N-Power NEXIT Applicants to Wait Longer as NSIP Source For Fund

According to recent information, Volunteers will have to wait for a little longer as The National Social Investment Programmes Sources Fund for NEXIT Programme to begin.

Disengaged volunteers of the N-Power programme will have no other choice but to wait a little longer as the Federal Government sources for Funds to finance the NEXIT package.

This was disclosed on Good Morning Nigeria on NTA international, it was clearly stated that FG is massively sourcing funds, to finance the NEXIT CBN loan package for all interested volunteers.

N-Power Batch C is already captured in 2021 main budged but the funds for NEXIT is in the supplementary budget, which will be financed by external borrowing.

FG Seeks $6.183billion (N2, 343,387, 942,848.00) to finance the 2021 budget deficit. The N-Power disengaged volunteers and the incoming batch c will smile soon as the Federal Government intensify the effort to boost social spending to reduce unemployment and reduce poverty.

The budget deficit mostly encompasses the FG’s wealth creation and poverty elevation programme, if the fund is mobilized, more of these programmes would surface.

The over 350,000 Survival fund beneficiaries, the 1,000,000 N-Power Batch C applicants, the Nigeria Youth Investment Youth Programme, AGSMEIS programme and many other FG programmes would be more lively when the external loan is secured.

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