NASIMS Portal Dashboard Meaning to N-Power Batch C Beneficiaries

NASIMS Portal is the platform developed to capture N-Power batch c beneficiaries and other NSIP beneficiaries’ information while the profile dashboard is where Applicants of the N-Power Programme can find their recorded information when they log in via the NASIMS Portal login link with their email and password.

The word N-Power dashboard can be defined in different ways based on the subject matter. In terms of N-Power batch C Applicants, NASIMS Profile dashboard is the part of the NASIMS portal website where Applicants can log in to access their information such as:

i. Personal data (Overview)

Ii. Screening page

ii. Verification page

iv. Deployment page and others.

Your N-Power NASIMS profile dashboard is where you can also find the support team contact details to either call, send messages or chat directly.

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