borno
Type: Full Time
Status: National Employee


  • iMMAP program in Nigeria started late 2016 and was designed to support the response to the ongoing crisis in in the Northeast of the country, by strengthening the information management (IM) capacity of the responders within the different humanitarian sectors.
  • The target beneficiaries of this program are the humanitarian partners (who are all sectors members) and the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs [UNOCHA] in its mandated inter-cluster coordination role.

Description of Duties

  • The Country Security Advisor (CSA) will work with the iMMAP Nigeria team and the iMMAP Security Department to ensure the safety and security of all in-country staff.
  • The primary function of the CSA is to provide assistance to the Country Director on all safety, security and logistics issues, as they relate to staff and programs in Nigeria.
  • The CSA will function as the Logistics officer for the iMMAP Maiduguri office and will provide all logistic support require for the office operations and daily functionalities.
  • The CSA is committed to implementing and maintaining the highest standards of security and contingency planning in order to ensure the safety of all staff in country.


  • The CSA will monitor the security situation in Nigeria, conduct risk assessments, participate in enforcing security and safety procedures and provide sound and timely advice to staff and management on safety and security matters.
  • The CSA will maintain contacts with local and national authorities and international state and non-state actors, compiling threat analysis, incident reports and routine security reports.
  • The CSA will liaise and coordinate timely and efficiently with the Country Director and the Global Security Manager regarding security incidents, threats or deficiencies which potential could affect operations.
  • The CSA will assist with the implementation of safety and security policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) as detailed by the Global Security Manager.
  • The CSA will ensure compliance with iMMAP’s global operating principles and risk management policies.
  • The CSA will ensure that security clearances are received before staff embark on local or international travels.
  • The CSA will create a weekly situation report as per iMMAP’s SOP, including a brief analysis of the security situation.
  • The CSA will conduct security induction briefs for new staff.
  • The CSA will design and practice emergency systems, emergency communications and provisioning of emergency supplies for all staff.
  • The CSA will conduct and submit to the Country Director, Site Risk Assessments for locations regularly visited by iMMAP staff, including field locations.
  • The CSA will maintain the validity of emergency & contingencies protocols based on the applicable E&C level as prescribed in the Project Security Plan.
  • The CSA will ensure that communication protocols are implemented, and project warden lists are up to date.
  • The CSA will liaise with other humanitarian and emergency actors as well as international and national governments on safety and security matters.


  • Ensure that all logistics & procurement specific iMMAP/donors’ rules and policies are understood and respected.
  • Manage office and guest house space allocations for allocations for all staff and short-term visitors.
  • Provide a list of all iMMAP security vetted hotels to visitors and guests and ensure bookings are made ahead.
  • Take inventory of all office and guest house supplies, maintaining a good record and ensuring the office has sufficient supplies.
  • Ensure that IMMAP Guesthouse is well equipped with required furniture, laundry services, electricity and internet, plus maintenance are given when needed.
  • Mange and supervise all necessary repairs and maintenance in the office and Guest house. Ensuring all works are done timely and in a proper manner.
  • Interface with the Maiduguri Immigration service on all expat entries and visits, ensuring that challenges are addressed quickly and seamlessly.
  • Lease new offices and houses by selecting suitable location and prepare a contract with close collaboration with the Administrative Coordinator.
  • Supervise all cleaners, cooks and drivers; monitor the car rental movement at IMMAP office and ensure that movements are pre-approved and tracked.
  • Supervise Generator running and maintenance, ensure usage logs are well monitored.
  • Optimize all logistics operations to increase cost-effectiveness including setting up longer-term supply contracts
  • Ensure iMMAP supplier due diligence is effective


  •  Maintain effective and positive internal contacts with iMMAP in-country associates, officers and staff, and external contacts with national and local government officials, international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), donor agency officials, vendors, media, and the general public.
  • Follow iMMAP’s branding regulations required for marking, or branding, of all iMMAP products and correspondence.

Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • The Country Security Advisor will report directly to the Country Director with technical reporting line to the Global Security Manager.

Accountability to Beneficiaries:

  • iMMAP team members are expected to support all efforts toward accountability, specifically to beneficiaries of iMMAP programs, and to international standards guiding international relief and development work while actively engaging beneficiary communities as equal partners in the design, monitoring and evaluation of field projects


  • Ability to provide a clear Criminal Record Check,
  • Ability to provide honourable discharge papers, if a previous member of Armed Forces or Police Service.
  • Experience
  • Considerable practical experience of managing security in complex contexts and high-risk environments;
  • A minimum of 6 years of relevant experience with demonstrated knowledge and understanding of working in the safety, security and logistics sector
  • Former military or police, or extensive experience as an NGO security officer or with a Private Security Company;
  • Previous experience working in international non-governmental organisation is preferred;
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to interpret and analyse data and translate into effective information;
  • Soft skills
  • Ability to interact effectively with international and national personnel;
  • Ability to work well in a small team, operate under pressure, prioritise and deliver high-quality work within deadlines, and meet team objectives.

Guiding Principles:

  • Personnel is expected to conduct itself in a professional manner and respect local laws, customs and iMMAP’s policies, procedures, and values at all times and in all Countries.
  • iMMAP has zero-tolerance for sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, human trafficking, child abuse and exploitation. Any violations of these principles and policies will be treated as serious misconduct.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: INGO Forum Access Advisor

Location: Maiduguri, Borno
Job Type: Full Time
Status: International Consultant

The INGO Forum in Nigeria was formed in late 2014 to develop a collaborative platform for effective and principled INGO interaction, engagement and coordination for humanitarian, recovery and development interventions in Nigeria. Since inception, the INGO Forum has become a critical platform for ensuring effective information sharing and analysis; leadership on advocacy and policy engagement; and liaison with government/donor/UN engagement and engagement ensuring the perspectives of INGOs and affected populations are ultimately included in decision-making processes.

The INGO Forum is governed by a core membership of 54 members (and 7 observers) with new member applications pending approval on a regular basis, The INGO Forum is governed by an elected Steering Committee of five Country Directors and a Chair that works alongside a full-term Secretariat. Since November 2020, the INGO Forum is administratively hosted by iMMAP in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja as well as Maiduguri.

Description of Duties

  • The Access Advisor will Coordinate BAY state and deep field level Access meetings and engagements, with travels to Abuja for key meetings as necessary and briefings to the HCT. This position reports to the Deputy Director of the Nigeria INGO Forum and works closely with the Director and Policy Advisor.
  • Collaborate closely with REACH, iMMAP, OCHA, INSO and other data analysis units on key humanitarian issues that require monitoring and analysis.
  • Promote the application of IHL and the operationalization of humanitarian principles.
  • Identify opportunities for strengthening access measures, as well as opportunities for promoting community acceptance and accountability to the affected population
  • Ensure that linkages between other access initiatives are established and maintained.
  • Co-chair the Access Working Group in general coordination meetings, working closely with OCHA’s Access officer to ensure relevant messages from the AWG are relayed in other meetings including the HCT.
  • Lead prioritization and analysis of access-related information from relevant stakeholders including patterns and trends through the joint production of monthly information and quarterly trends reports.
  • Draft and design AWG and access related updates, policy briefs, and other similar materials.
  • Facilitate structured and effective information exchange both between internal INGO partners, and with external partners (NNGOs, UN, Government, Media, International community, etc).
  • Stay informed on political, humanitarian and security contexts, while providing structured updates to the INGO Forum as it relates to Access regionally and nationally.
  • Facilitate effective information flow between field-level realities in NE Nigeria and capital-level coordination in Abuja.
  • Ensure attention to special protection issues that arise with the project; particularly those involving vulnerable groups, sensitive topics, protection of sources and confidential data.
  • Undertake regular visits to the deep field and consistent liaising with key stakeholders to share relevant information and stay informed.
  • Help organize and facilitate workshops and other capacity development, as necessary.
  • Promote the rights of beneficiaries in line with the advocacy strategy

Generic Professional Competencies:

  • Experience from working within technical expertise area in a humanitarian/ recovery context
  • Previous experience from working in complex and volatile contexts
  • Core competency expertise
  • Documented results related to the position’s responsibilities
  • Fluency in English, both written and verbal

Context/ Specific Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Advanced university degree in conflict and development, international relations, international humanitarian law or related technical field (minimum master’s degree).
  • Five years cognate experience in a similar role within an NGO (local or international), with humanitarian access functions.
  • Experience with developing and implementing access related strategic objectives.
  • Knowledge of the humanitarian coordination system and the mandates of the actors involved.
  • Knowledge of International Humanitarian Laws.
  • Good knowledge of the social, economic and political dynamics in North-East Nigeria, the Lake Chad Basin and Sahel region in general
  • Strong data analytical and interpretation skills.
  • Commitment to international humanitarian standards and principles.
  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced and often demanding environment.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and experience in humanitarian setting.
  • Knowledge of and contacts in Nigerian Media.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Country Representative

Location: Abuja
Job Type: Full Time
Status: International Consultant

Scope of Work

  • The Country Representative (CR) is the senior iMMAP management position in host country, with supervisory and managerial responsibility for all in-country personnel, programs and policies.
  • The CR is responsible for developing the overall iMMAP strategic direction for programming in concert with the iMMAP senior management team and local and international partners.
  • S/He is also responsible for developing and implementing systems, policies and procedures for iMMAP operations in country.
  • As the iMMAP senior manager in country, the CR is also responsible for financial oversight, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, staff safety and security, human resource management, and representation in the field.
  • Working closely with the Chief Executive Officer, the CR ensures that country program operations meet the highest standard and are supportive of regional and global iMMAP strategies.

Description of Duties
Line management:

  • The Country Representative for Jordan shall work under the direction of the Operations Director and under the global supervision of iMMAP’s Directors and the Chief Executive Officer.

Strategy and Vision:

  • Formulate and plan, in consultation with key stakeholders, a clear vision of present and future programme goals and strategies which can be clearly communicated to team members, local beneficiaries, international partners, governmental counterparts, and donors.
  • Set direction by prioritizing and organizing actions and resources to achieve program and organizational objectives.
  • Evaluate program priorities within the country and participate in regional prioritization.
  • Explore, evaluate and present new country and project funding opportunities that leverage impact and integrate initiatives and activities; support and direct related fund- raising activities with both institutional and private donors.

Team Management:

  • Develop and maintain an adequate human resource plan consistent with iMMAP’s policies, including current position descriptions for all iMMAP in country positions, personnel orientation and professional development plans, personnel evaluation system, field personnel policy manual, and personnel grievance procedure system.
  • Recruit, manage and motivate an informed, skilled and efficient team with an emphasis on excellence and achievement; encourage a team culture of learning, creativity and innovation, incorporating staff development strategies and performance management systems into the team building process.
  • Establish leadership and personal credibility with the iMMAP team, and implement and create an organizational culture of accountability, responsibility and quality of services.

Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Ensure the programme is based upon sound principles of design and utilise iMMAP and donor required monitoring and evaluation systems.


  • Represent the iMMAP country programme with national and international donors, partners, media, and participate in local community activities as appropriate.
  • Maintain effective and positive internal contacts with iMMAP headquarters officers and staff, and external contacts with the Embassies, national and local government officials, international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), donor agency officials, vendors, media, and the general public.

Fiscal, Compliance Management and Accountability:

  • Coordinate overall country budget; manage budget within approved spending levels and establish an annual cash flow plan to ensure a steady and adequate supply of funds for program activities.
  • Oversee budget management of sub-grantees/sub-contractors if any.
  • Build and maintain operational structures that ensure proper segregation of duties between finance, administration and logistics and fully support field programs.


  • Manage safety and security of the entire iMMAP country team and assets according to best practices, operating standards and field realities.
  • Liaise with security officials of the local government and other humanitarian, relief and development stakeholders concerning crucial events, periods of increased risk, incident reporting, and security policy changes.


  • Advanced university degree in Business Administration, Project Management, Information Science or other relevant fields;


  • English (fluent) – essential


  • At least 15 years of experience with increasing responsibility in management positions, preferably within the UN or other humanitarian organizations;
  • Complete understanding of the UN cluster system and its functioning as well as BHA, ECHO and USAID;
  • Proven ability and experience interacting with a wide range of organizations and stakeholders from the UN, donors, clusters, NGOs;
  • Experience in emergency relief management and field coordination;
  • Knowledge of political, cultural and humanitarian context of Nigeria.

Soft skills:

  • Strong presentation and communication skills;
  • Service orientated and ability to build consensus.
  • Ability to understand and adapt to complex and dynamic situations;
  • Ability to work in harsh operational environments;
  • Takes initiatives, manages own use of time and is self-motivating;
  • Self drive, flexibility and creativity.


  • Learning as part of the iMMAP commitment to organizational learning, and in support of the understanding that learning organizations are more effective, efficient and relevant to the communities they serve, it is expected that all team members will commit 5% of their time to learning activities that benefit iMMAP as well as individual professional development.

Accountability to Beneficiaries:

  • iMMAP team members are expected to support all efforts toward accountability, specifically to beneficiaries of iMMAP programs, and to international standards guiding international relief and development work while actively engaging beneficiary communities as equal partners in the design, monitoring and evaluation of field projects.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Deadline: 4th March, 2021.


  • iMMAP is an Equal Opportunity Employer regardless of background.
  • Note that due to the urgency of this position, application will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the position may be filled before the recruitment closing date.

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