Why Nexit Portal Is Inaccessible | Reasons

NEXIT Application portal was developed in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria to enable exited N-Power Beneficiaries to log on and apply for the various economic, empowerment and entrepreneurship program provided by the CBN.

Portal Login Email Address Issues for NEXIT:

The NSIP team has released an issue resolution email address for exited N-Power Volunteers having difficulties in registering on the NEXIT Web Portal login. Those encountering issues are to email the NSIP team. This is for the Batch A & B Beneficiaries still having issues with the NEXIT portal.

Some Possible Reason why NEXITPortal Cannot be Accessible

Many Applicants have been wondering and asking why they can no longer access the NEXIT portal, so we decided to create this post to highlight the possible reasons why the NEXIT portal is Inaccessible for now.

Weeks ago, the management of the NEXITScheme updated Applicants that the portal will soon be closed that those who have not uploaded their information should urgently login to the portal and update their details. Looks like the management has finally closed the portal to enable them to process the application received for the next stage of the exercise. When you visit the website you will a response from the site saying:

Error 403 – This web app is stopped.
The web app you have attempted to reach is currently stopped and does not accept any requests. Please try to reload the page or visit it again soon.

If you are the web app administrator, please find the common 403 error scenarios and resolution here. For further troubleshooting tools and recommendations, please visit Azure Portal.

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