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Business Officer and Retail Sales Person at Adeayo Management and Educational Solutions (AMES)

The company, established some years ago in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, is a deep-seated firm in the business deals, primarily because of the value-added services it offers, and this definitely yields an unparalleled increase in sales and net profits, which ultimately culminate in the long-term growth and development of individuals and companies partnering with us.
Our business models abound around Publications (Authorship, Publishing), Academy (Training, Seminars, Workshops, Teaching), Research (Academic, Business), Editorial (Copy, Content, Substantive), Writing (Copy, Content, Creative, Article), Marketing, (Online/Digital and Product Promotion), Ventures (Bookstore, Marketplace)

Job Title: Business Officer

Must be well versed in business.  Check models of our business

Must be well cordinated and maitain good relationship with customers and clients.

Must understand sales and marketing of books and company’s products online and offline

Must think above board how to generate fund for the company.

Must be able to  multi task

Must be computer literate abd have digital experience

Must be able to present up-to- date reports.


Job Title: Retail Sales Person

Must be able to sell foodstuffs, drinks, fruits and likes.

Must be financially accountable

Must be able to present up-to-date reports

Must be able to buy the products and foodstuffs in the markets and make profits for the company

Must be able to use computer very well

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Deadline: 10th December, 2021

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