How to check N-Power Batch C Shortlisted Verification Status on NASIMS Portal

N-power batch C Applicants whose profile has been successfully screened for the verification stage of the Npower batch C Recruitment after the CBT test.

Fingerprint Enrolment is ongoing for the batch C Applicants via the NASIMS portal. You are required to check your profile and click on ‘VERIFICATION ICON” to see If your profile has been Successfully screen for the verification stage.

The biometric fingerprint capturing for candidates is just to verify some of your details and you will be good to go. If you feel you missed out on any important detail during the application phase, kindly send an email to the NASIMS support team via support

How to do the Fingerprint Enrollment:

While on your dashboard on the NASIMS Portal, click on the verification link. If you are Successfully Shortlisted for the verification stage, you will be asked to capture your fingerprint. Kindly click on the captured fingerprint to see if your fingers can be captured using your phone, if not you should visit the cyber cafe to do the Fingerprint capturing. Npower News – How to check Batch C Shortlisted Verification Status

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